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Dizziness reasons

"Again the head is turned", - we often say, our relatives and children, even without trying to find out the events reasons. Simply we establish the fact, without reflecting that usual dizziness can be one of symptoms of heavy neurologic frustration. Though the head can begin to spin and from more pleasant things: flow of emotions, surprise and it is simple from joyful news.

To find out what exactly leads to dizziness, it is necessary to give definition to this physical state. So, being guided by information from numerous medical reference books, it is possible to claim that true dizziness is a state at which is created visual illusion of that the subjects surrounding us quickly move around. There is also a dizziness false. This state is observed most often at people hypochondriac (advanced age and as it is strange, at men). At such dizziness the head it is simply intolerable hurts, but illusion of movement of subjects around is not present.

So, we will try to allocate the main reasons for dizziness, leaning on its different types.

Constant dizziness

It can be observed at a number of diseases:

  • at a disease of a middle ear (along with noise in ears and vomiting);
  • at a disease of cervical department of a backbone (there is a disorientation, a poshatyvaniye, the aching pain in a neck);
  • before strong vomiting or before a migraine attack;
  • at malnutrition, starvation, at a strict diet that, by all means, leads to easing of immunity and a lack of glucose of blood;
  • at concussion or, a so-called, "hlystovy" trauma if there was an injury of the head or backbone (is followed by nausea, vomiting, a fever).

To get rid of such type of dizziness, Mirsovetov recommends strongly to you:

  • to treat chronic diseases which symptom is dizziness;
  • to do swimming to remove stress on a backbone and to strengthen its cervical department;
  • to thicket to spend time in the fresh air as option for working, - to come back home from work on foot, or if it is impossible, it is simple to walk under any weather conditions before going to bed;
  • adequate physical activities, physiotherapy exercises, massage will help;
  • correctly and in time to eat, watch that at a diet there were products, vitamin-rich In, With, E, iron;
  • recommends to get a tonometer independently to control the arterial pressure. After all often, to avoid dizziness, it is rather simple to drink strong tea or coffee, to accept medicines for normalization of pressure, it is simple to lie down.

Slight dizziness

It is possible to carry to its reasons:

  • different viral infections (flu, parotitis, quinsy and banal SARS);
  • migraine attacks which repeat quite often (thus there are a photophobia and intolerance of sharp sounds);
  • violation of work of vessels of a brain at which the person falls into the state called by "floating reality" when subjects blur or fork. If vessels sharply extend, arterial pressure promptly decreases, and TsNS is badly supplied with blood, provoking slight dizziness;
  • blood can badly arrive to a site of the brain controlling balance (it it is easy to be influenced if sharply to rise or, on the contrary, sharply to bend down);
  • also slight dizziness happens at head injuries (not only at concussion, and it is simple at the banal cone);
  • perhaps at an episindroma or Menyer's illness (is followed by dizziness attacks, it is frequent with the accruing noise or intolerable whistle in ears);
  • quite often reception of medicines is the reason (Suprastin from an allergy, the emergency cold remedies, for example, all known to Terafl or Koldreks). once again pays your attention that medicines have to be appointed by the doctor, and instructions to them have to be by all means read;
  • the dizziness arising at turn of the head can testify to osteochondrosis of cervical departments of a backbone (perhaps that it only starts developing therefore it is necessary to be accepted urgently to treatment, having consulted with the doctor).

To forget about such dizziness, recommends to you:

  • in due time to reveal the main diseases which symptom is dizziness, and to treat them;
  • not to do sharp movements;
  • not to accept medicines which were not appointed to you by the doctor, not to self-medicate;
  • to strengthen the vestibular mechanism continuous trainings.

