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Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is the most widespread disease in the modern world. According to all available data from World Health Organization practically every fifth person on the planet who crossed a thirty-year boundary suffers from it.

As a rule, osteochondrosis affects cervical, chest and lumbar departments of a backbone. This time Mirsovetov suggests to talk about treatment and prevention of cervical osteochondrosis which on the prevalence concedes only to osteochondrosis of lumbar department.

Reasons of developing of cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis is a chronic disease which is characterized by degenerate and dystrophic changes in cervical department of a backbone. And it develops as a result of change of composition of blood and, actually, blood circulation violation. It is known that the human neck consists of seven vertebras and even small shift of one of them can lead to a spasm of a vertebral artery, after all in cervical department very many blood vessels and the nervous terminations are concentrated.

The main prerequisites to development of cervical osteochondrosis are:

  1. Lack of adequate physical activity therefore the organism is affected by developments of stagnation. After all the "sedentary" way of life allows an organism to accumulate salts which are usually distributed between bone and muscular tissue. And they are postponed, as a rule, in the places subject to the smallest activity (a neck, kidneys and a liver). Therefore if osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone not superfluous is diagnosed for you to make ultrasonic researches of kidneys and a gall bladder, after all there is a probability of that, as in these bodies deposits in the form of stones can be formed.
  2. Smoking which has property to break a metabolism and to slow down recovery processes in an organism.
  3. Hereditary predisposition to cervical osteochondrosis. Be vigilant if in your family someone has this illness.
  4. Pregnancy. During this period the organism is affected by hormones and is exposed to shortage of useful substances. Besides the bearing, in view of load of lumbar department of a backbone changes, and it in turn can lead to problems in other its departments (including cervical). Therefore, each future mummy should carry out a set of exercises (previously having coordinated it with the doctor observing pregnancy) and, of course, carefully to watch a diet.

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

From all departments of a backbone, the most mobile - cervical. Exactly thanks to it we can make rotary motions and a ducking. But this feature has also a back – cervical vertebras are most vulnerable. And as a result even minor pathological changes or the increased load of an intervertebral disk work of all cervical department can be broken.

It is also necessary to consider that vertebral arteries which pass through cross shoots of cervical vertebras, supply with blood of a facial tissue, skull and that is especially important, a brain.

And as a result of development of cervical osteochondrosis, an artery can be squeezed by the formed hernia or painful spasms. As a result of it headaches can torment, and also violation of the speech and coordination is observed. In time to find development of cervical osteochondrosis it is necessary to know its main symptoms. Here they:

  1. Pain in a neck (can be aching or "shooting"). As a rule, its echoes are quite sharply felt in occipital part of the head and area of shovels.
  2. Tension of cervical muscles which is followed by pain (especially at a palpation).
  3. Weakness of muscles of a neck and shoulders.
  4. Violation of mobility of language.
  5. Weakening of muscles of extremities, and also pain at any movement of the head in muscles of hands and feet.
  6. Constant headaches which, as a rule, do not cease after reception of the anesthetizing preparations and amplify at the sharp movements.
  7. Dizzinesses, deterioration of hearing and sight.

Ways of treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

  1. Drug treatment. By means of medical preparations it is possible to remove an inflammation (appoint nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs), to reduce pain (recommend analgetics), and also to restore exchange processes in the neck affected with osteochondrosis. Besides practically the ointments for external application urged to stimulate regeneration of fabrics and to anesthetize are always appointed.
  2. Not drug treatment is carried out, considering a stage of a course of a disease. At a sharp stage recommend a bed rest, and the bed has to be equipped with the most rigid mattress. If the nerve jamming is revealed, cervical vertebras extend by means of a glissonovy loop. It looks so: the head of the patient is fixed by means of a special loop, and then raise a bed headboard on 25-30 centimeters. This procedure is resulted by stretching of vertebral muscles and sheaves that helps to release the jammed nervous terminations and blood vessels.
  3. The physical therapy is remarkable that all carried-out procedures have direct impact on the center of a disease and do not mention the next bodies. Here some physiotherapeutic procedures which can be appointed:
  • electrophoresis – introduction of the anesthetizing preparations by means of electric current;
  • the ultrasound – a peculiar massage which intensifies exchange processes in fabrics and has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • the magnetotherapy – removes an inflammation and anesthetizes due to use of a variation or constant magnetic field;
  • vibration impact on cervical department of a backbone by means of the tape vibrating massager;
  • detenzor-therapy. This procedure allows to normalize a tone of muscles and has the weakening effect. Its essence consists that the backbone is extended under the influence of the weight of a human body;
  • laser therapy – a kind of phototherapy (influence an affected area by means of monochromatic light). With its help remove an inflammation in fabrics;
  • physiotherapy exercises and massages can be applied both at treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, and to prevention of its emergence. At initial stages of a disease of rather general gymnastics and massage. If the illness "is started", experts will pick up a set of exercises for each case individually.

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis in house conditions

If the diagnosis "osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone" is made to you and adequate treatment is appointed, you, of course, will implement all recommendations of doctors. But sometimes they and advise to resort to traditional medicine, after all osteochondrosis is the disease demanding continuous and versatile treatment. As a rule, in house conditions it is possible to do:

  1. Self-massage. Will help to relax muscles and to improve blood circulation in a backbone. But it is important to remember that all movements have to be a lung, it is not necessary to do excessive efforts. It has to be carried out only by means of fingers from the center to the periphery from top to down. By the way, regular visit of the pool will help to strengthen effect from house massage.
  2. Compresses. For example, it is possible to bake a rye flat cake on water, it is a little to cool of it and to put to a neck, having recorded dense fabric. Or to make broth of a burdock (2 tablespoons on 500 ml of water), to moisten in it a towel and to put to a sore neck, and then to wrap up it cellophane and to wrap up with a warm scarf (or a scarf). On the expiration of 20 minutes, the compress needs to be removed and again to wrap up a neck with something warm. These methods are valuable that came to us from those times when people had to struggle with diseases independently.
  3. Pulverizing Indian onions. It is recommended to pound an affected area of a neck with its help (it best of all to do before going to bed). In such a way in traditional medicine struggled with pain, it if did not cease absolutely, precisely became less notable.

Healthy nutrition at osteochondrosis

It is necessary to tell that at treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, besides all above-mentioned it is necessary to remember and healthy nutrition. For a start exclude coffee which, as we know, washes away calcium, potassium and it is a lot of others, substances very necessary to an organism (if you not in forces completely to refuse coffee, include in the diet as much as possible products containing these microcells). Also it is worth conducting the use of flour products, salt and sugar to a minimum (it can be replaced with honey or jam as boiled sugar is much more useful).

Remember that it is necessary to use as much as possible vegetables (it can be the salads filled with sunflower or olive oil), to drink freshly squeezed juice which is better for preparing independently.

The separate place is taken by proteins (both an animal, and a phytogenesis), after all they have to be present at a diet of the person having osteochondrosis daily. It is known that the greatest number of animal protein contains in meat, fish and dairy products, and vegetable - in mushrooms, nuts, sunflower seeds and, of course, bean cultures.

There is an opinion that at osteochondrosis it is worth refusing completely fats, but it is a mistake. In small amounts they have to be present at the menu surely (both animal, and vegetable).

Summing up the result, notes that the diet at osteochondrosis has no features or restrictions. It is possible to call it healthy nutrition which is equally useful for all without exception more likely.

Also remember: osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, as well as other chronic diseases, does not develop instantly! Therefore very attentively listen to the feelings, after all in time the begun treatment will help to avoid harmful consequences.

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