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Than and as it is correct to feed a cat

Having brought to the house a soft fluffy being from family cat's, all of us reflect how to make so that this lovely creature lived together with us long, rich and full-fledged life. Achievement of this purpose depends on many factors, and among them one of the major is correctly organized power supply system of your cat.
Having brought to the house a soft fluffy being from family cat's, all of us reflect how to make so that this lovely creature lived together with us long, rich and full-fledged life. Achievement of this purpose depends on many factors, and among them one of the major is correctly organized power supply system of your cat.

Why it is impossible to give to a cat that food which is eaten by you?

Прежде всего, стоит раз и навсегда запомнить одну вещь, навязываемую нам рекламой, но от этого не становящуюся менее важной: кормить кошку едой со своего стола категорически запрещено First of all, it is worth remembering once and for all one thing imposed to us by advertizing, but from it not becoming less important: it is categorically forbidden to feed a cat with food from the table! It is impossible for cats the most part from this, as it is not especially useful for people, and animals and the more so:
  • the fried
  • the salty
  • the marinated
  • the sweet
  • the baked
  • spices
If the cat constantly eats food from your table, it can have problems with a liver, kidneys, a stomach and intestines. It is treated very long and demands big material investments, not to mention that treatment process very travmatichen for mentality of both animal, and his owner.

Professional forages and natural food

Ни ветеринары, ни заводчики кошек пока не пришли к однозначному мнению, что лучше, поэтому решение принимать придется вам самим, исходя из времени, которым вы располагаете, и тех денежных средств, которые готовы потратить на кормление кошки What to prefer for food of your favourite – ready forages or natural food? Neither veterinarians, nor factory owners of cats did not come to unambiguous opinion that it is better yet therefore you should accept the decision, proceeding from time which you have, and that funds which are ready to spend for feeding of a cat.
If time has not enough, the best option – good ready-made feeds in which everything is picked up for ensuring full feeding.
If you want to present to the pet pleasure from various food – feed with natural food, but remember that drawing up the menu for a cat demands careful observance of balance, and not always feeding by natural food will be cheaper than a good industrial forage. does not recommend to mix ready-made feeds and natural food as it conducts to a strong imbalance of nutrients, postupayemy in an organism of a cat.
    In the period of an illness the best food for a cat is the crushed chicken breast mixed with rice broth.

How to choose ready-made feeds?

Кошачий корм Whiskas Any owner of a cat should remember – the good forage will never cost less than 200 rubles for kilogram. In the market it is possible to allocate some big classes of forages:
Economy class (Kitekat, Darling, Whiskas, Katinka, Friskies, etc.). Stand up from 50 to 100 rubles for kilogram, are actively advertized, abound with numerous additives for taste strengthening, dyes, etc. Are made generally of an offal – interiors, bones, skin, feathers. As a rule, differ only with taste – fish, beef, chicken, etc. You receive a product of the corresponding quality for very small money. Cases when the cats who are constantly sitting on economy class sterns had to be treated for an urolithic illness are frequent. Besides, because of flavoring additives (most often cat's mint, analog of a valerian) cats become "addicts", recognizing only cheap forages and any more because of what transition to healthy food demands very big efforts.
Корм Perfect FitMiddle class (Perfect Fit, Cat Chow, etc.). Stand up from 100 to 200 rubles for kilogram, are advertized seldom, flavoring additives if are, in rather small amounts. Differ not only tastes, but also appointment – usual, for prevention of an urolithic illness, for a wool vygonka. However, inside you will find the same offal, but already more high quality. It is possible to give such forages, but it is better not to abuse them – to give not for long and only if the alternative is not present so far.
Premium and super - a premium class (Hill's, Pro Plan, Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Nutro Choice, etc.). Stand from 200 and above rubles for kilogram, are practically not advertized, do not contain flavoring additives and dyes. Are made from meat and grain (for example, rice). It is possible to feed with them constantly, they contain everything that is necessary for a cat.
As lines of this type of forages differ in a big variety, that is opportunity to pick up a forage, both for an ordinary healthy cat, and for eunuchs, for the inactive and living in apartments cats, for long-haired, for cats with a sensitive stomach, etc. There are lines of medical forages – at an urolithic illness, after operations. The medical forage is appointed only by the veterinarian.
Корм для кошек Royal Canin As in sterns of a premium class there are no flavoring additives, your cat can quite refuse it, especially if ate a forage of economy class or natural food earlier. It is best of all to take at first "on test" a small amount of a new forage and to allow a cat it "to test". Also advises to watch a condition of a cat – vomiting, a diarrhea, a skin itch testify that this forage does not suit it (such can happen even to lines of highly professional ready-made feeds), and it should be replaced.
    It is best of all to feed a healthy cat 2-3 times a day. The patient – it is frequent also in the small portions.
Dry or tinned feed? The dry feed suits animals who have no problems with health and drink enough water (three times more, than it was eaten a dry feed). The tinned forage suits practically all – but remember that it is not necessary to buy canned food in rumpled bank, and the opened jar should not be stored in the refrigerator more than days.
Give a forage of room temperature. Always check an expiration date – both on a dry feed, and on canned food. Do not buy dry feeds on weight – if the package with a forage long costs opened, it loses many properties. If you feed a cat with a dry feed, take care of that she always had access to water.