Benign paroksizmalny position dizziness

Often carry benign paroksizmalny position dizziness, that is the safe sudden dizziness arising at turn of the head to the reasons of true dizziness. For it such symptoms, as are characteristic:

  • strong dizziness at a head zaprokidyvaniye, an inclination or a usual turning from a side sideways;
  • one attack or a series of attacks, the sudden termination of an attack for some time;
  • also nausea, vomiting is possible;
  • sudden weakness and fever, so-called "goosebumps on a body";
  • emergence before the closed eyes of huge bright spots or small front sights is possible.

This type of dizziness is not dangerous, easily recovers at daily performance of simple exercises which are selected for the patient by the neuropathologist.

Often people test false or imaginary dizziness to which reasons it is possible to carry:

  • manifestation of vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • mental disorders or panic attacks;
  • stressful situations;
  • stay in limited space, sometimes even claustrophobia;
  • dizziness and asthma at a big congestion of people.

At such dizziness quite often there are symptoms, characteristic for a number of serious illnesses:

  • hand or feet pains;
  • painful, sudden tension of muscles;
  • fog in the head;
  • stomach pain, abdominal cavity;
  • pain in heart;
  • irritation in a throat, shortage of air, the barking cough, asthma;
  • disturbing dream or, in general, chronic sleeplessness;
  • constant, passing in maniacal, fear, concern on something, the depression which is followed by irritability or uneasiness is frequent.

To overcome such dizziness, offers only:

  • to drink demulcents, grass collecting (mint, a melissa, a valerian root);
  • to have a rest and properly to sleep;
  • if it is possible, to clean irritants because of which there is an imaginary dizziness from the life (to change a job, the boss, the girlfriend, in the end of the ends);
  • to thicket to spend free time outdoors;
  • to look for small pleasures in all that surrounds you (a rainbow, a bright butterfly, a cup of fragrant coffee latte with an amusing muzzle from a skin);
  • indulge yourself more often, do not remove the requirements in a far corner;
  • find for yourself a hobby which will carry away you for a long time (beadwork, knitting or writing of small rasskazik);
  • as a last resort, if attacks of dizziness repeat, find the good psychologist who will listen and will dispel all your fears and doubts.

Additional reasons

Brain tumor.

The most terrible and frightening reason of the strong, progressing dizziness is the brain tumor most often located near an internal ear. At a tumor, dizziness, and also noise in ears, loss or deterioration of hearing, nausea and paralysis of face muscles, are characteristic only for people of young age and children. At such dizziness it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor and to make the tomogram of a brain.


"Interesting" position of the woman can often be the cause of dizzinesses. At pregnancy, especially on early or late terms, women suffer from the strongest dizziness adjoining on an unconscious state. Most often these attacks are connected with a lack of glucose of blood or sharp decrease in its volume, and also hypotonia. To overcome this reason, do not hesitate to carry with yourself a small bottle of boiled water with the sugar dissolved in it. reminds you that your health and health of future kid in your hands!

Alcoholic poisoning or drugs, medicines.

At this look dizziness there are also a sight violation, weakness, visual or acoustical hallucinations, change of consciousness.

Food poisoning, intoxication during the work on harmful production.

It is diagnosed if along with dizziness, the accruing headache, weight in a nape, the vomiting, nausea cutting a stomach pain, frustration of a chair is felt.


One more dangerous reason of dizziness which can lead at not rendering medical assistance to a lethal outcome. It is necessary to pay attention that at the patient the state sharply worsens, there is a perspiration, coordination of movements is broken, hands and feet grow dumb.

Reasons of dizziness of physiological character

Carry to them:

  • very pleasant or very unpleasant feelings;
  • stressful situations (performance with the report before a packed house of people, protection of the thesis, simply a situation when the pupil who did not learn a lesson cause to answer). It is connected with sharp emission of adrenaline;
  • when driving on a roundabout or a roller coaster, a driving on the car with unusually high speed (the brain does not manage to be reconstructed on the real picture with that to which he got used).

Thus, there is a lot of reasons of dizziness, but, having eliminated them, it is easy to get rid of this unpleasant feeling forever.

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