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We choose footwear for the child

How to choose footwear for the child? It would seem, a simple question. We choose bright boots, a fashionable style, a beautiful fastener and all. However everything is not so simple. If to pay attention only to esthetic appeal of footwear to the kid, it is possible to receive not one problem with health. At the wrong selection of footwear weak bones and teams of the kid are very easily deformed.
How to choose footwear for the child? It would seem, a simple question. We choose bright boots, a fashionable style, a beautiful fastener and all. However everything is not so simple. If to pay attention only to esthetic appeal of footwear to the kid, it is possible to receive not one problem with health. At the wrong selection of footwear weak bones and teams of the kid are very easily deformed. Then it will be already very difficult to correct it, and in certain cases at all it is impossible.

We measure the size of a foot and we choose footwear by the size

Как выбрать детскую обувь It is necessary to remember that the children's leg grows in various age with a different speed. Especially this speed is great in two - three-year age (to 2-3 sizes a year). Therefore and it is necessary to measure the size of foot of the child at least time in some months. And as it is correct to make it, you now learn.
First of all, it is best of all to perform measurements in the late afternoon when the size of foot is maximum. Thus it is necessary to measure both feet and to be guided by bigger result. Transferring the received results to the size, it is necessary to increase them by 5-7 mm for summer footwear and by 10-15 mm for winter and autumn and spring. Then to round towards increase. Foot length in centimeters will also be the size of a foot of your child. Also it is necessary to consider that fact that the sizes at different producers differ. Therefore upon purchase you should not be guided only by number of the size.
Now about that, how exactly to perform measurements. It is necessary to put the child's foot on a clean sheet of paper, and then to outline both feet, then to measure by a ruler distance between the most remote points of both feet and to choose the greatest of two received numbers.
It is separately necessary to tell how it is correct to choose footwear in shop.
It is desirable that in this process your child was directly involved also. Many mothers go to shop with a pattern of a foot of the child and consider that it is enough of it. And then numerous repeated visits to the same shoe because of an exchange or return of purchase begin. The footwear is small, close, ugly sits on a foot and so on, and so on. Therefore, buying by the child footwear, be not too lazy to take him with yourself and to try on alleged purchase on a children's leg.
The second wrong approach to a choice of children's footwear – purchase of footwear for growth or on the contrary end-to-end. By councils of orthopedists in children's footwear surely there has to be a small stock – 5-10 mm, but it is no more. It is made not of economic reasons, simply the child's foot when walking swells a little and fingers need space. It is possible to carry footwear before situation "end-to-end", but by no means it is impossible to allow that it pressed or reaped.
If to speak shortly, the footwear is great when the provision of an instep support not exactly under the foot arch, and it is small when the child has to draw in fingers. At a choice of a form of footwear it is necessary to consider that for normal development of foot of the child his footwear has to be with the wide sock, a rigid back and rise corresponding to a foot form.

Footwear for growth

Обувь на вырост Both too close, and excessively big footwear for the child are inadmissible. Both in that, and in other footwear not created children's foot is subject to different deformations. In close footwear because of the remained fatty layer the child can even not feel unpleasant feelings, and in the too big there is a slipping of foot and the instep support starts working at all not where it is necessary to it that can lead to unpleasant consequences further. The risk of receiving injuries because of unrecorded position of a foot too increases.
Besides, that the footwear bought for growth damages health, such acquisition also does not give any economic benefit. By the next season the child's foot all the same will grow so that it will be necessary to buy new footwear.

Natural or artificial material

Детская обувь All know that it is better than a genuine leather and textiles of material for production of footwear did not think up yet therefore upon purchase of children's footwear I recommend to readers of to choose these materials. Skin is plastic, well stretches and passes air, allows to evaporate to moisture.
It seems, anything difficult – we come to shop and we choose leather footwear. However not everything is so obvious. Many producers, for reduction in cost of prime cost of the production go on tricks which to find not so simply. One of such cunnings – a genuine leather only in footwear, and top is made of the artificial. Precisely to define of what the chosen pair of shoes is made, it is necessary to find a small label with the image of three symbols (top, a bottom, a sole) inside. Setochka designates textiles, a rhombus – other materials, a skin – skin.
The second cunning is use of a split. It is almost impossible to distinguish it from footwear from the real skin now. Perhaps, the only thing that can help in this case is an authority of the producer and the price. The qualitative footwear is not made of a split and cannot cost not much.
Some words about textiles. It well fits a foot and breathes, is inexpensive. But owing to features of material in footwear it is impossible to make a back of sufficient rigidity of textiles, and therefore such footwear is not recommended to children till 7-8 years until foot is still finally created.

Footwear at platypodia

Мама обувает дочку As it was already repeatedly noted, the childhood is that period when all organism of the child is formed. Are not an exception and feet of feet. At this time rise height increases, sheaves develop, "the foot arch" which springs is formed so-called and maintains huge loadings.
At incorrectly created foot arch (platypodia) all organism suffers. First of all backbone and all system of sheaves. It is obvious that platypodia it is easier to warn, than to cure subsequently. Therefore at selection of footwear for the child, besides everything told, it is necessary to consider still and its orthopedic properties.
If the problem nevertheless arose, without tightening better to address to the expert to the orthopedist who can competently estimate a condition of a foot of the child and give advice and recommendations about selection of the special correcting footwear. The correct application of the instep supports forming the foot arches was always and will a basis of treatment and prevention of platypodia.

We sum up the short result at the choice of footwear for the child. If you accept the price and manufacturing firm, inside and outside skin or textiles, the sole bends where it is necessary, a back rigid, the sock is wider heels, an instep support available, there is a small stock on length and rise, the foot enters without efforts, it is possible to buy. But previously nevertheless it is worth asking opinion and the child too. Eventually, to go in this footwear to it.
The choice of good footwear is an important task for parents. It is necessary to care of the correct formation of foot already from the very first steps of your kid. And it is the best of all if these steps are taken in the qualitative, competently picked up footwear, but not in bootees for babies.
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