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How to choose the car

Choice and purchase of the car – quite difficult task: first, it demands from you certain monetary expenses, and in secondly, to decide on requirements to technical characteristics, the provided level of safety and comfort, and, of course, to a car class.
Как выбрать автомобиль, как выбрать и купить машину Choice and purchase of the car – quite difficult task: first, it demands from you certain monetary expenses, and in secondly, to decide on requirements to technical characteristics, the provided level of safety and comfort, and, of course, to a car class. At you preferences in favor of this or that brand can, but thus do not forget that it is necessary to pay the corresponding price for the untwisted brand.

Color and type of a body

Выбирайте цвет кузова автомобиля на свое усмотрение Choice of color of the car, of course, personal record of everyone. Tastes at all different, but from the point of view of safety it is better to get the car of yellow, red or white color. Such cars are better noticeable on the road to a night-time, and statistically have accidents less often. Besides these cars heat up on the sun less, i.e. in the summer the salon will not be less hot (but it does not mean that on the parking the car should not be hidden in a shadow). But buyers of these cars have to watch well purity, any traces of dirt are very well visible on a light background. Those who prefers dark colors, should protect the car from the sun and carefully to wipe after a sink not to leave traces of the dried drops. Optimum classical option – light brown shades which maybe are not so popular, but at the expense of it cars of such flowers and least of all get to statistics of stealings.
The choice like body depends on for what the car intends. The sedan quite is suitable for daily trips for work and home. The car class – from an average to representative – depends on your requirements to comfort level. Cars in a body the versatile person and miniveins though recently in this niche try "to squeeze" also small city SUVs traditionally are considered as family as cars. The main thing that it was capacious for travel all family. For trips on the nature where roads not strongly good it is recommended to take those jeeps (real, but not so-called "parquet").


Выбор двигателя - топливо, его расход, мощность, динамика разгона The choice of the engine is based on such questions: power, fuel consumption, dynamics of dispersal and, eventually, a type of the used fuel.
For small cars the figure to 150 horsepowers is acceptable, for sedans it is enough to have about 200 "horses" and if you need more powerful engine, do not forget, as it is more expensive. Additional power not only influences the maximum speed, but dynamics of dispersal. It is necessary not "to tear" from a place on the traffic light, and most likely for bigger confidence when overtaking. But with increase in power fuel consumption at the car will increase, and here it is worth finding for itself golden mean "power/profitability". After all on gas station, besides other funds for service, the considerable share of your capital will leave. Therefore it is worth thinking and over a type of the used fuel. Approximately to count, will leave how many on gasoline or diesel fuel at the equal capacities of engines absolutely simply, nevertheless, important. Here still it should be taken into account also that diesel engines, besides that are economic also are durable. Though in the winter these engines can cause you many problems, very often it is quite difficult to bring them. One more small trouble – higher noise level in work in comparison with petrol engines. Advantage of petrol engines also in big turns of work, i.e. such cars are more dynamic on the road.


Автомобилем с автоматической коробкой передач легче управлять The transmission is intended for the movement with smaller fuel consumption, rises uphill and the movements by a backing.
Mechanical (or manual) the box already became classics, and includes from four to six transfers. For gear shifting the pedal of "coupling" is used that for skilled drivers already became habitual. By means of it it is possible to operate more sensitively the car, than with an automatic box. The more transfers on a box, the better: everyone corresponds to a certain speed of the movement (for different cars intervals of switching differ).
It is easier to operate an automatic transmission: there is no pedal of "coupling" that relieves of its continuous pressing. On cars with such box it is easier to start, more simply to move on the city loaded by transport. The only minus – a little bigger fuel consumption in comparison with a car with a mechanical transmission. And in principle are not noticeable by dynamics of dispersal of distinction. Complexity of AKP only under repair, but thus they are rather durable.

Car drive type

Поведение автомобиля на дороге будет зависеть от типа привода The forward drive means that at the car forward wheels are leaders, i.e. turn at the expense of the engine. At such configuration the car behaves on the road better and sensitively reacts to a steering.
The mechanism of the back drive is more reliable and checked by time. But, unfortunately, brings to loss of power because of transfer of the rotating moment from the engine by means of additional mechanisms. It will also be for you an additional source of noise and breakages. The lack of it like the drive also bad controllability on the slippery road, is possible drift of back part of the car.
At the full drive all four wheels are set in motion by means of the engine. At the expense of it the car gets big indicators of passability and stability on the road. Minuses only in expensive service and the increased fuel consumption. Besides, the car with such box demands a certain experience in driving. If the car brings", it will become almost uncontrollable.


Гарантия на автомобиль сохраняется при условии прохождения техосмотра у дилеров One more factor influencing a car choice – guarantee maintenance. Producers offer till six years of a guarantee irrespective of run, but thus without fail it is necessary to pass checkup at dealers through certain intervals of the passable kilometers.
The most attractive conditions at Japanese producers, offer some the whole six years of a guarantee. Especially as Japanese cars proved as excellent quality. But at obligatory servicing it is necessary to pass through each 15 thousand kilometers of run that manages in the sum about $200. The European cars are not given such big guarantee period, but thus and service on some brands can cost twice cheaper.
Considering conditions of guarantee maintenance it is possible to count approximately, how many money it is necessary to spend in addition to car cost.

In the conclusion of article on, it would be desirable to add that in spite of the fact that many producers already in a standard complete set offer the conditioner, the audio system, safety cushions and many other things, it would be desirable to have also other additional options. And, if they are not present and your requirements to the level of comfort are rather high, it is necessary to lay out the additional amount of money for fuller complete set, especially, for means of active safety. Unfortunately, domestic producers not always even for an additional fee are capable to provide the corresponding complete set (even the conditioner often is an additional option). Count plus somewhere else on 10% of car cost for additional expenses.
Leaning on the main for you criteria, you will be able to make a right choice!
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