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Cats: choice and care of them

Cat – perhaps, the most mystical pet. Still ancient Egyptians esteemed her as an embodiment of the goddess of pleasure, pleasures more cheerfully. In the Middle Ages of cats on the contrary, pursued – allegedly for communication with evil spirit. So, you decided to get a cat. If there is an opportunity before bringing a kitten to the house, it is necessary to discuss this question with all inhabitants of the apartment.
Выбор кошки, уход за кошкой, туалет для кошки Cat – perhaps, the most mystical pet. Still ancient Egyptians esteemed her as an embodiment of the goddess Bast (or Bastet) – goddesses of pleasure, pleasures more cheerfully, heat and homeliness, night, love, hunting. … In the Middle Ages of cats on the contrary, pursued – allegedly for communication with evil spirit, the black cat was obligatory attribute of the witch – the woman who stepped for a side of the ordinary world.
The attitude towards these mysterious small animals changed over time, but communication with others, aspects of reality inaccessible to the person, was always one of the main attributes of a cat. Even now on housewarming the cat of the first is let into the house and watched her behavior – it is proved that the cat feels geopathogenic zones, and likes to lie in such places – if a background moderate, or diligently avoids them – if the background is too strong.
Often cats keep within on a sore point to the hostess and as if delay an illness on themselves. Can forecast the weather – before cold weather the cat prefers to sleep, having curled up in a ball, on the battery or on a case (thus that really the cold snap did not come yet!), before thaw – it is extended in all length …

How to get a cat?

Выбор кошки, уход за кошкой, туалет для кошки So, you decided to get a cat. If there is an opportunity before bringing a kitten to the house, it is necessary to discuss this question with all inhabitants of the apartment. Perhaps at someone an allergy to cats. Perhaps, someone for personal motives does not love these animals. Also it is worth postponing purchase of a kitten if with you there lives a pregnant woman or absolutely small child. If in the house already there are other animals are not a hindrance, usually the cat gets on with anyone if it is correct to acquaint.
Before bringing a kitten to the house, advises a little to prepare the apartment for appearance of the new inhabitant. Clean vases, and other fragile subjects are closer to walls – that it was not so simple to little prankish to drop them. Bring a big wooden bar (or strengthen vertically a board) – about it the cat will sharpen claws (it all the same will find, about what to sharpen, but his choice can not be pleasant to you). It is also necessary to prepare a cat's toilet and cat's ware in advance – 2-3 convenient pans, to be defined where all this will stand (so that the cat could get independently there, certainly!).

How to choose a kitten?

First of all, decide on breed of a kitten – dlinnoshersty or korotkoshersty, from a family tree or a mongrel, an approximate coloring. Both long, and short wool in the period of a molt all the same will be everywhere where the cat likes to lie, but a long-haired cat it is necessary also regularly to comb out. The long family tree will add pride to the owner – but cats of humble origin it is usually more healthy. A coloring – at all a matter of taste.
The floor too matters – girls usually more tender, sociable, playful. Boys – cleverer and cunning. But with girls it is more difficult to resolve issues of continuation (or not continuations) a cat's sort, and boys, even being well washed up, smell more strongly than girls.
Well here, you were defined. Now it was necessary to choose a specific kitten actually. Here at all everything is simple – take what attracted personally to you and if he the first approached you, it in general is fine.

Feeding of a cat

Кормление кошки From physiological needs of a cat the food and water are on the first place. Water has to be always fresh and pure in a pan. It is possible to feed a cat with very many products – many products from the table (but! only not strongly salty, not sharp, not smoked – healthy food, in a word). Feeding has to be, of course, in reasonable doses, and the cat itself will understand that from offered her it is pleasant, and that – not really. If something is considered inedible (or simply stale, in a dirty bowl), the cat rows near a bowl with a paw on a floor – as if digs in, unambiguously explaining to the hostess where such food is good.
For feeding of a cat of times in two weeks it is possible to buy small fish and to boil (crude better not to give – in it there can be worms). Besides, it is possible to buy an offal (lungs, kidneys), to cut on small slices and to feed to a cat. It is possible to buy the chicken heads, paws, wings and to cook from them soup. The only thing that resolutely does not advise – the advertized dry or tinned feeds as the main diet. First, add special flavoring additives to them, the cat gets used to them, and to transfer her to other food not so simply as it would be desirable. Secondly, preservatives still to anybody especially did not add health and vitamins it is better natural, but not chemical. And, thirdly, such forages are unfairly expensive.
It is necessary to feed a cat at least 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening, it is desirable at the same time. If also to feed up when eat – the trouble will not be, it is only not necessary to feed from hands not to accustom to begging. Better when the hostess, filling all food, will put something and in a cat's bowl.
During lifetime of a cat outdoors eat not only mice yes birdies, and sometimes and eat a grass – for the sake of vitamins and cleaning of a stomach. It is necessary to provide them such opportunity and in the city. It is possible to buy a ready grass in pet-shops. And if there is time and desire, it is possible to grow up independently – two flowerpots with the earth, and wheat or oats for this purpose will be necessary (it is possible to buy in the market). Put one of flowerpots so that it was convenient to cat to sit next and be grazed – and the second, on the contrary, so that it is inconvenient. While the cat eats a grass from the first flowerpot, in the second it grows up, then flowerpots it is necessary to trade places, in the first to dig over the earth and to put still grains. And here at first after appearance of a cat it is necessary to watch house plants – perhaps, they too will be to the taste to her.

