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We choose earphones

Many of us faced a question how to choose earphones. And after all for final decision-making, and, the main thing, commission of a right choice is desirable to have the corresponding knowledge. It is for a start quite good to be defined, what earphones are necessary to you, and for what sum you are ready to spend.
Выбираем наушники Many of us faced a question how to choose earphones. And after all for final decision-making, and, the main thing, commission of a right choice is desirable to have the corresponding knowledge. It is for a start quite good to be defined, what earphones are necessary to you, and for what sum you are ready to spend.
Choosing cheap earphones, you have to be ready to different unpleasant surprises such as extraneous noises and irritating hearing hissings, and it is possible even a crash. Besides, it is quite probable that at a wrong choice earphones will rub ears or it is simple to drop out of them. All this can turn listening even the most favourite composition on the real penal servitude.

We choose earphones: consignment notes or inserts

Выбираем наушники: накладные или вкладыши Also it is necessary to think properly for what you buy earphones. For a flash player or the mobile phone, for example, silly to buy huge earphones, several times there is more than device. Therefore earphones inserts which are inserted into ears most will be suitable for such purposes. They have the small sizes therefore they without problems can always be carried with themselves. And when listening music, the small weight of earphones not that does not cause any discomfort, but sometimes simply about them forget. But no earphones inserts are capable to give out that quality which is provided by laid on earphones.
Just in such cases, for example, if you want to buy earphones with good sounding for a stereosystem, such laid on earphones will become optimum option. All their two types: closed and opened. The first differ in the maximum durability and a prileganiye to ears that allows to avoid practically all third-party sounds. It is an important point, especially if for you music something bigger, than hobby. As in the closed earphones only the sounds which are given out by earphones will be audible, nothing will distract you from listening. The second (open) type of earphones differs in that nevertheless passes a small amount of noise from the outside. It does sounding by more realistic, than in the closed earphones. But in too time the sound proceeding from earphones can disturb or even annoyingly to operate on people around.

Connection of earphones

Беспроводные наушники дают свободу действий, но качество звучания в них ниже Earphones also differ by the principle of a signal transmission – wire and wireless. To pluses of earphones to which the sound comes on wires, it is possible to refer high quality of sounding, to minuses – constraint of movements and existence of the wire which limits the territory of your movement to the length. Wireless earphones allow you to move freely, give carte blanche. But in too time quality of sounding strongly differs from that quality that wire earphones, and for the worse give out. To crown it all to it, the cost of wireless earphones is much higher, than the cost of analogs, but with wires. The signal transmission on wireless earphones is made by means of infrared or a radio signal. In what their differences? Connection of earphones by means of an infrared signal gives out better quality of sounding, than earphones. But at the same time earphones work at distances to 8 meters from the transmitter. And provided that on the way between earphones and a source of a signal there are no barriers (i.e. sitting in the neighboring room to listen to music nevertheless will not leave). The area of coverage of earphones is more (to 100m), but thus reception of a signal not always accurate, there can be "holes". But if you after all decide to buy wireless earphones, it is necessary to pay attention to their food – the charge of the accumulator has to be enough for long time that it was not necessary to load every day. Earphones which are charged directly on the transmitter are the most convenient.

Sockets of earphones

В комплекте с универсальными наушниками идет переходник на 6,3 мм Concerning sockets then the situation is simply. There are two main types of sockets for connection: 6,3 mm / 3,5 mm. The majority of earphones and devices work with sockets of 3,5 mm. But also the first socket cannot be avoided so I recommend to buy universal earphones which support two types of the socket. In such earphones in a complete set there is an adapter for connection to the socket of 6,3 mm.

Convenience and comfort of earphones

Удобство часто становится решающим фактором при выборе наушников Probably, convenience becomes frequent a decisive factor at a choice of earphones. Because earphones which drop out of ears is not earphones. Therefore, upon purchase of earphones in shop it is worth trying on, checking at first them densely, whether they drop out and whether densely to keep in ears.
If it is difficult for you to find earphones which would not rub your ears and well in them kept, it is worth thinking of purchase of laid on earphones. If to be pleasant to you more big, laid on earphones, here too there are some nuances. First, it is weight even if in hands they do not seem such heavy, after several hours of listening earphones can strongly tire your head. Secondly, such type of earphones often spoils a hairdress therefore I recommend to use models with a tape of the handle located behind necks.
Separately allocate earphones popular today with original design which form allows to cling them for a neck, thus the listener can not worry about a wild hair, placing a rim on a nape.
Also I want to tell that the regulator of loudness or decent length of a wire can significantly facilitate your life.
It were those questions concerning convenience of use of earphones. To receive from purchase also high-quality sounding, it is necessary to look narrowly at characteristics of earphones more attentively.

Frequency characteristic

This the first, on what it is necessary to turn attention at a choice of earphones as quality of sounding directly depends on their frequency.
Therefore it is worth giving preference to earphones which frequency characteristics are in limits of 20-20000 Hz. It will allow you to enjoy the real sounding, without cutting of low or high frequencies. In characteristics of some earphones it is possible to meet the top limit of frequencies much more of bigger 20000 Hz. But it should not attract by no means you, all sounds of bigger frequency are not audible for our ear.
Also it is worth paying attention to diameter of a membrane. Here earphones inserts considerably are inferior to what are put on the head. As in the first diameter no more than 12 mm, it considerably worsens quality of sounding. In the last, this diameter can reach 30-35 mm that allows to increase basses and to make sounding much more purely and more expressively.


It is the important characteristic at a choice of earphones because sounding loudness directly depends on it. It is most actual for inserts as, the earphones which are put on the head provide already good loudness.
Upon purchase of earphones I advise to buy the device with sensitivity of at least 90-110 dB. It will allow to provide good loudness even in the conditions of a bustling street. Also It should be noted that when using with different devices earphones can have different soundings. For example, earphones which seemingly not bad played on a player, at connection to a stereosystem, can disappoint you.


It is good know that such resistance and on what it influences. Output resistance of the device has to correspond to resistance of earphones. If on the contrary, they plays more silently than the opportunities. The majority of devices are calculated on 16 Ohms, however, and on 32 Ohms, but it already a rarity. Earphones of the highest class have resistance of 200 Ohms and above. The more this parameter, the more silently, but earphones at equal sensitivity will sound more qualitatively. Thus earphones with a high resistance spend less energy therefore consider – at their use with a food player for you will be enough for a little bigger time. Also it is not recommended to use earphones with a small resistance of couple a powerful stereosystem – such "ears" simply do not maintain too powerful signal.

At a choice of earphones as upon purchase of any other thing, do not try to save strongly. Remember one remarkable statement: "We are not so rich to buy cheap things". Do not hope that cheap earphones long to you will serve. And whether it is worth speaking about quality of sounding in the earphones bought for kopeks. As for producers, would like to recommend to choose earphones of such known firms as Technics, Panasonic or Philips (on a ratio the price quality). If interests you earphones of the highest class, and you are ready to pay for uncompromisingly high quality of sounding, it is necessary to choose among Sennheiser, AKG or Sony earphones.

Popular models of earphones

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