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Choice of a children's sports complex

Today will tell about one means capable to tame the uneasy mischievous person, to send energy of the hyperactive child to the necessary course, will please the "house" meek creature. The speech in our article will go about a children's sports complex. It can become a useful gift both for the boy, and for the girl, well influencing health and physical development.

Children's sport centers (or corners) that are also good that you can complete them voluntarily, to a discretion and financial opportunities, adding elements of a sports equipment. It is better to fill up and change a house corner step by step, considering age of the child. So, how it is correct to create a unique and interesting sports complex for the child?

What is DSK?

For a start we will understand that it for concept - a children's sports complex (in abbreviated form DSK). It represents set of organically picked up sports equipment, a basis which (framework) is the ladder or the Swedish wall. To it other sports elements fasten. It is necessary to consider that the ladder has to correspond to age of the child, that is the step of steps has to be suitable. To small kids the complex is got idle time, and after it it is possible to make multipurpose, having added with more serious stock. Cheaper option – a metal complex, and here wooden will demand more finance. "Maugli", "Samson" are most popular "Vertical", "Leader", "Roundabout", "Robust fellow".

Modern complexes are made easy, but rather strong therefore even parents can set an example, show exercises on occupations. Only at a choice pay attention, the complex is calculated on what weight. Such joint sports and occupations pull together, allow to come into contact with the child, to become it the friend, the mentor.

Components of a children's sports corner

If in your apartment there was a place for a crib, by all means it is possible to find a place for a children's sports corner of which many children dream. Some parents mistakenly think that the organization of a corner for sports activities will require a lot of free territory. In small apartments it is enough to allocate two or three square meters, having cleaned old stuff or unnecessary home decoration. To save space in a nursery, it is possible to get a multipurpose children's sports bed from producers "Roundabout" or "Kampfer". Then at the child will be not only a berth, but also opportunity in a game form to play sports. If to accustom a shalunishka to sports activities since early years, then the child will grow up strong, flexible, harmonous, active, healthy and with gratitude will remember the children's sports complex. It will splash out energy in the taken-away place, jumps on a sofa, on regiments, tables, racks, cases will stop. will list the main components of a children's complex added to the Swedish wall:

  1. Gymnastic rings. Thanks to this attribute the vestibular mechanism develops, muscles of hands, feet, backs become stronger. Choose such rings that handles of the kid did not slide off, holding this simple shell.
  2. Suspended rope. Watching children, it is possible to notice at once their desire somewhere to climb, scramble, hang for a while as a playful kitten. Even if in the apartment low ceilings, to the child of such space will be quite enough, he will become more hardy, will strengthen many groups of muscles that is especially important for boys.
  3. Wooden swing. Are especially useful to the smallest, will give them a lot of pleasure and joy. Only do not forget that they will require more empty seat.
  4. Horizontal bar. Now horizontal bars do strong, safe, they are useful to development of muscles of a back, hands, improve a condition of a backbone, will help to add centimeters in growth.
  5. Rope ladder. This simple adaptation strengthens not only a vestibular mechanism, but also all organism. Children with pleasure move on it, as if dexterous monkeys. And what flight of fancy – can be presented itself in the jungle, by helicopter or by the ship. The alternative adaptation is the rope network.
  6. The balance beam – on it is useful skill, persistence, sense of equilibrium, plasticity and dexterity.
  7. Nest. Place this accessory in the top part of a complex, it has a soft wattled bottom.
  8. Sports mats. Whatever flexible and diligent was the child, but falling are inevitable. If on a floor the special soft covering is placed, the injury will decrease and to you will be quieter.

More difficult complexes are supplemented with a smooth hill, "pear", weights, bars, a basketball ring, a velosimulator, a racetrack.

The main criteria for a choice

And now will stop your attention on several rules of a choice:

  1. For a start be defined, what area you can allocate for sport center.
  2. Further resolve an issue what to you will approach a way of fastening – a wall or a vraspor.
  3. Decide on material from which there will be an equipment. Of course, wooden elements look more beautifully, more esthetically, they are eco-friendly. But keep in mind that the maximum loading in such complexes is limited within the limits from 60 to 75 kilograms. Such complex not always stands the adult and several children too. And here metal complexes allow loading from 100 to 150 kilograms.
  4. And the last criterion – age of the child.

Age features

If age of the baby from a year to two years, and you already want to acquaint him with sport elements, it is enough to get the Swedish wall and surely soft mat. A ladder step – 20 cm, no more. Diameter of the handles located on a ladder choose no more than three centimeters. It is possible to buy a ladder at which steps have the massage covering (as at DSK "Roundabout") improving blood circulation in handles and legs. Such massage will prevent platypodia, develops a motility at early age. The relief ("pimply") surface protects hands and feet from sliding, the risk of casual injuries thereby decreases.

After two-year age it is possible to add a wooden swing, gymnastic rings and a rope ladder in a sports corner (it it is better to fix at a floor).

To kids from three to eight years we expand a range of a sports equipment for occupations, getting a hill, a rope, bars, a basketball ring, "pear".

In process of a podrastaniye the child already himself will ask that interesting and is necessary for it.

To kids which age of a year to three, allow to be engaged only under supervision of adults. If the child has any diseases, before purchase of sport center get advice at the pediatrician.

Perhaps, DSK will seem to someone only a simple ladder with suspended accessories, and for children is an interesting world where it is possible to give vent to the imagination, to play and develop physically. Such sports activities will be pleasant to the child, they will bring health, good mood, pleasure, delight. And parents will be happy.

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