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Recipe of a cottage cheese pudding

The traditional English dessert which lords and kings enjoyed in due time, became a popular delicacy around the world for a long time. The pudding easily prepares and instantly disappears from plates – a dish surprisingly tasty. But the main advantage of a pudding consists in its naturalness and advantage. In this article it is told just about such dessert – simple in preparation, very tasty and useful.

Couple of words about a pudding

The pudding was thought up by British in the Middle Ages. Initially it was exclusively Christmas dish, and its compounding strikingly differed from described below. The classical modern pudding prepares from milk, a flour, sugar and flavoring additives (berries, nuts, fruit etc.). Ingredients mix up and drawn on a water bath. But before English culinary specialists guessed such way of preparation, passed not one century.

Porridge very strange by sight which was called "to pla porridzh" (literally – "plum porridge") was "great-grandmother" of a pudding. Inhabitants of Foggy Albion contracted out original the recipe of it dishes some centuries a little. It would seem, plum porridge has to be sweet and taste like something like a kutya, but far from it. British cooked it on fat meat broth, added raisin, grain crumbs, various grades of nuts, honey and other flavoring additives (the more the better). But there is more to come – before starting a meal, the porridge which is laid out by a hill was poured by whisky and set fire, then "fire" extinguished, and the dish gained a peculiar delicate aroma.

It is logical to assume that tasteless and simple gelatin in application came to replacement to meat broth, and as the main ingredient began to be used not only porridge, but also rice, milk and fermented milk products. Today preparation of a classical pudding practices quite seldom, in any case in Russia. In shops it is possible to find a set of types of ready puddings and special mixes in packages which are enough to be parted with water or to warm up. But it is not necessary to speak about naturalness or advantage of such products therefore we will not take them in attention, and we will talk about the real and simple house pudding in preparation.

Recipe of a cottage cheese pudding

The teenager or the man who wants to surprise the darling with an original entertainment pleasantly will cope with preparation of this cottage cheese dessert even. The only thing that it is desirable to have near at hand – the blender or the mixer quickly to turn house cottage cheese into gentle curds. Without this equipment it is necessary to fray it through a sieve.

What ingredients will be necessary:

  • cottage cheese house – 300 g;
  • milk – 120 ml;
  • sugar – to taste;
  • gelatin – 10 g;
  • currant – to taste;
  • pineapples – to taste.

As flavoring additives it is possible to use any berries and fruit (fresh or tinned), nuts, dried fruits. Also interesting effect can achieve by means of food dyes. In this case will show how to make a gentle cottage cheese pudding with blackcurrant and will show how to make an unusual dessert with blue pineapples, without using chemical dyes.

For a start it is necessary to mix gelatin from 60 ml of milk. Milk has to be cold! It is possible to stir a bamboo stick or a teaspoon. Until you are engaged in other ingredients, gelatin will quickly absorb milk and will bulk up.

Interesting fact: whether it is known to you, what gelatin is made of horns and hoofs of a large livestock? They are subjected to long heat treatment under a high pressure and as a result the viscous jellylike substance turns out. It is dried up, granulated and used in cookery, microbiology, construction and other branches. Therefore if you want to prepare exclusively vegetarian cottage cheese pudding, the recipe cannot include gelatin of an animal origin. In this case the natural vegetable substance got from deep-water tropical seaweed – an agar-agar will help. It has no taste and a smell, but possesses the same or best qualities as gelatin. It is possible to get an agar-agar in online stores or in specialized vegetarian points.

Further pour cottage cheese into a deep bowl, add sugar to taste and kill it in gentle and uniform curds. If too dry and friable cottage cheese got to you, it is possible to add a little sour cream or cream for its mitigation. As a result at you light and air sweet mix has to turn out.

Further there are two options: to leave cottage cheese mix white or to give it an unusual crimson shade. If you want to make a light pudding with impregnations of berries and pineapples, add them to curds and carefully mix a tablespoon. If to you to liking "color" option, add to cottage cheese of berry and kill weight the submersible blender.

In the second case at you curds with taste of currant will turn out. As currant gives notable sourness, there is a sense to add slightly more sugar and again to shake up everything the blender to uniformity (sugar should not crunch in the teeth).

While you prepared cottage cheese, gelatin already managed to absorb all liquid. Add the remained milk, mix and heat mix to full dissolution of gelatin. It is best of all to do it on a water bath, periodically stirring slowly. Gelatin will be dissolved quickly enough – when milk reaches temperature 40-45C. Then mix should be cooled approximately to room temperature and to implicate in cottage cheese and berry weight. If to pour in it it is hotter, ingredients can turn, and the pudding will be spoiled.

Further it is necessary to place weight in a form. It is possible to use silicone baking dishes or ice cream (in shops there are very amusing options in the form of animals, asterisks, hearts, etc.). But if the form is not present, you will be helped by a usual soup plate and food wrap. Lay a film all internal surface of a plate.

Lay out curds with gelatin in a plate, level a surface a spoon and put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

After the specified term take out a pudding from the refrigerator, turn it on a flat dish, accurately separate a soup plate and remove a film.

The cottage cheese pudding can be given on a table! In both cases the dessert turns out very beautiful and tasty.

In "color" option blackcurrant juice very effectively painted slices of tinned pineapple, having given them an unusual blue shade.

    Good advice: if you have not enough time, and you cannot wait for 2-3 hours, pour curds on small formochka, and the pudding will stiffen much quicker.

Interesting facts and traditions

In end Mirsovetov would like to share with you the interesting facts and traditions connected with a pudding. It is known that Christmas is inseparably linked with unusual signs, and in medieval England very much liked to arrange guessing on a pudding. Before a holiday all family took part in preparation of a dessert. Trained him in large quantities and cooked in big copper coppers. When all ingredients were mixed, in a copper threw a thimble, a coin and a ring. If during a meal the thimble came across to the unmarried girl or the unmarried guy, so next year it is not necessary to count on marriage. If the ring came across, on the contrary, it is time to prepare for a wedding. Who was lucky to find a coin, could count on improvement of a financial position.

Ancient dream books also had the versions about a pudding. If it is simple to dream about it – wait for small profit. If to eat a dessert – wait for trouble. If process of preparation of a pudding dreams – difficulties in intimate life or disappointment in the partner are expected.

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