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How to cure cold at children

"Caught a cold!" – you state and open the home first-aid kit, thinking what a tablet to give. Or gather in a drugstore to buy a pack - another of miracle pills. Stop! Do not hurry to address to pharmaceutics, suggests to begin with house ways of treatment of cold which quickly and without harm, will put in order of your son or the daughter.
Even in the morning your kid went to kindergarten or school absolutely healthy, and, having returned from there, started sniffing, coughing, at him eyes reddened, the voice became hoarse and in general it looks nevazhnetsk.
"Caught a cold!" – you state and open the home first-aid kit, thinking what a tablet to give to the child. Or gather in a drugstore to buy a pack - another of miracle pills. Stop! Do not hurry to address to pharmaceutics, suggests to begin with house ways of treatment of cold which quickly, and, above all, without harm for a young organism, will put in order of your son or the daughter.
The described treatment is repeatedly experienced in practice which shows that in time the begun carrying out procedures will not allow to develop to cold in something more serious. Besides in treatment of cold you will use things and products which are in any house.
So, it is required to you:
  • patience;
  • 2-3 days when it is desirable to cancel visit of educational institutions;
  • dry mustard, vodka, honey (it is desirable liquid), sunflower oil, flour, terry towel, woolen socks (it is better than "self-knitting");
  • to buy in a drugstore: paper for compresses, wide bandage, a gauze, drops in a nose of a phytogenesis of "Pinosol", balm for massage of "Barsuchok", "Chest collecting" (No. 2), a sage, Rotokan liquid is better (mix of liquid extracts of a camomile, a calendula and yarrow), fir oil, an inhaler (it can be replaced with a pan with a diameter of 15-18 cm).
Что купить в аптеке

We struggle with cold

We begin with washing of a nose. Make the following mix in a glass: ½ tsps of salt, ½ tsps of soda dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water. This solution wash out a nose. How to make it? Pour solution in a saucer and ask the child to involve a nose this water, having detained it in a nose, and then having let out back. After each retraction it is necessary to vysmarkivatsya easily.
5-6 times a day depending on degree of a congestion of a nose and number of allocations are desirable to do washings. After each washing dig in to the kid in a drop nose, it is desirable a phytogenesis (for example, "Pinosol").
If the child rather assidious, it is possible to do warmings up, that is to affect with dry heat bosom gaymorova. It will promote the best otkhozhdeniye of allocations and to interfere with development of an inflammation.
    Attention! Do not force the child to blow nose long and loudly.

Fir oil and sage

Remarkable way to help an organism to cope with cold – inhalations. They, first, have anti-inflammatory effect, secondly, it is possibility of impact on a mucous membrane of airways.
In inhalations it is good to combine two preparations. It can be infusion of a sage and fir oil. The sage is a fine anti-septic tank, will help to disinfect mucous, and fir oil promotes a phlegm otkharkivaniye. advises to take away on inhalation of 10 minutes is optimum time as for this interval and infusion will not manage to cool down and the kid will not be tired to carry out this procedure. And you can try to make it more fascinating: put hourglasses that he watched the poured grains of sand before the child, set an alarm clock or the timer for a certain time – their signal will inform on the end of procedure.
Inhalations carry out from 3 to 6 times a day.
By the way, fir 1-2 in day it is possible to oil tonsils. It is not difficult to do it, the main thing to work quickly not to cause in the child of an emetic reflex. Wind a long stick or a finger with sterile bandage, drip on it 1-2 drops of fir oil and, having asked the kid to open a mouth, quickly carry out on tonsils.
    Attention! Inhalations carry out in 1,5 hours after food, and after them it is desirable not to eat food, not to drink, not to talk within 30-60 minutes.

Than we will rinse a throat?

In breaks between inhalations (3-5 times a day) rinsings of a throat will be very effective. Here we can refuse the acquaintance since the childhood of the grandmother's recipe – rinsing by soda solution. Not everyone will like its taste! Experiment: offer the kid broths of herbs (a sage, a camomile, a St. John's Wort) or "Rotokan" (we add 1 tsp on a glass of warm water).
    Attention! The statement that the will be hotter water for rinsings, the better – no more than the myth. Optimum temperature – 37 degrees.

Who the ally in fight against cough?

Cough – one of the main dangers of cold, having started which, you risk to receive various complications. Therefore begin fight as soon as possible. With it you will be helped by various chest collecting (a way of a zavarivaniye read on packings) or usual coltsfoot, which you can independently prepare at the end of spring. Do infusions and let's drink to the child in 20 minutes prior to food in a warm look.
During the day the patient has to consume more liquid that the phlegm was diluted. Offer only warm drink each 40-60 minutes. Besides, liquid will promote washing away of slags from an organism.
Well, and for the night – traditional tasty medicine: very warm milk with honey or raspberry.
Мед – лучший лекарь
At strong dry cough it is possible to advise also such drink. In 200 g of the boiling milk dissolve 1 tbsp of a sage and boil 3-4 min. Then leave in the same ware for 30 minutes then filter and warm up.

The super - a compress

There is a set of options of the warming compresses, however not all of them are suitable for children. recommends a compress which is good that its warmly very soft, it does not irritate gentle children's skin, and in it absolutely usual products which are available in any house are used.
So, mix in glasswares of small diameter on 1 tbsp of liquid honey, dry mustard, vodka and sunflower oil. Pound before formation of homogeneous mass and gradually add to it a flour to those a time until this weight becomes similar to abrupt dough. Warm up mix on a water bath. While it is warmed up, on a table prepare a basis for a compress. These are two pieces of paper for compresses: one on a back, another on a breast. Put a gauze of slightly smaller size on them. Form three flat cakes of the warmed-up basis for a compress: two on a back, one on a breast. Put them on a gauze, cover with the same piece of a gauze and put to a body of the kid. Kompressny paper has to appear from above. Then wind the child with a terry towel and bandage wide bandage. Your task – to reach the maximum density of a prileganiye of a compress to a body, but not to squeeze the child's body. It is desirable to do a compress for the night because in a dream of the patient will move less, so, the bandage will not slip.
    Attention! The compress (not paper, and flat cakes) should not close area of a backbone and heart.

We soar feet correctly

The procedure called in the people "to soar feet", has the medical name – hot foot bathtubs. pays your attention that the advantage of such bathtubs will be if to carry out them within 8-10 minutes, to increase temperature gradually (with 37 to 40-45 degrees), and then to put on legs woolen socks with the dry mustard filled in them. By the way, it is possible to add 4-6 drops of fir oil which not only will fill with aroma the room, but also, dissolved in a large amount of water to water, at inhalation will disinfect a nasopharynx cavity.
After a foot bathtub or even instead of it you can rub a foot of the little patient with Barsuchok balm who will prolong influence of heat. The same balm it is possible to pound a back and a breast of the kid for the night then the patient needs to be wrapped up.
    Attention! Hot bathtubs can be done and for hands. The effect will be not less.


Дайте ребенку установку на выздоровление. Больше поглаживайте, ласкайте, обнимайте маленького больного. Give to the child installation on recovery. Stroke more, caress, embrace the little patient. When he falls asleep or already sleeps, sit down near him, stroke on the head and firmly and surely say some phrases that your son or the daughter will surely recover. For example, "You at me the strongest", "Your nose breathe freely", "Tomorrow you will wake up, and the throat does not hurt any more". Such programming on health if are sure of it, is capable to work wonders!
Health to you and your children!
    IMPORTANT! All procedures connected with heating of a body or its separate parts (a compress, mustard plasters, hot foot bathtubs, inhalations), it is impossible to carry out at the increased body temperature!
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