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How to meet year of the Goat 2015

As if birds fly days, weeks, months … The same rates December will fly soon, and there and the holiday shrouded in magic. It would seem, quite recently we met year of the Horse. And the Horse will hand over the reins to other character of the Chinese calendar already soon. How it is better to be prepared for grand welcome of New year 2015? On what to pay special attention?

About a symbol of the future year

The Chinese calendar shows that the wooden Goat (according to other version – the Sheep) will be the hostess of the coming nearer 2015. But she is fated to enter the legitimate rights only since February 19, 2015. Color for it is defined same, as well as at the predecessor – blue (or blue). According to other version – color emerald. All this in the spirit of a pacification, contemplation, harmony of the nature.

That to expect from a year of the Goat 2015?

Most likely, year will be rather quiet and peaceful, after all Koz does not support all hunting and wars. It is quite possible to agree with it therefore all peace agreements are only welcomed. But absolutely it is impossible to relax, after all also surprises are possible. After all Nanny-goats (and according to other east calendars – Lambs) though are considered as animals kind, quiet, humble, gentle but if something is not pleasant to them, they can quite kick up, without thinking of consequences at all … Animals these patient, but also their patience has a limit. And if there are on that good reasons, grown bolder Koz (or the Sheep) can show horns and is dashing hook. There are obstinacy notes at character of this animal therefore there is a probability of the conflicts even if it seems that the reasons seen on that are absent. Astrologers say that only the tranquillity, restraint and regularity can help with achievement of the planned purposes. If chose a footpath, carefully go on it, safely bypassing barriers. Fruitful work will be by all means rewarded. And if you very much dream of the reliable partner in life, such desired fatal gift can present Koz. Everything will develop, the main thing – to work and not to be lazy. After all all know, what even water does not flow under a lying stone … In a year of the Goat usually there are great opening. Many people next year will change the belief and views, opinions. Changes will concern policy, economy, fashion. And still Koz cruelly punishes deceivers as does not suffer treachery and lie. It is worth protecting the health, to be optimists, in everything to look for a positive, then year will develop successfully and will be cheerful.

In what to celebrate a holiday?

Thinking of a dress for a New Year's Eve, it is necessary to know that Koz on temper will have blue, blue, turquoise, lime, intensively green, gently lilac, lilac, and also beige, brown, gray, white, black. Fabric for a dress or a suit is more preferable to choose natural – cashmere, thin wool, a velvet, suede. Women can be engaged in a hairdress where very opportunely there will be kudryashechka, zavitushechka, accurate ringlets. Owners of long hair will draw to themselves attention with beautiful hairpins from a tree. Men will look good in brown or black suits of strict breed, blue or green shirts. Negligence in clothes, footwear, accessories should not be! Therefore carefully we iron everything for a holiday, we clean footwear, we select not striking tie.

Here what recommendations are made by astrologers concerning New Year's dresses to representatives of different zodiac signs:

Arieses love red color, but it not on temper to Goats therefore first of all pay attention to shades turquoise or yellow. For one evening it is desirable for female Arieses to remove ear rings, so you will show Koz a sign that reconcile and want to be on friendly terms with it.

Tauruses always in harmony with the Nanny-goat therefore they even are allowed to pick up a motley dress for a holiday to decorate the fingers with rings with green (an emerald, chrysolite) or blue (topaz, sapphire, turquoise) stones.

Twins always suffer – that as it to choose? This time women of this sign let will forget about trousers, only a beautiful dress or a suit with a skirt. It is possible to pick up a dress with prevalence of two flowers, by all means has to be one blue.

Crayfish can choose a dress on the taste, but by all means in every possible way to abstain from alcohol.

Lions should moderate the royalty, to dress lime or other shades of the green.

For Maidens special recommendations are not present, be more modest, be not overzealous with a decollete!

Scales are recommended to stay on New Year's Eve in a carnival costume, women can appear during the holiday in an elegant dress to a floor, and to men instead of a tie to add the suit with "butterfly".

Scorpions will well look in a dress of quiet tones. Massive jewelry is important for them, it touches also hair.

For Sagittariuses it is good blue and shades of the blue. Make a make-up as it is possible more naturally.

Capricorns will be able to emphasize the charm, having put on a strict, smooth dress, without any vychurnost and excesses.

Light tone are recommended to Aquarius, they can flash refinement of a make-up and hairdress.

