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Minivan choice to 12 thousand c.u., part 1

In this review of will stop on a choice of a usual minivan. They not such capacious as family minibuses, but nevertheless they have a number of advantages. I will try to tell about each minivan as much as possible. And if you wanted to buy a small avtobusnik, after reading the choice of a minivan will be more than transparent.
Minivan – the small bus. These cars divide into two classes are usual minivans and family minivans. Mitsubishis Space Star, Opel Zafira, Citroen Picasso and others belong to the usual.
In this review of will stop on a choice of a usual minivan. They not such capacious as family minibuses, but nevertheless they have a number of advantages:
  1. these cars have rather small fuel consumption (especially diesel options);
  2. are dynamic;
  3. rather small dimensions (they are capacious and problems with a parking are not caused unlike family minivans).
In this material I will try to tell about each minivan as much as possible. And if you wanted to buy a small avtobusnik for yourself, after reading the choice of a minivan will be more than transparent.
The prices of the considered minivans depend on engine displacement, a type of fuel, a car coloring (the white is always cheaper), complete sets and from where the car is driven. If you wish a full electropackage, ABS, climate control, leather salon and cast disks, respectively the car will cost on couple tyasyach dearer than that will be without all these frills.

Minivan of Mitsubishi Space Star

Минивэн Mitsubishi Space Star
    Year of release: 2000-2001
    Price: 7000-10000 thousand dollars (diesel of +1000 c.u., full electropackage of +200 c.u., climate control of +300 c.u., leather salon of +300 c.u., cast disks +200 of c.u.)
    Tsenakachestvo: 35
At once I want to note that to find a coloring which most of all is pleasant to you, it will be problematic. In the majority these minivans of bright flowers, for example, blue, bright red, saw to me and lime, and it is a lot of white.
Concerning spaciousness of a minivan, there is a wish to note very small luggage carrier in which the baby carriage hardly will be located, and it will be possible to put in it nothing more. In Mitsubishi Space Star salon it is also not really spacious, I even would compare this minivan about Volkswagen Golf of the third generation, only at that the luggage carrier is more. If you have two children or you want to put on back seats three persons, to them will be quite close, but ahead of a place it is enough.
The minivan from Mitsubishi wins against the schoolmates in respect of design. Not without reason and the name at it of Space Star which it completely justifies, the rectangular headlights, almost rectangular curves of the case. Absolutely small, it is almost not swept up in the city, to such car as Space Star will practically not pay attention. If you choose the car only for yourself but so that it was free, it is ideal option.
Минивэн Mitsubishi Space Star
Choosing between diesel and petrol option, I would advise to stop on gasoline as diesel motors of this minivan can give you a surprise as a way out out of operation of the fuel pump, and it is fraught with ruin of your purse.
The minivan of Mitsubishi Space Star is simple, it does not dazzle with various improvements or the last development at all. In this car there are usual brake shoes (in front disk ventilated behind – drum), three-channel ABS, forward and back suspension brackets – usual racks and a multilever design, respectively.
Getting into the car if you drive, you feel freedom, but here the salon not especially pleases back passengers with freedom.
At a driving the minivan is very convenient, it does not demand to itself(himself) accustoming. You sit down – conveniently, you start the engine – works perfectly, you press an accelerator pedal – and you go to check the car on our drags. And the most interesting, Mitsubishi goes the test on our roads without problems. They say that developers of this car, specially go to Russia to make a suspension bracket for roads "full of holes". verdict
    does not demand accustoming;
    the suspension bracket is adapted for the Russian roads.
    small spaciousness;
    bad diesel option.

