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We choose a children's automobile chair

Today already there is no need to prove to parents that for safety the child in the car has to sit in a children's car seat. But its purchase is interfaced to a choice from the numerous brands and models considerably differing at the price, quality and appearance. Let's try understand, what parameters are really important at a choice of an automobile chair.
Today already there is no need to prove to parents that for safety the child in the car has to sit in a children's car seat. But its purchase is interfaced to a choice from the numerous brands and models considerably differing at the price, quality and appearance. Let's try understand, what parameters are really important at a choice of an automobile chair.

Groups of children's car seats

Choosing children's car seats, you have to be guided, first of all, by weight, then by age of your child. Now there is the following classification of automobile seats:
  • automobile cradles of group 0 (to 9 kg) and 0+ (to 13 kg);
  • automobile sitting of group 0-1 (to 18 kg);
  • automobile sitting of group 1 (from 9 to 18 kg);
  • automobile sitting of group 1-2 (from 9 to 22 kg);
  • automobile sitting of group 1-2-3 (from 9 to 36 kg);
  • automobile sitting of group 2-3 (from 15 to 36 kg);
  • boosters of group 3 (from 22 to 36 kg).
Keep in mind: than the big weight category is covered by a children's car seat, those with its big shortcomings should be reconciled. Therefore specialized models surpass the universal in convenience and safety.
Automobile cradles of group 0 and 0 +.
Autocradles are intended for kids since the birth. Their main difference in sizes. Easy small-sized models of group 0 will serve a maximum till 9 months. But at the expense of a small body weight it is convenient to transfer the child to them. In more spacious cradles of group 0+ the kid will be able to go to a year and a half depending on build. But the weight of such autocradle will be already 4-6 kg therefore carrying of the child in it becomes difficult.
Automobile chairs of group 0-1.
Выбираем детское автомобильное кресло If your kid grew to 6-8 kg and his muscle got stronger already a little, it is more rational to buy a chair of universal group 0-1. Models of this category are established not only a back forward, but also in the direction of travel. Therefore they are suitable both for kids weighing up to 9-10 kg, and for the senior children up to 3-4 years. Children's automobile chairs of this group have multistage adjustment of an inclination and if the child falls asleep on the way, he can be transferred easily to the reclining situation by one movement.
Automobile chairs of group 1.
Выбираем детское автомобильное кресло This group is ideally suited for kids weighing 9-12 kg who already rather well are able to sit. Unlike universal models the tilt angle of a bowl of these car seats is regulated for change of provisions dream/wakefulness. One more plus to safety – the integral case which is much more reliable, than divided into a back and a seat. In difference from group 0-1 at this category considerably bigger internal volume.
Automobile chairs of group 1-2-3.
Выбираем детское автомобильное кресло Universal children's car seats 1-2-3, they are transformers, are convenient since the weight of 13-15 kg. They unite at once three weight groups. The internal belts which are included in the package fix the child weighing up to 15-18 kg, the chair fastens regular belts. Over the specified weight internal belts are removed and the car seat together with the child is kept by regular belts. When the child weighing not less than 22 kg is not located in shoulders any more, in some models it is possible to dismantle also a back. Thus, the automobile chair passes through transformation stages in group 2-3 and in the booster of group 3.
Of course, purchase of a universal chair facilitates to parents life, but this group considerably concedes on safety indicators to car seats of group 1 and 1-2. Therefore it is undesirable to clean the back with a head restraint providing lateral protection and support of the head of the child during rest.
Automobile chairs of group 1-2.
This category is a little widespread and presented by generally Chinese producers. It is intended for children weighing from 9 to 22 kg. Car seats of this group resemble products of the first category superficially, but with even large internal volume that does them by less safe for small children.
Automobile chairs of group 2-3.
Выбираем детское автомобильное кресло When the child reaches the weight of 15-18 kg, use autositting of group 2-3. Characteristic of these automobile children's chairs is lack of internal belts. In that case protection of children at frontal collisions, as well as adult passengers, is provided with regular belts of the car. The chair serves in order that the child sat above, and also for ensuring protection of a trunk and the head at lateral blows.
Children's car seats can also differ in existence or lack of system of fastening of Isofix intended for rigid fastening of a chair to the car case. Car seats with Isofix have a number of advantages: they easily and strongly fasten directly to sitting of the car, without participation of regular belts. Besides, at sharp braking or at frontal blows, the chair in itself will not press on the child the weight.

Difference of expensive car seats from the cheap

Выбираем детское автомобильное кресло So than expensive car seats of Romer, Recaro or Kiddy differ from cheaper models of the same group, for example? Here key parameters on which the price depends:
  1. Structure of a framework and internal elements of an automobile chair, upholstery material. For example, car seats of Kiddy have a framework from high-strength plastic, the multilayered protection of shoulders and the head consisting of the light power absorbing materials applied in motorsport. As an upholstery the superpermeable breathing material Thermotex is used. At cheap models the case from usual plastic is also fitted by inexpensive synthetic materials.
  2. Existence of additional options, for example, Isofix, adjustments of depth of sitting, expansion of lateral protection, etc.
  3. Estimates of krash-tests. Testing procedure rather expensive and to testing models of not all producers are exposed. Naturally, when receiving an appreciation of such independent organizations as ADAC or Warentest, a rating of manufacturing firm raises, and, therefore, also the value of its production increases.
  4. Popularity of a brand. Today leaders in production of children's car seats are the Romer, Recaro and Kiddy companies. Besides prestigiousness production of data of the companies certainly is characterized by the maximum safety and comfort.
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