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Choice of a children's mattress

As soon as in a family there is a long-awaited kid, young parents and their relatives from first minutes try to surround him with love, heat and care. There is a wish to get all best for little charming "gnome". One of pleasant efforts – the berth device. We understand that the baby will sleep at first the most part of days.

Children's doctors constantly say that each child has to have correctly and competently picked up mattress. Then the musculoskeletal system will develop correctly. Qualitative matrasik is not only a cosiness and comfort of the newborn during a dream, but also timely prevention of a kifoz, scoliosis and other serious diseases of a backbone, and in certain cases – correction (correction) of congenital pathologies. Therefore treat responsibly a choice of a children's mattress in a bed. In this article will acquaint readers with the models which are available now on sale, kinds of mattresses and fillers in them.

Features and rules of a choice of mattresses for children

On what it is necessary to focus the attention first of all:

  1. The size of the acquired mattress surely has to correspond to bed dimensions. Then he will not bugritsya, slide, and will lay down exactly. An admissible gap between bokovinka and a mattress – from one to two centimeters. Gathering behind purchase, do not forget everything exactly to measure.
  2. Choose height of a mattress from 10 to 14 cm.
  3. If it is required, consult previously to the pediatrician concerning an ortopedichnost.
  4. Whenever possible try to choose materials of which the mattress, eco-friendly, harmless, natural was made. Their airpro-water content elasticity and hypoallergenicity is welcomed.
  5. The mattress on edge has to be framed with a rigid side. It is necessary in order that the leg of the growing-up kid trying to get up did not get to a crack between a framework of a bed and a mattress.
  6. You have the right to ask the certificates of quality accompanying a product for the seller.
  7. For the newborn it is preferable to take a mattress firm and rigid to the touch. The matter is that at the beginning of a course of life at the little man backbone bends therefore softness of a mattress will not bring benefit are not created sufficiently yet. The springless model from 10 to 12 centimeters high will be ideally suited.
  8. From two to six years the child can take model of a springless mattress in the period slightly more softly.
  9. To the child from six to fourteen years get a mattress of the average or increased rigidity.
  10. To teenagers is more senior than fourteen – choose mattresses where each spring is placed in the individual block.

What mattresses on a design happen?

All mattresses subdivide on classical (have a various design) and orthopedic (are capable to provide the most correct, from the point of view of orthopedists, position of a body of the sleeping person.

Now we will consider, what types of mattresses for children are issued:

  1. The spring – surely the spring block forms their basis, and as addition the layers providing comfort during a dream are placed. Such mattresses are still subdivided into two subspecies:
    • having the dependent spring block, for example "Bonel", in them each spring depends on the settling down nearby; these models are cheaper at the price, but fail earlier and prominatsya sometimes;
    • having the independent spring block (the typical representative of Pocket Sprin), in such models each spring functions separately from others, is not combined with them and sewn up in separate "glass" (cover).

    If a quality mattress, it has the layers isolating spring blocks. Most often it is layers from the felt processed in a special way or nonwoven fabric of good durability of a spanbond.

  2. Springless which basis is the internal filler. In this case the weight of the sleeping child evenly is distributed on a mattress surface that allows a backbone, a neck and the head to reach the correct anatomic position.

What filler inside?

Depending on what producer placed a filler in the product, mattresses are subdivided into the following types:

  • the natural – the interior is presented only by natural components;
  • the synthetic - in them "stuffing" is received in the synthetic way on production with use of modern materials and technologies.

Let's dwell upon natural fillers:

  1. Coconut mattress – in it place a layer from coconut fiber, that is at first long odrevesnevshy bunches are pressed, then become impregnated with latex, and later the uniform cloth is formed of all this. It possesses a number of advantages: does not decay, does not absorb moisture, hypoallergenic, in it bacteria, ticks are not got. Raise dust too difficult to get into such mattress. In the summer on it it is cool, and in the winter – heat. A mattress rigid, as it is necessary for the newborn. The price of this type of a mattress is higher, but many parents stop the choice on a coconut koyra.
  2. The latex mattress – too expensive, but is made of natural material that allocates it with many positive qualities, among them durability, hypoallergenicity, the increased comfort, not absorbency of moisture, a bacterium and ticks do not settle in it. It is expedient to bring such mattress from Thailand, about it already wrote Mirsovetov in the article "What to Bring from Thailand".
  3. Mattress with seaweed – though environmentally friendly, these products, but too soft, quickly wear out, and high price.
  4. The mattress with the pressed horsehair – differs in the increased durability, elasticity, but in some kids causes an allergy, the price too the big.
  5. The mattress with a buckwheat peel (pod) – eco-friendly, soft, regulates blood circulation in fabrics as renders small massage effect. Does not cause an allergy, calms as parents notice, the dream on it is stronger.
  6. Wadded mattress – the old acquaintance, has many shortcomings: cotton wool through short time gets off in big lumps, the mattress gets out of a shape, absorbs moisture and smells.

And now we will pass to synthetic fillers.

  1. Foam rubber – too the old acquaintance, a product easily takes the habitual form, costs not much. But there is a lot of also minuses: absorbs moisture, creating conditions for reproduction of pathogenic microbes, quickly prominatsya, crumbles.
  2. Polyurethane foam (still call artificial latex) – material elastic, is ranked to environmentally friendly, is nontoxical, hypoallergenic, well supports in anatomic correct situation the child's back.

Models meet bilateral and unilateral filling. One party at a matrasik rigid – will be suitable for the newborn, and other party – is softer, on it place the child when it becomes more senior. Now the combined mattresses enjoy wide popularity, them still call "winter-summer". One party from warm material, and another, for example, with buckwheat pod, will be suitable for the hot period of year.

"Stuffing" at modern mattresses quite often is made of several layers.

Cover on matrasik

Pay attention that the mattress had a removable cover. Such products from three parties are supplied with a fastener "lightning". Periodically by rules of hygiene the cover should be removed, erased and then to air. It is good when fabric strong, natural, provides evaporation, moisture absorption, air permeability. Coarse calico, a chintz, poplin, cotton, a tic will approach. From synthetic fabrics Jacquard, polyester, viscose is admissible.

Good producers impregnate the covers with antibacterial, impregnating, dustproof, antistatic agents. There are models where prostyognut a cover with addition of a thin soft filler (for example, cotton, wool or a synthetic winterizer) therefore attentively examine a mattress and read labels.

Progress walks forward, sometimes on fabric do copper impregnations, it is considered that such cover is capable to remove electrostatic stress, such innovation received the name "anti-stress".

And it is desirable to get one more useful addition if the kid is not three years old is a water waterproof mattress cover. Then you protect a mattress from the unexpected children's "surprises" which are often arising in the first years of life. hopes that these recommendations and financial opportunities will allow parents to choose a successful and qualitative mattress, let your child sleep on it a sweet and quiet dream.

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