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Semyon Chia

Use of useful properties of seeds of the Chia, often it is called still the Spanish sage, goes to depth of centuries. Still our ancient ancestors - Inca, Maya and Aztecs considered these seeds as the main in the food, along with corn and haricot.

It is remarkable that Aztec soldiers during the campaigns ate only Chia seeds thanks to what their organism simply struck with the force and endurance! Think only, only one tablespoon of these magic seeds and soldiers could make infinite transitions tirelessly. And thus soldiers had neither physical, nor psychological exhaustion, was not as well dehydration, which, as a rule, not a rarity in the conditions of difficult mountain climate.

And then in the 15th century crops of the Chia were completely destroyed by the Spanish conquerors, maybe, for this reason they and managed to break resistance of Aztecs and Inca … Forgot about seeds for the whole 500 years, and in the nineties the mankind again started their cultivation.

So today it would be desirable to tell readers of about these extremely useful seeds especially as now at all not a problem to buy them in many online stores.

Of what Chia seeds consist

Semyon Chia have no accurate shade, their color varies from white to gray and brown. If to consider their structure, for 40% they consist of oil, for 25% from cellulose, also in them 23% of valuable protein and absolutely are not present cholesterol. Besides, in oil which can be received from Chia's seeds, the whole 64% of fatty acids an omega-3 which are not exposed to oxidation even at long storage. It is considered to be that these acids generally contain in fish products and allegedly cod-liver oil the most valuable source an omega-3 and an omega-6. But leaves that this wrong opinion, after all in Chia's oil is twice more than them, than, for example, in caviar of a salmon and in the whole 43 times it is more, than in olive oil.

But unlike fish products, they do not accumulate in the structure of toxic substances, so, they can be carried to environmentally friendly products, it would be desirable to mention also their hypoallergenicity in comparison with seafood. The Spanish sage is grown up highly in mountains in environmentally friendly areas.

You only think, 100 grams of seeds of the Chia according to the contents correspond:

  • 600 ml of milk according to the contents in the composition of calcium;
  • To 300 grams of oats according to the content of cellulose;
  • to nearly a kilogram of a citrus as source of antioxidants;
  • to about 200 grams of bananas according to the content of potassium;
  • to nearly a kilogram of a salmon according to the contents an omega-3;
  • To 220 grams of nuts according to the content of magnesium;
  • To 400 grams of spinach according to the content of iron.

Having included the Chia in the diet, you will significantly increase physical endurance and improve a condition of your organism in general.

Chia seeds are unique also to that are capable to absorb a huge amount of moisture, simply fill in them with a small amount of liquid and already in a couple of minutes they will increase the volume several times therefore, eating them, you will be able to normalize the weight and work of a gastrointestinal tract. Besides, in them a huge number of natural antioxidants: a kvertitsina, a flavonola, a miritsetina, a kempferola, and also kofeinovy and hlorogenovy acid for this reason they are able to slow down process of aging of an organism and to protect it from oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

The reasons to include Chia seeds in a daily diet

  1. The first reason it would be desirable to call a huge number of antioxidants which are so important for an organism in our difficult ecological situation. Surpasses in the maintenance of their Chia even blueberry and bilberry. During the winter period antioxidants are extremely necessary for maintenance of health at the stable level, and also to them quite on forces to prolong youth.
  2. Chia grains are simply necessary for you if you dream to leave excess weight. Amazingly, but the small kernel of the Chia is capable to absorb in 13 times more of the weight when gets to a stomach or connecting to water. This ability helps to keep more long feeling of satiety and to overcome thirst for such fast food, pernicious for an organism and a figure. As it was already mentioned above, they normalize and work of a digestive tract.
  3. Having included Chia seeds in the habitual menu, you will give to an organism an additional power source and forces, also they significantly improve work of a brain, after all in them it is more than potassium than in bananas, it is more than proteins, than in meat and other products, and they surpass dairy products in the content of calcium.
  4. The organism has to receive Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids daily, after all they are very important for heart and even reduce painful feelings at arthritis.
  5. Semyon Chia also stabilize sugar level in blood and normalize a blood pressure.

From this it is possible to draw conclusions that seeds of the Chia are necessary to each person not only for treatment of any diseases, but also it is simple for prevention, simply put a pinch of seeds in your habitual dishes. Include 5 grams of seeds or 1 grams of oil of the Chia in the diet, these products possess pleasant nut taste.

Contraindications to application of seeds of the Chia

As for contraindications to application of these extraordinary useful seeds, it is a little of them, do not include them in a diet of the food if you have an allergy to mustard and sesame seed and also if you apply preparations to normalization of a blood pressure or fluidifying of blood.

Recipes with use of seeds of the Chia

It would be desirable to tell readers Mirsovetov about fine drink "Pintle" which was an integral part still of Aztec culture and now he is trained in Central America. The traveler Edward Palmer described it in far 1871.


  • the Chia grains which are carefully washed out and filtered – 1 cup;
  • lemon juice – 100 ml;
  • brown sugar, it, by the way, with success can be replaced with saccharin or any other sweetener – 1 cup;
  • water – 2,5 liters.


In the beginning wet Chia seeds approximately for an hour per 0,5 liters of water, in the remained 2 liters mix sweetener and lemon juice. Then mix Chia seeds with lemon water, cool in the refrigerator about 2 hours and curative drink is ready. Aztecs assured that it perfectly helps at travel through the desert and is one of the most nutritious drinks.

If you feel increased fatigue and a lack of energy, we recommend you the following recipe of energy drink:

  • Chia seeds – 30 grams;
  • juice from a lime – 30 grams;
  • May honey – 50 grams;
  • water – 0,5 l.

Fill in the Chia with water in the ratio 1:2 and leave for night, by the morning at you jelly manage turn out dense. Overwind all ingredients in the blender, there it is possible to add any berries, it tastes like kissel. It is recommended to drink it before intensive physical activities.

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