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Cats: castration and sterilization

Any who gets to himself a cat or a cat, faces a reproduction problem sooner or later. Why with a problem? Because often process cat's techek pours out in tags, shouts, a tear on part of furniture and all improvised subjects, and for owners of female individuals then a main goal for the next months there is a pristroystvo of kittens.
Any who gets to himself a cat or a cat, faces a reproduction problem sooner or later. Why with a problem? Because often process cat's techek pours out in tags, shouts, a tear on part of furniture and all improvised subjects, and for owners of female individuals then a main goal for the next months there is a pristroystvo of kittens. If your animal has no family tree and is not intended for breeding cultivation, sooner or later always there will be an edge a question: whether it is worth depriving an animal of reproductive function to relieve both itself, and it of tortures?

All "delights" of a techka

Часто первая течка возникает внезапно и является сюрпризом для владельца кота или кошки – животное может начать просить особь противоположного пола в самом раннем возрасте – 8-9 месяцев Often the first techka arises suddenly and is a surprise for the owner of a cat or a cat – the animal can start asking an individual of an opposite sex at the earliest age – 8-9 months. In a situation with cats even if you want to have from it kittens, the decision will be unambiguous – it is impossible to give birth so far. Too young cat can not inform kittens or give birth to defective cubs. Early childbirth can negatively affect on its health.
How to distinguish the come pet polovozrelost? In a situation with a cat everything is quite simple – he starts marking. To mark everywhere, despite of a ban, shouts and slaps a wet rag. Of course, it is possible to try to bring up a cat by special techniques, but then always there is an option that it will cease to mark houses, but will start being torn to the street. In a case with a domestic cat it is easy to imagine that will be, escape a cat out of apartment limits (and they become very cunning and inventive when of their reason "hotelka" take control) – to examine sad statistics of the cars which were lost under wheels and the cats who are broken off by dogs enough. And even if at a cat it will turn out to survive – not the fact that he will be able to come back home. Besides, ungelded animals are often very aggressive, especially in the conditions of impossibility of satisfaction of "passion" therefore owners should go with the bitten hands and feet.
The cat can behave more culturally – only to sing "love anthems" and to ride on a floor. However, attempts to call for itself cats can repeat at any time, and even closing of a cat not always helps with other room (it is audible even from there). They can and mark – many prefer the owner's bed, a favourite sofa, clothes for these purposes. And tags usually have such smell that not each wonderful means is capable to cope with it.
    Council from to get rid of a smell of the tag left on upholstered furniture by a cat or a cat properly spill this place vodka or vinegar.

Why empty techka are harmful?

Пустая, то есть не закончившаяся оплодотворением течка – это большая нагрузка на кошачий организм, рано или поздно провоцирующая большой разлад в здоровье вашей любимицы The decision on castration (in a case with a cat) or sterilizations (in a case with a cat) comes to the owner far not at once and therefore they can long time or it is simple to suffer inconveniences, or to give to a cat special hormonal tablets, the killing techka symptoms. Both that, and another is harmful, especially if it is about a female animal.
The empty, that is not ended with fertilization techka is the big load of a cat's organism sooner or later provoking big dissonance in health of your favourite. Cases when at first the cat asks a cat 2-3 times a year are frequent, then starts asking monthly and nearly all the year round. It is simple to imagine, in what life of the owners compelled to listen constantly to shouts of a poor animal will turn and for mentality of the cat it will be not really useful.
    Council from if you noticed that the cat began to ask a cat much more often than earlier if the techka lasts more than a week if the cat grew thin, eats less and drinks is a symptom of violations in reproductive system of an animal. Urgently show a cat to the doctor.
If you give to a cat of a tablet, the cleaning techka symptoms – warns that it is a right way to oncological diseases in old age. Any hormonal intervention not only in cat's, but also in a human organism involves the whole chain of side effects and complications. As a last resort (for example if all of you have an animal from a family tree and want to get kittens after a while, but not now) veterinarians advise to give a hormonal injection which will provide you and your cat with quiet life approximately for half a year. Such injection will is able to be given in any veterinary clinic. But remember that you should not abuse this means.

How to help itself to make the decision?

