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How to determine character by handwriting

Much of us had to notice a certain interrelation between style of writing of letters and character of the person. There is no wonder, after all handwriting is a distinctive feature of each individual, it is similar to fingerprints, telling about the identity of the author. Knowing some simple receptions, it is possible to understand unmistakably psychology of handwriting and to expose liars, egoists or hypocrites.

The science which specializes on studying of regularities between handwriting and the personality, is called a graphology. This analysis allows to give the individual description to each person, beginning from prospects of personal growth, features of temperament and finishing with sexual preferences. When carrying out dough the expert considers a number of fundamental factors: an inclination of letters, their size and degree of a szhatost, the direction of letters in the text and their arrangement on a leaf. Mirsovetov will share the main aspects of a graphology thanks to what you will be able to determine character of the person by handwriting with the readers.

How the test is carried out?

Carrying out the graphological analysis – rather simple occupation which can be organized without leaving the house. For this purpose it is necessary to write a text fragment on a sheet A4, it is also desirable to subscribe at the end. The text block has to consist not less than of 4-5 offers, however the their is more, the better.

If you have a handle with a feather or a slate pencil, then give preference to these types of office as it is so simpler to estimate pressing force. In order that the text opened full information and could specify authentically personal characteristics, it is necessary to write it in a quiet state, without haste and intended efforts to make equal or calligraphical letters.

We reveal secrets of character

In the analysis of the text it is necessary to pay attention to some key parameters which can give a personal assessment of an individual. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Pressing force

Weak pressing on a feather during the writing testifies that the author – the extremely sensitive and susceptible person concentrated on problems of an inner world. These are responsible dreamers who got used to do everything accurately and slowly. Also it speaks about a slabovolnost of the person.

Strong pressing is a sign of a self-assured, vigorous and stable individual to which high performance is peculiar. Often it is the extroverts attracting people with the openness, optimism, sociability and commitment.

Inclination of letters

By this criterion experts allocate two kinds of people: those who does too strong inclination of letters and those who writes rather exactly. Thus the weak bias of the text in the left side is a sign of strong individualists for whom personal interests will be always more main than the public. If you noticed that the text is written with a small bias to the right side, it testifies to steadiness and stability of character. Such authors are always open for new acquaintances and communication, however they are inclined to frequent change of mood.

The noticeable inclination of letters characterizes self-sufficient and independent persons who always take and defend an independent stand. Such sign testifies to aggressiveness and commitment of the person, in some way his maximalism who is expressed in desire to succeed on life. In addition such people are jealous and quick-tempered.

Handwriting density

If each letter registers separately, with a small gap, it can be considered as a sign of the independent personality, and also good imagination and intuitive skills. If letters are densely located and connected by the continuous line, then before you the person to perfectly developed logical thinking. However for most of the population the intermediate option when in a line sheaves on 2-3 letters are allowed is characteristic. It indicates realness of perception and steadiness of the author.

The size of letters in line

This criterion will help to determine the width and openness of nature. For creative persons with creative thinking writing by large letters is characteristic. Thus handwriting differs in low accuracy as a pedantry in this case not the main thing, is much more important to write down ingenious thought until she visited the head. For people from this category dramatization of events, a carelessness to trifles is characteristic. Often such individuals born rebels inclined to destruction of public foundations. Besides, if in the text you see large capital letters, it can act as an aspiration sign to the power or glory.

Small letters will help to distinguish reserved and conservative people who are inclined to high concentration. "Hard to read" small handwriting is peculiar to reserved natures, scrupulous and stubborn for which the effusiveness in thoughts and actions is characteristic.

Form of letters

The rounded and smooth letters testify to responsiveness, sincere kindness of the author, and also his ability to go on compromises. Always it is possible to rely on such people in a difficult situation.

Angular style of writing – a strong indication of an egocentrism. People with such spelling seek to be independent, they are quite self-sufficient and do not need helps from outside.

Level of a line

The elation of a line by the end of the offer is a sign of thorough optimists who are sure of themselves and have good sense of humour. If the line goes straight, it characterizes judicious, balanced and quiet persons. And in a case when level goes down below the put line, before you there is an expressional individual inclined to frequent change of mood and, as a rule, with weak character.

About what will tell a list

For a complete idea of character and temperament of the person it is possible to learn not only on handwriting, but also and on a personal list. It is some kind of hardly noticeable, however, quite exact tool by means of which handwriting experts can make the deep analysis, defining a portrait of the identity of the author. So, we will consider the main aspects which will help you to open psychological features of the person:

  1. Existence of letters in a list and their accurate writing testifies to openness of an individual, and also to good communicative skills.
  2. If there is a header letter, and also large letters prevail are a sign of high insistence to people around, breadth of views and independence.
  3. The list level raising will help to define the cheerful and optimistical person. Thus at the pessimist the termination will fall down lines down, and equal writing will indicate the personality with internal harmony.
  4. The capacious and short signature testifies to activity of the author, his mobility and fast reaction that is quite often dictated by shortage of patience. And here a long list – a sign of the assidious, patient and sluggish person.
  5. Negligence or existence of curve letters specifies that the author is excessively concentrated on personal problems, and also on his low organizing skills. To the contrary, the accurate signature without excess details speaks about restraint of an individual in the emotional plan.
  6. Set of gaps between symbols or application of printing letters are "indicators" of the unpredictable person with the developed demonstrative lines.
  7. The small signature at which there is a stroke, is display of pedantic traits of character, and here wide testifies to logicality and systemacity of thinking. Thus the big loop can indicate a dissatisfaction of the person with the professional activity in the beginning.
  8. If there are indistinct or unclear symbols, it speaks about tendency of the author to exaggerate events and to create problems from scratch.
  9. The underscore in a list indicates desire of the author to declare itself to people around, to emphasize the importance. Such representatives differ in strong-willed character, and also ability to finish affairs. As a rule, such style belongs to the individuals who gained the highest social recognition.
  10. Well and at last, existence of a point in the termination of a list testifies to high discipline, strategic thinking, and also aspiration to bring the begun matter to end.
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