How to balance natural food?

Meat has to become a basis of food of a cat. But as meat contains a large amount of proteins which are acquired almost completely, for providing a good chair it is necessary to give grain and fermented milk products. Here the list of the recommended natural food for a cat:
Для оптимального баланса натуральной пищи для кошки в ней должно быть не менее 2/3 белковMeat – beef, a bird, an offal (hearts, stomachs, chicken necks). It is possible to feed with crude meat, only at first it should be scalded boiled water – in order to avoid infection with helminths. It is better not to give fat meat. Bones – especially as pieces of bones can injure a food path of a cat or cork it – then to an animal not to avoid surgery. Skin from a bird should be separated – it is not digested a cat's organism. Meat is cut by pieces about two by two centimeters. Remember that it is impossible to give to a cat a liver.
Fish. Contrary to opinion of many, fish is not the best food for a cat. It is possible sometimes to allow to the favourite "to regale" on a crude small fish, but to use for this purpose follows exclusively low-fat grades – a haddock, a cod, a pollack. Surely separate all bones and skin.
Grain – buckwheat and rice. To cook long and in a large amount of water. That the cat ate grain, mix it with meat in a proportion 2/3 meat, 1/3 grain.
Fermented milk products. Without fail advises daily to give to a cat fermented milk products. Cats adore cottage cheese (it is possible to give fat-free or 9% of fat content), kefir (1-1,5% of fat content, are desirable not really fresh as can have diarrhea a cat), yogurt (without fruit and other additives). It is very seldom allowed to give low-fat sour cream (10% of fat content) and fermented baked milk. Milk categorically is impossible for cats.
Vegetables. It is possible to give carrots, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, cabbage, a green salad – all crude. It is impossible – potatoes, sweet vegetables and fruit.
Vitamin supplements. That the cat received all vitamins, minerals and taurine necessary to it (it is not developed by a cat's organism, however it is vital for sight maintenance as it should be), give it vitamin top dressing. It is also possible to put houses a special grass for cats – it provides additional receipt in an organism of vitamins of group B and helps to otrygivat incidentally swallowed wool.
    For optimum balance of natural food in it there have to be not less than 2/3 proteins.


Некоторые кошки не признают чистой воды и все время норовят пить ее из-под крана Near a bowl with food surely there has to be a water. It is best of all to give water filtered, but some cats do not recognize clear water and all the time strive to drink it from under the crane or in general from a basin for washing of floors. Let's a cat drink dirty water. If she recognizes only big capacities (such cats not so a little), pour her clear water in a pan or a basin. Cats who eat a dry feed, usually drink a lot of water, cats on natural food and tinned sterns can not drink at all. Surely watch liquid consumption – if the cat began to drink more or ceased to drink in general, it is necessary to show it to the doctor as problems with drink can be the first signal that the cat got sick.
    How to define build of a cat?
    Feel edges of a cat. If they stick out – a cat too thin if they are not probed – that she has an obesity, and you should put her into a diet. In norm of an edge have to be covered with a thin grease layer.
If you follow all above-mentioned rules, will very strongly increase chances of the pet to have excellent health and to live long. Only remember that each cat is individual, and that suits one, can be contraindicated another. Watch appearance, behavior and a chair of a cat and if something guards you, it is better to replace type of food or sterns. Do not allow an overeating and obesity.
Health to your favourite!
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