Что произойдет с котом после операции – станет ли он толстым ленивцем или, наоборот, у него начнется второе детство с повышенной игровой активностью – целиком и полностью зависит от хозяев It is not so easy to decide to put the favourite on the operating table. Any operation is a risk, and first of all is a risk of that the animal will not transfer an anesthesia. Also there is a danger to bring an infection or it is simple to get on the unskilled veterinarian. Many are afraid that after operation the cat or a cat will strongly grow fat, will become "lazy valenoks", or they will develop an urolithic illness which arises at the sterilized animals much more often.
Yes, the behavior of an animal after castration strongly changes – but it changes just for the better. Aggression, nervousness leaves, the favourite becomes quieter. Quite often castration is offered for correction of behavior – even if the cat does not mark and does not shout. And that will happen to a cat further – whether there will be he a fat idler or, on the contrary, at it "the second childhood" with the increased game activity will begin – entirely depends on owners. Best of all after operation to pass to a special forage for the castrated/sterilized animals – it has the lowered nutrition value and helps to prevent obesity and an urolithic illness.
Anyway, to estimate all pluses and minuses it is necessary only to the owner. advises before to subject a cat of operation, to be convinced that it is healthy. Make blood tests and urine, whenever possible – ultrasonography to check work of a liver, kidneys and heart. It you will be able to reduce possible risks.
Optimum age for castration/sterilization – from 9 months to one year, to the first techki / tags. And even further operation is possible – there are cases of the successful sterilizations made to cats in 11-15 years. Remember that the earlier you will perform operation, the it is less than chances that your favourite will appear on the operating table already in other occasion – for example, because of an oncological disease or an inflammation that very often happens to not sterilized cats, and at already quite respectable age. Such operations are undergone much worse, and risk of complications at them – above.

How to choose the doctor and where to operate?

Стерилизация кошки, кастрация кота You should not trust advertizing. It is best of all to take an interest at familiar with similar problems – as a rule, will surely recommend you the good expert. Remember that qualification of the veterinarian not always depends on existence of European-quality repair in clinic.
Besides, now many doctors suggest to perform operation at home. This option will suit at whom the animal badly transfers the road or if the chosen clinic is very far from your house. Also when carrying out operation at home you will reduce risk to catch any infection in clinic. Though has to tell, as there are nuances – at emergence of complications the necessary equipment for reanimation (however if clinic small, and in its limits you hardly find it) will not appear row, and still you, most likely, should assist the doctor – for example, to hold the fallen asleep animal by pads. If you have a weak nervous system, you can quite not sustain a type of band operation therefore in advance discuss this question with the doctor. If it is really needs the assistant from members of household, ask to be at home someone who will be able to help with it at the time of operation.
    Council from at thematic forums on the Internet it is possible to read a set of comments on doctors and clinics.

Types of operations

Кастрация кота To cats or tie up seed kanatik, or completely delete small eggs. Operation rather simple, becomes very quickly.
With cats it is more difficult – they have a full band surgery – either ovaries, or all bodies of reproduction together with a uterus are removed. If the cat is young, healthy and never gave birth, will be to remove only ovaries if is not present quite enough, then it is best of all to remove also a uterus to reduce risk of emergence in it in the future of cancer and purulent diseases.
Usually do to cats a small section or in a middle part of a stomach (so-called "operation on the white line"), or on one side – in this case the doctor hooks tightens to himself ovaries and a uterus and after that deletes them. Now many clinics offer operation on a lateral section, motivating it with that postoperative leaving is minimum, and the cat is quickly restored to full-fledged life. However the qualified doctors nevertheless do not recommend a similar type of surgery as it is considered more travmatichny for an internal and demands very big skill of the surgeon. Generally now operations with a lateral section do to homeless cats for whom there is no opportunity to look after and process a seam.

Postoperative leaving

If you work, on the date of operation it is best of all to stay at home as the animal will need your attention within at least days after operation. Surely keep around disposable diapers or unnecessary rags as at an exit from an anesthesia the cat or a cat can be described, can also stoshnit it. Cats can leave an anesthesia from several minutes to one days but if the animal too long does not recover, it is best of all to call the operating his veterinarian or at once in clinic to receive further instructions.
День операции лучше всего провести полностью со своим питомцем, так как животному потребуется ваше внимание в течение как минимум суток после операции How to a cat the consciousness comes back, your favourite, most likely, will be torn somewhere to go, try to jump to a high place. Let's it move too much and, especially, to jump. After an anesthesia cats often freeze therefore it is better to cover them a sheet or a blanket and to put a polutoralitrovy bottle with warm water nearby. Also well periodically to pound pads and ears to stimulate blood circulation.
    Council from eyes at animals under anesthetic are often open – that after arrival to themselves they did not suffer from dryness of eyes, periodically to "promargivayta" from their fingers or dig physical solution.
With cats after operation it is besides simpler – it is necessary to watch that it did not razlizat a seam which needs to be processed by those methods which will be recommended by the doctor (in each case council will be individual, as sutural material different everywhere). If necessary, if the cat after all persistently tries to lick "sore point", it is necessary to put on "an Elizabethan collar" which will not allow a cat to reach a seam it – it can be bought in veterinary shop.
The seam more will also hurt a cat it stronger therefore after operation she needs to carry a special body cloth. Often it is put on already in a vetklinik, but sometimes it is necessary or to buy a poponka (they are on sale in veterinary shops), or to do – for example, the good body cloth turns out from women's stockings in which holes for pads are cut.
Further postoperative leaving will be appointed by the veterinarian.

Deciding on operation on castration/sterilization of your favourite, carefully weigh all pros and cons, have a talk with those owners of cats who already passed through it (they can be found at specialized forums), listen to their stories – and only then make a final decision. In this case a familiar expression from Saint-Exupéry that "we in the answer for those who was tamed", is pertinent, more than ever.
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