If Fishes choose for themselves a green dress, in 2015 will be very successful. Jewelry is resolved, but they have to fit into your image very harmoniously.

Ideas for New Year's gifts

Not to run in the last fussing days of the expiring year on shops where there will be many buyers, too comers behind gifts, everything is better to get conceived in advance. Mirsovetov offers in a quiet situation in one of evenings to think and record a gift in a notebook to whom you want to give a surprise, considering interests of donees, the financial opportunities and a symbol of the expected year. It is not obligatory at all that the gift was expensive. The main thing, let it will be presented with all the heart, brings benefit, joy. Here some options which can suggest to you valuable ideas:

  1. Warm gifts from sheep (or goat) wool – mittens, socks, gloves, scarfs, sweaters, vests. It is possible to get blankets with a filler from sheep wool. To grandmothers on temper there will be openwork shawls, warm plaids.
  2. Original wooden costume jewelry (after all the tree will be elements of the Goat). It is possible to look for a pendent with this animal, an attractive hairpin, a beads, bracelets, beads.
  3. Wooden products which will decorate and will add an interior – wattled vases, baskets, sets for storage of spices, supports for hot dishes, carved shkatulochka or bread boxes.
  4. Beloveds can be indulged with the jewelry having such stones as aquamarine, onyx (being a sign symbol of the Goat).
  5. The smile will be raised by nice plush toys, especially Nanny-goats.

Good sign if on a packing material the symbol of year is noted" by the image.

We decorate the house

Year of the Goat 2015 is better to meet houses with relatives and the most close friends, after all animal this house, shy, reserved. The modest symbol of year is imposed by a cosiness, warm-heartedness. So without any excesses, loud salutes. It is better to leave expensive restaurants, noisy discos and clubs for other days. The goat is artistic if you think up elements of originality and eccentricity, it will be pleasant to it. She loves the nature therefore it is possible to go to the village, on giving or a camp site. Shortly before festive date do clear-out, after all goats – animals accurate and clean. From all unnecessary, broken, the unemployed who is becoming dusty idle in a case it is better to get rid to release a place for new and useful. When everything is washed, washed up, shines, shines, it is possible to start decoration of the dwelling. The fir-tree – fluffy and odorous (or composition from branches) and rooms can be decorated blue, blue, green New Year's toys, tinsel, garlands. Take care of that in the house by all means there was a lovely, amusing toy or a figure of a symbol of 2015. It will be pertinent under a fir-tree or even on a holiday table – such gesture you invite to Koz to the house, express it gratitude and friendliness. Over a door it is recommended to hang up hand bells – let attract health, good luck, wellbeing to your house.

Holiday table

As 2015 will pass under the sign of blue (green) Goat, it is desirable that a cloth, the ware and other elements contained such colors. Wooden products – saltcellars, pepperboxes, supports will be very relevant to hot dishes, napkin holders, wattled vases or small baskets with bright fruit and sweets on a table.

Those who strictly follows east calendar, understand that nanny-goats – vegetarians therefore they will try not to put on a table of a dish with meat components. But most of people will plan nevertheless such entertainments that will be to the taste to the family. But what to put on a table "to cajole" the Nanny-goat that she was favorable next year to your family? Here some ideas:

  1. Try to use as much as possible dairy products when prepare dishes. For example, it is possible to bake cottage cheese cake, cookies, pie with amazingly gentle cottage cheese stuffing, cheese cakes. Children will like milkshake, a pie with whipped cream or interlaid with cream with boiled condensed milk, a souffle, jelly, milk will be one of which ingredients.
  2. Stock up with cheeses of different grades.
  3. Various salads which part will be cabbage, greens, carrots, apples, pears. Season them whenever possible with sour cream.
  4. By means of the bread machine it is possible to bake home-made bread, then aroma from it will extend on all apartment.
  5. It is possible to bake big tasty apple pie or as a stuffing to put cabbage or boiled chicken fillet.
  6. Fish, squids dishes, pancakes or caviar sandwiches, juicy sea cabbage will help out this time.
  7. Ice cream will become an excellent dessert.
  8. Freshly squeezed juice – orange, grapefruit, apple or bright fruit drinks – cranberry, cowberry.
  9. It is better to replace a hard liquor with sparkling champagne and a refined light wine.

In advance stock up with gifts, preparations of interesting congratulations and toasts. The warm, easy atmosphere, a positive spirit, smiles on faces – all this will promote that 2015 of a blue Goat for your family was successful.

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