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How to check gold for authenticity

Remember a proverb "All that glitters is not gold"? Also it is necessary to be guided by it at a choice of jewelry. Unfortunately, in the world there are a lot of swindlers who under the guise of gold sell anything therefore it will be more reliable to be able to understand where the real precious metal.

The preceding tests for a fake

Products from pure gold meet extremely seldom, thanks to the softness this metal usually combine with others. As a rule, 25% the ligature with impurity occupies, the rest - gold, test of such ornament – 750. The state very fixedly watches implementation of the Law on precious metals and stones, and, nevertheless, there are such tricksters who around to the state make fakes. Therefore upon purchase it is important to know at least couple of methods of check of gold on authenticity. Ways of check exists a little, they differ at the cost and complexity, the choice depends on that, how exact you expect result.

In the nature it is possible to meet some substitutes of gold which on appearance and not to distinguish from a precious metal. One of them – pyrites. It is a mineral which consists of sulfur and iron, besides has color, golden with metal gloss. Such material cheaper than gold costs, but is all the same expensive. Therefore most often for fakes use cheap analogs, for example usual copper on which from above raised dust gold. There are some preliminary tests which will help the buyer to define where the real gold.

  1. It is necessary to carry out a product on a porcelain surface without glaze if metal - gold, the left strip is golden-yellow if pyrites, dark.
  2. If to carry out ornament on glass, any traces should not remain as gold is softer than glass if strips remained, the fake means in your hands.
  3. The good analyzer of composition of metal - iodine. They need to drip on a product from gold and to leave for some hours, then accurately to erase a napkin if you do not see iodine traces, the original if the spot remained, a forgery means in your hands.
  4. One more good way to check gold ornament – to bring it to a magnet, pure gold it should not be attracted, otherwise palmed off on you metal with impurity.
  5. Better than a magnet vinegar copes with check. The product needs to be lowered for some minutes in vinegar then to observe metal. The fake will surely darken.

For hundred percent any of ways in handicraft conditions will not define, whether from pure gold ornament, but approximate results it is possible to receive.

Check by acid and scratch

The test for gold check by acid - one of the most popular methods which without problems can be spent at home, besides yields almost exact result. For its carrying out it is necessary to get a set for testing. It is possible to buy it in chemical laboratory or in specialized shop for jewelers. The test is carried out by parts, use gold needles with different tests of gold. Acid can be taken any, most often use sulfuric and nitric. The Ispytuyemy product is scratched slightly, the crack has to be microscopic, it is necessary to apply a little acid on it. Then look in magnifying glass at this scratch and compare color of metal to gold needles, and define the real test of gold.

One more semi-professional method of determination of quality of gold consists in use of "an assay stone", which surface opaque and ground. It is necessary to find the most imperceptible site on ornament and to rub this party about a stone several times. Carry out similar actions and with a sample from a set for testing. It is possible to rub some models of different test which are in your opinion more similar with a jewelry about a stone. Carry out samples near scratch which left your gold, and compare tone of strokes.

Laboratory tests for gold check

More exact results for determination of purity of gold are yielded by laboratory researches.

  1. The most popular devices are electronic testers. By the way, they are on sale and for individuals, and not just for large laboratories. These testers scan a sample and in electronic option degree of purity of gold is given.
  2. One of the most expensive methods of determination of purity of metal is application of X-rays. It is possible to do this analysis only in laboratories. With its help it is possible not only to define gold test, but also to spread out all alloy to structure.
  3. To define purity of gold in large samples, carry out the assay analysis. This method is not used for jewelry or coins because of the inexpediency. Because for carrying out the analysis it is necessary to separate small part from the general piece of gold, to kindle and merge with silver and lead. These two metals will play a role of agents who as a result will aggregate pure gold.

The final product is weighed and thus defined, how many pure gold was in this piece initially.

Check of gold on authenticity in house conditions

Except above-mentioned methods with use of iodine, a ceramic tile and vinegar, there are some more house methods:

  1. Put any glass subject on a table, take a product from pure gold of which you are sure that it the present, throw it from small height on glass and listen to a sound. Now take an ispytuyemy product and throw it from the same height on the same place, compare two sounds. If they are identical it means that two products have one structure. In this method there is an essential nuance: products have to be approximately identical on the weight that the sound was identical.
  2. Long since people used such national method: to take a crumb from fresh black bread, to roll from it a ball and inside to put an ispytuyemy product, to leave in such state for some days. During this time bread has to harden, now it is necessary to pull down and look at it at a crumb. If on it there are traces of oxidation and a greenish shade, your metal definitely not gold.
  3. As gold - metal heavy, its authenticity is verified also water. It is necessary to take deep transparent capacity with water and to throw into it an ispytuyemy product. If it is quickly trite to a bottom, gold if slowly, so in it there are a lot of impurity of various metals means at you.
  4. It is possible to check purity of material and imperial vodka, this liquid corrodes everything to what comes into contact, the exception makes only gold. You should not apply this method when the product, even if it from artificial precious metal is expensive to you.
  5. In a drugstore it is possible to buy a lyapisny pencil, it is intended for a bleeding stop. To check a gold product for authenticity, it is necessary to moisten at first it in water, and then to rub a pencil. If your product is a gilded copper, it will turn black, and gold of high test - remains without changes.

And the last method of determination of authenticity of a gold product which is recommended by Mirsovetov, works smoothly: carry your ornament or a coin in a pawnshop, whether there the expert will precisely tell you gold it, having carried out a product assessment. Such service costs not much, but it is possible to be sure that you carry not a fake.

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