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How to choose the children's bicycle

The question of, whether is necessary to the child the bicycle, has only one answer – of course and. Bought tricycles to children at the age of somewhere about three years earlier. Now there is an opportunity to buy the first vehicle and for kids of 1,5 years. It is necessary to choose only correctly it that the bicycle not only was pleasant, but also it was convenient, safe.
The question of, whether is necessary to the child the bicycle, has only one answer – of course and. Bought tricycles to children at the age of somewhere about three years earlier. Now there is an opportunity to buy the first vehicle and for kids of 1,5 years. The bicycle very well affects development of a children's organism. Thanks to a driving on it, all muscular system of a body, including cardiac muscles develops and becomes stronger. The vestibular mechanism improves, and coordination of movements becomes more exact. Besides driving by bicycle allows to increase visual acuity as here it is necessary to look constantly afar at the road. And to everything still it is possible to tell that at young cyclists fine work of lungs as at a driving lungs work for all 100% is formed. And except all these facts, you should not forget that for the child the bicycle represents very interesting toy and causes a set of positive emotions.
So, that the bicycle is necessary, we were already convinced. It was necessary only to choose it correctly. After all the inconvenient bicycle can become the reason of that the kid will apprehend it as an unnecessary and unclear thing at all.

General requirements

At first It is necessary to tell that any bicycle needs to be selected according to such criteria.
The frame has to be at distance of 10 cm from a crotch when the child completely costs on the earth on direct feet. This rule is explained by that if this interval will be less, if necessary the kid will not be able quickly to jump off from the bicycle and if it is more – that, perhaps, it to it big.
At each model there have to be adjustments of level of a seat, height and a tilt angle of a wheel. Such moment is very important in the children's bicycle as the child grows, and necessary parameters in it can change. So, if you see that the kid sits on a seat and does not reach feet pedals, it needs to be lowered. The correct level when the foot surely costs on a pedal is considered and without problems reaches it in the lowermost situation.
Happens so that the subsaddle probe can be long. That is the seat is completely lowered, its height it seems is suitable for the child, and this probe strongly towers over it. In that case it is possible to address in a workshop where are engaged in shortening. As a rule, such service is provided in point of sale of bicycles.
Further it is desirable to look at, whether it is convenient to twist pedals and as far as knees move away from a wheel. Can be so that the child will constantly hit a wheel. Then it is necessary to change a wheel corner, having tightened up the corresponding fastening. And in the same way, it is necessary to change its height if landing of the child by bicycle is bent (the case inclination obviously forward is not admissible). He has to sit with an equal back and it is easy to reach a wheel.
In a case with bicycles not always works desire to buy "for growth", the concept of harmony of dimensions with the child's constitution is more important here.
Except these details at different bicycles, for different age is also the requirements.

The bicycle from 1,5 to 3 years

For the smallest kids on sale there are interesting and beautiful tricycles with the handle for parents. As a rule, they are more similar to a toy, than to the ordinary bicycle. Despite it, they well acquaint the child with bases of driving of the bicycle and coordination of the movements in connection with to what party it is necessary to go. But also at their choice it is necessary to show consideration for survey of all details. The seat has to be well strengthened and it is desirable that on it there were seat belts for fastening of the little passenger. As children at this age are still not really steady and can fall at any time or will simply want to get up something to look. Special podnozhnik when the child is tired to twist pedals can be in addition established, he will be able to put on them feet and to have a rest.
All bicycle needs to be checked for stability that it did not overturn. But at the same time it has to be a lung as the child small and will cope with it. Of course, it is important and for parents who will carry it every day from the house on the street and back. In a wheel of such models the limiter which is not allowing to scroll it round an axis is important. It will save the child from possibility of sharp turn and a situation when the foot is clamped between a frame and a wheel. One more important detail of such bicycles is the chain which is completely closed under a special sheeting that prevents hit in it of trousers or other clothes during the movement.
Also here existence of a foot brake thanks to which the child learns to stop is important. The emergency brake sometimes happens, but it is not always necessary to small children. Their handles are not so strong that if something happens, strong to clamp brakes fingers.
Other option of the bicycle till three years can become begovet – the bicycle without pedals. The child simply sits down on him and learns to hold balance, making a start feet from the earth. Many consider it more preferable to children at the age of two years as the three-wheeled can be already small. And besides he learns to keep balance, developing a vestibular mechanism.
And to those children who are slightly more senior and already understand an essence of management, it is possible to buy safely the two-wheeled bicycle with additional back wheels. Here the model is selected for growth or for diameter of a wheel. In this smallest model of the bicycle diameter will make only 12 inches. Spare wheels are obligatory and they have to be regulated, rising up and down. More qualitative that frame which is made of steel, but not of plastic is considered. Protectors here wide and steady. All details before purchase need to be checked for serviceability and quality. The chain also has to be protected, there has to be a foot brake and metal wings.
Well and to all this, children's bicycles till three years are often supplemented with accessories in the form of backpacks, pockets and luggage carriers where children put all the toys with pleasure.

