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As castration of dogs is carried out

Castration call operation during which at dogs delete seed plants. After castration your dog will not be able to have posterity any more, besides he will become quieter and balanced.

Castration, as well as sterilization, always causes heated discussion as owners of dogs often are perplexed – to deprive why of "the man's dignity" of the pet. And arguments of supporters of operation that the dog in dog "party" will not feel defective without seed plants at all, do not inspire in them trust.

Why castration?

That is remarkable, opponents at castration (operation is carried out only to dogs) much more, than dissatisfied with sterilization a knot. People can humanize dogs therefore they give as arguments also the various moral and ethical conclusions. And, beginning from the quite responsible – "to a dog it is necessary for health" and finishing absolutely silly – "it will hesitate of other dogs".

Mirsovetov hurries to clear a situation: actually dogs do not feel any pleasure during knitting as them the most usual instinct of a reproduction directs. On the contrary, if the male individual cannot satisfy this instinct (alas, it is put by the nature and you will not argue with it), the dog starts suffering, be nervous, be angry. From here – eternal search and aggressive behavior, attempt to escape from the house or to sort out the relations with similar. As a result, life of a dog turns into a continuous stress. And to the owner quite in power to help the pet not to "bother" on reproduction any more, and to derive pleasure, living full-fledged life. Castration is a humane way to make the favourite quiet and joyful.

Positive moments of castration:

  1. At dogs the desire to look for the partner for a reproduction vanishes, so, he will not escape, will not please under the car and will not be wasted during walk if suddenly smells to a knot in a techka.
  2. Dogs will not mark the territory (and some dogs sin with it even at home – marking furniture and master's things).
  3. The dog will become quieter, he will cease to show aggression in relation to relatives.
  4. Dogs who are inclined to domination over family members, can absolutely get rid of this bad habit or attempt of domination will become very rare and easily corrected.
  5. Dogs will not do cages (to jump on a foot, toys, other dogs and to do obscene gestures).
  6. Thanks to castration, risk to ache with oncological diseases, prostatitis and other serious illnesses of reproductive organs, will decrease many times. Including you never learn (fortunately) that such venereal diseases of dogs which are transmitted sexually.

Especially experts advise to visit veterinary clinic regarding castration of those owners of dogs, which dogs:

  1. Are monarchs (omission of only one small egg) or kriptorkha (both small eggs are not lowered in a scrotum) as such individuals on achievement of 5-year age are inclined to malignant tumors of seed plants.
  2. Do not bear any breeding value for development and improvement of breed.
  3. Have no documents (family tree) to participate in exhibitions.
  4. Zamatereli also become uncontrollable on walk.
  5. Show aggression to children or other family members.
  6. Had infections of urinogenital system which passed into a chronic state.

You can also resort to castration if dream of the balanced and loyal friend, a devoted and tender pet.

Castration or sterilization?

Dogs can be castrated, and it is possible – to sterilize. Everything depends on what specifically you pursue the aims.

Difference these two operation that during castration seed plants are removed, and during sterilization – tie. Both in the first, and in the second cases the animal cannot have posterity, but at castration sexual instincts are at all suppressed, and at sterilization dogs can be fond of techny knots and even to do imitation of knitting. For this reason castration gained bigger distribution among dogs, than sterilization.

Castration minuses

The main minus of castration is that the behavior of your chetverony tease will not change. Yes, sometimes happens and so that castration does not help to bridle an aggressive prepotent dog. Then you will be helped by the skilled cynologist-trainer who will orient you how to correct behavior of a dog.

There is still such nuance – the dog will become quieter, measured and it will increase appetite, therefore, if owners feed strenuously a dog and to limit physical activities, is not excluded at all that shortly the pet will gain excess weight. It can be prevented if not to overfeed a dog and to lead active lifestyle.

It is undesirable to perform operation to dogs at early age (till 6 months precisely, but it is desirable to wait nevertheless till 10 months) as the dog will grow a little more small than the odnopometnik.

Castration can lead to change in an animal organism as there is a violation of balance between sexual man's and female hormones. The dog can become quieter and thus other dogs and boughs will perceive him as a puppy.

At what age castrate dogs

If dogs girls wish to meet representatives of an opposite sex only two times a year, dogs boys are ready to win the ladies' hearts though every day throughout all the life. For this reason abroad now practice early castration – on reaching puppies of 6-week age. But there is a big risk that such individuals will be more small than the colleagues. And if parameters are not important for mongrels, for a thoroughbred dog it nevertheless plays large role.

Modern veterinarians assure that castration can be carried out at any age, but many incline to thought that you should not perform operation before 10 months. In an ideal it is necessary to carry out castration aged from 1 till 2 years. At this time the dog is full of strength and his behavior will be easier to be corrected. And it will get rid of bad habits rather.

As there takes place castration of dogs

By means of castration at a dog sexual glands – small eggs are removed. Today it is the most humane method unlike chemical and various other ways.

In 12 hours prior to operation you should not feed a dog. To drink it is desirable for it not to give in 6 hours prior to operation. It is best of all if you perform operation before days off that there was time to pay attention to the pet.

Operation takes place under the general anesthesia. The doctor does a small section in a groin – through it small eggs are removed, then a seam sew up. It it is only a little stitch.

After operation the doctor appoints antibiotics and processing of a seam an anti-septic tank. And here in 10 days seams will need to be removed (if the doctor did not use special threads which resolve in an organism).

In general operation lasts 20-40 minutes and the knot is not so difficult, as sterilization.

Care of a dog after castration

Complications after castration practically do not happen. But if suddenly there were some strange allocations or the swelling does not fall down more than 2 days, immediately address to the veterinarian.

Do not allow some weeks to lie after castration to the pet on the cold. And here that the dog did not razlizat a seam, she needs to put on a plastic or cardboard collar a neck.

You will not even manage to look back as your four-footed pet will quickly depart and will present you a lot more fun and pleasures. It will be possible to come back to a training platform not earlier than in 20 days. And here it is desirable to start former physical activities not earlier than in a month.

Remember that your dog will change not at once as soon as departs from an anesthesia. On average, veterinarians and cynologists assure that the behavior will change for the next 6-12 months (at whom as).

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