Opel Zafira minivan

Минивэн Opel Zafira
    Year of release: 2000-2001
    Price: 9000-11000 thousand dollars (diesel of +1000-1200 c.u., full electropackage of +300 c.u., climate control of +500 c.u., leather salon of +300 c.u., cast disks +300 of c.u.)
    Tsenakachestvo: 55
Reading responses from happy owners of a minivan of Opel Zafira, I even became puzzled a little. It so is praised much, as a sin not to praise one their best cars of the Opel brand on open spaces of the CIS.
This minivan – one of all in the class who is capable not only to transport all family, but also couple of dogs, a cat, some parrots, couple of bags of potato, one small tree on giving, couple of boxes with things – and all this Opel will make for once. Spaciousness – developers placed emphasis on it. The main highlight of a minivan are seven seats from which it is possible to put six. On the formed floor, you can transport, for example, boards on giving or small pipes, can place a half of a crop of potato which was dug out at the grandmother.
Минивэн Opel Zafira
The word "is inconvenient" for this Opel does not approach. The minivan not only fulfills your requirements for transportation of any subjects, but also smoothly obeys on the road. To operate this car so simply that the feeling as if you sit in Folksfagen Golf is created. You do not feel a difference between the small car and big. Opel Zafira from the semi-movement of your hands enters any turn so smoothly that for some time are forgotten: whether you go by the car or stay at home before a chair and hold a wheel before yourself, looking at the huge road screen.
But, as do not praise Opel Zafira, all the same there will be minuses and defects. In this minivan not really successful arrangement of a transmission that gives considerable inconveniences, it is necessary to get used to it at first. When viewing by my mother of this car, she did not manage to get used to a transmission, and a driver's armrest, I do not know at all, why it is made. There is an assumption that on the parking of coffee freely to drink or a newspaper it is more convenient to esteem.
It is possible to refer to minuses also quite big fuel consumption – about 10-11 liters, at least in comparison with the previous minivan of Mitsubishi Space Star, at which about eight.
But even at these minuses of Opel Zafira remains to one of the best minivans upon which purchase then you will not be whipping the cat and to regret that spent money in vain. verdict
    excellent spaciousness;
    six developing places;
    good controllability.
    inconvenient arrangement of a transmission;
    big fuel consumption.

Citroen Picasso minivan

Минивэн Citroen Picasso
    Year of release: 2000-2001
    Price: 9000-12000 thousand dollars (diesel of +800-1000 c.u., full electropackage of +300 c.u., climate control of +500 c.u., cast disks +300 of c.u.)
    Tsenakachestvo: 45
Wanted to buy such minivan for a family, but after a running in and carefully viewing refused this invention. The first impression to which we nearly gave in, was deceptive. At first sight the design of Citroen Picasso is so extraordinary. Four glasses sideways, roundish design similar on some bug, small headlights in the form of eyes and the big mouth in the form of a skirt, and served as a nose the firm Citroen badge. It is possible to fall in love with such car at first sight, but, having passed and having looked narrowly, the decision changes.
First, when you get into the car, at once the hand falls on a transmission which is not present. You translate the view of a toolbar, and only there you find that box. Secondly, the dashboard is very strongly removed from the driver. And if the arrangement of a transmission causes only discomfort, the dashboard can push away in general even getting a minivan.
Минивэн Citroen Picasso
About spaciousness of a luggage carrier everything will be good to be disturbed, however, sometimes the cut-off back door, but, there's nothing to be done, such is design of Citroen Picasso. Though to transport couple of bags with potato or to steam of bags with things of Citroen will be able without questions but if transport something bulky, there can be problems with closing of a door of a luggage carrier, even at the put back seats.
We after all got Picasso and decided to be passed on roads of our country. To what we were surprised: at this car as for the class the smooth course. Pleasantly to operate a minivan, but not so that driving to have a rest. The steering could be made a little better, but here tells other rule: "We sit not at a sports car, so, on street races we will not go by a minivan".
Citroen Picasso – the excellent car for work, a family and rest. On it you will not only overcome comfortably thousands of kilometers, but also arrivals on HUNDRED will hit not strongly the pocket. And gasoline this "handsome" spends about eight liters for hundred kilometers. If you live out of town and go every day for work, overcoming on 50 or more kilometers, stop your choice on the turbodiesel version. verdict
    good controllability for a minivan;
    capacious luggage carrier.
    arrangement of a transmission and dashboard;
    high price.
These are not all minivans which get to price category to 12 thousand c.u. Throughout for the comparative review of one more three of minivans will be prepared: Renault Megane Scenic, Kia Joice and Ford C-MAX. All of them are among second-hand cars, but and the price, quite low for the class, is explained by it. By the way, the car under the name of Ford does not fit into our price category, but also model newer a little. And to choose to you, but about it already in the following material.
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