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How to choose a ceramic frying pan

The ceramic ware is extraordinary popular today. On assurance of producers a ceramic covering – safe, durable, eco-friendly, allowing to cook healthy food even without oil use. If you think that for the symbolical sum will get an eternal ceramic frying pan – you are mistaken. In this case it is not necessary to save.
The ceramic ware is extraordinary popular today. On assurance of producers a ceramic covering – safe, durable, eco-friendly, allowing to cook healthy food even without oil use. Today will tell about criteria of a choice of a ceramic frying pan.

Reality and reality

Frying pans with a ceramic covering widely advertize in mass media. Commercials in which the chef tell about a miracle products, in rotation on TV all day long. Promise the moon for surprisingly reasonable price. And can be necessary to try? The magic frying pan will cook healthy food without oil addition, on it burns nothing, to wash such utensils – the real pleasure – needs to be rinsed simply. And all this is true if it is about a branded qualitative frying pan, but not about ubiquitous Chinese stampings. How to choose really durable, harmless goods?

How to choose a qualitative frying pan

Как выбрать керамическую сковороду If you think that for the symbolical sum will get an eternal ceramic frying pan – you are mistaken. In this case it is not necessary to save.
One of the main indicators of durability of a frying pan – its thickness. Thin frying pans are a usual stamping. They are suitable only for periodic use. If you prepare often, thickness of a frying pan should not be less than four millimeters, an admissible maximum – seven millimeters. Such frying pans – cast, their bottom consists of several layers of various alloys and they do warming up of food uniform.
    Believe, even two identical slices of meat prepared on a cast and stamped frying pan, absolutely different in taste. The dish which prepares on slow fire and gets warm evenly, always more tasty!
If you face a counter with ceramic frying pans, pay attention that the thick frying pan never will cost not much! And usual stamping will be enough for you a maximum for 4-6 months – it is checked on examples of friends.
Let's look at a bottom relief. Ceramic frying pans happen rovnenky or to grooves. The second do heating of a frying pan even more evenly, therefore more preferably.
In durability of a frying pan the method of drawing a ceramic covering has a big role. The most reliable – a method of a dusting at which the layer of ceramics is applied on already finished product. Look narrowly, whether is not present on a covering of strokes or "potek"? If a covering equal, without visible flaws, buy!
Ask the seller, what guarantee on the product chosen by you is provided by the producer. On qualitative ware of the Italian or Belgian producers give three - or a five-year guarantee. If the producer does not assume any guarantee certificates, it is hardly worth overpaying for the declared advantages. At a choice of a ceramic frying pan it is very important not to save, but also to pay much for nobody the known brand too does not follow!

History of my purchase

Как выбрать керамическую сковороду After teflon was recognized officially as unhealthy material (let and with a mark "at incorrect operation"), I was solved on purchase of the ceramic assistant. In my kitchen there "lives" the cauldron with a ceramic covering of times of stagnation and I very much am happy with it. Does not stick, does not burn, however, the very heavy simply washes … Here also chose to herself a frying pan (diameter of 24 cm) with a thick bottom, without relief on a surface, with a cover and the convenient handle. Nearly eight months the frying pan served me faithfully. On it fried eggs (absolutely without oil addition were daily fried!) fine potato with "effect" turned out baked, vegetable stews prepared. The frying pan really easily washed, the bottom only "was quickly pitched" (not ceramic, but external). And once I decided to wash a frying pan in the dishwasher. Studied the instruction – any ban. After such washing to a frying pan the beginning all to stick, and approximately in a month it had to be thrown out. Now I bought a ceramic frying pan with a relief bottom, is happy, I protect it. I consider that for those who wants to eat properly – the best decision!

Taboo when using of a ceramic frying pan

Как выбрать керамическую сковороду The ceramic frying pan demands delicate leaving and the correct use. recommends never:
  • not to wash a frying pan in the dishwasher (too aggressive washing substances can damage a covering);
  • always to watch that fire did not go beyond a thick bottom of a frying pan (average and slow fire allows to prepare evenly a dish);
  • to use wooden or special silicone shovels (producers say that it is almost impossible to scratch ceramics, but, as they say, God helps those who help themselves);
  • not to drop a frying pan – from strong blows on a covering there can be microcracks which will lead to damage of a product;
  • CATEGORICALLY it is impossible to arrange sharp thermal differences. If you put a hot frying pan under a stream of cold water, at once there will be microcracks. The same will occur if to break cold egg into strongly heated surface (eggs break into warm, slightly heated-up frying pan);
  • it is possible to wash a ceramic covering with warm water and a soft bast. At insignificant pollution it is enough to wipe slightly a paper napkin.
    For those who got a ceramic frying pan, I want to tell not the cunning recipe of the smart baked potatoes. Slice potatoes large (slightly more thickly, than for French fries). On a cold frying pan lay out potatoes, salt, pepper, flavor with spices to potatoes. Cover and fry, slightly shaking, minutes 15-20 on average fire. Potatoes will turn out ruddy outside and fragrant, as baked, inside. Bon appetit!
Really, the qualitative ceramic frying pan serves long, allows to cook tasty and healthy food without addition of fats. The covering consists of nontoxical, eco-friendly material – silicon therefore you should not worry about the carcinogens getting when cooking to food (as in a case with teflon frying pans). wishes you successful culinary experiments!
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