Toilet for a cat

Туалет для кошки Of course, the cat still needs also a toilet. It needs to be put in a place, readily available for a cat, it is desirable not on draft and where people will not prevent a constraining animal. There are three basic options of a cat's toilet:
  • poddonchik with a setochka – the cheapest and labor-consuming option. Does not demand replaceable elements (on a setochka the piece of a newspaper lays down, under a setochka water is poured), but it is necessary to wash after each use;
  • box with the absorbing filler – on the basis of sawdust, cellulose etc. It is necessary to change a filler completely time in some days – in process of emergence of a smell. But it is much simpler to accustom to such design of a kitten, than to a setochka;
  • box with we komkuyushchitsya by a filler – on the basis of granules from sand and clay. Idea that a filler forms a lump round a product of cat's activity, and these lumps by means of a scoop jump out. Thus, the filler consumption is cut, and the smell due to reduction of the area of evaporation decreases.

Care of a cat

Уход за кошкой If at your cat long wool, it needs to be combed out regularly. For care of a sherstka of your cat pick up not too dense plastic hairbrush with stupid teeths (not to scratch a gentle skin). Wait for the moment when the cat is sleepy, but not sleeping – and carefully comb a sherstka – a back, barrels, under a chin, carefully near pads – there koltuna usually get off. The felted sherstka can be cut out manikyurny nozhnichka. If the cat itself substitutes different parts of a body or purrs – all of you do correctly.
Care of a cat also includes bathing. If the small animal does not go to walk and is not soiled, there is enough also couple of times a year. Too often to bathe also does not advise, at least because fatty greasing from a sherstka is washed away.
It will be necessary for bathing of a cat for you: cat's shampoo, bathroom or rather deep bowl, warm water, big rag towel. At first it is necessary to gather so much water that the cat could stand in water on pads in a bathtub and only the head stuck out of water. Water has to be more warmish than a cat's body (it most likely will seem to you hot, but a cat it will be comfortable). Tenderly talking to a cat, put her in a bathroom. As soon as wool becomes wet, the cat will calm down. Carefully, not to pull, rinse a sherstka. Try not to get water neither to ears, nor to a nose, to eyes. Get a cat from water and by means of a sponge apply the foam which is shaken up from the cat's shampoo divorced with water accurately on wool wash wool and carefully otpoloshchit in a bathroom. Wrap up a cat in an old towel and diligently wipe.

Transportation of cats

Перевозка кошек Sometimes there is a need to transport a cat. First of all, it is necessary to remember that any trip – a stress for a cat. And instead of carrying a cat with itself on giving for two days, nevertheless advises to leave it at home one for the weekend.
If it is necessary to transport a cat, it is best of all to have for this purpose special baskets carryings. It is possible to adapt also a usual basket with a cover, or even without it. Lay a bottom soft rags if there is a cover – record it if is not present – tie top with a rag (after put inside a cat, certainly). Only provide opportunity in way to glance to a cat – as it there.
Before the road it is better not to feed a cat. If there is an opportunity – acquaint it with a basket in advance, including with the closed cover.
For transportation of a cat in the train you will need the reference from the veterinarian. There can be problems if you did not impart your cat therefore it is better to think of the reference in advance. With planes of problems it is even more. For transportation in the plane besides the reference can demand from the veterinarian that the cat was by all means in a special cage carrying, with the waterproof bottom covered with the absorbing material moreover and small – the sum of 3 measurements (length, width, height) should not exceed 115 cm. Some airlines demand that the animal flied in a luggage compartment in the lulled state (before flight give a special tablet or give an injection). Others allow to take animals and in passenger salon, but no more fixed number of animals on salon – so it is necessary to reserve the ticket for your pet in advance.
In electric trains and buses special documents are not required. Here the main problem – is too much noise and others smells. Only do not take in head to give to drink to a cat for calm a valerian – reaction will be opposite!
It is best of all to transport a cat in the car. Thus on a long trip it is desirable that in the car there was still someone, except the driver, capable to take care of a cat – to stroke, calm. If the cat is not nervous, he can allow to look out in a window it is much more interesting, than to sit in a basket.

Cats, perhaps, the most widespread pets (apart from dogs, of course). We often want to get this animal, but we are not ready to contain and look after him properly. And told that it is very desirable for everyone to know to the settlement to the apartment of the amusing mewing ball. And still you should face such questions as education of a cat, her treatment and many other things. Let's try to acquaint the readers with these subjects in future not less useful articles.
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