The bicycle from 3 to 5 years

The bicycle for this age category represents the ordinary two-wheeled bicycle with the same spare back wheels which can be removed if necessary. Children from three to five years begin more active lifestyle and do not need the increased control of parents, therefore bicycles already without handle any more. But here, as well as in the above described model, all the same there have to be foot brakes, the protected chain, the lowered frame, metal wings, only wheels already have diameter of 16 inches.
Speed is better that there was so far only one. For development of transfers the child is still small, it now is not necessary for it. Unless there can be an emergency brake if the child can cope with it. Also there is an important question a bicycle weight, the child can try to lift it, it is worth and paying to it attention.

The bicycle from 5 to 9 years

These models differ from previous in that here already there are such elements as the forward shock-absorber and a gearshift. The child already rather adult also wants to use expanded functions of the bicycle. Of course, and wheels here already 20 inches, and sometimes and all 24 (depending on growth). It is possible to buy that is more, but on it it is simple to establish a seat on the lowermost position, and then gradually to lift.
The bicycle for this age category is higher, the child will feel on it more surely and is more senior. The number of speeds can be already 24. It, of course, surplus, not the fact that the child will use all. Children at this age like to brag of fashionable details, only for these reasons and purchase is possible.
As for a brake, it also has to be foot, and manual can be used as the additional. Seldom, but already and in these models install system of V-brake brake.
Naturally, not to forget about quality of details. It is necessary to be convinced that the bicycle will not break in the first day after purchase.

The bicycle from 9 to 15 years

Children of this age can ride almost adult bicycles entering category the teenage. Diameter of a wheel 24 inches, are present emergency brakes, in particular, of V-brake system. It is obligatory to eat the forward shock-absorber, sometimes and back. As the child starts mastering more and more different territories, these shock-absorbers are simply necessary for convenience of movement on all roughnesses. Number of transfers, as a rule, to 21. The children's bicycle for this age should not be heavy, no more than 10 kg are admissible. At a choice estimate also frame durability.

Further already there are adult bicycles on which the teenager will be able safely to change as soon as he is allowed by growth. It can be model with the lowered frame and a wheel in 26 inches.
Not to get confused in what bicycle is necessary to your child, it is better to address to the grouped tabular data given below. After all the most important parameter in which the bicycle is selected, always there is growth.
AgeGrowthDiameter of wheelsType of brakesNumber of speedsAdditional wheels
1,5-3 yearsto 98 cm12 inchesThe back foot1is
3-5 yearsto 115 cm16 inchesThe back foot1is
5-9 yearsto 130 cm20 inchesBack foot and forward manual (with V-brake system)1-6no
from 130 cm24 inchesForward and back, (manual V-brake)1-18no
9-12 yearsfrom 135 cm24 inchesForward and back, (manual V-brake)1-21no
From all aforesaid parents can give one more advice. In the bicycle main not the number of fashionable functions and even not the transcendental price, and as far as it is qualitative and suits your child.
Be guided by these main councils and will definitely not lose.
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