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Prevention and treatment of caries

All of us know the scary word "caries" – it causes fear in children and a shiver at adults. Once skhodiv to the stomatologist, the person for the rest of life stocks up with negative memoirs. Today will try to tell readers that caries is not so terrible that it is possible to treat him even without drill, and the correct prevention can relieve you of "painful tortures".
Each of us at least once in life heard the scary word "caries" – it causes fear in children and a shiver at adults. The terrible drill, cold, to put it mildly, doctors, sharp pain do the part at night: once skhodiv to the stomatologist, the person for the rest of life stocks up with negative memoirs. Today will try to tell readers that caries is not so terrible that it is possible to treat him even without drill, and the correct prevention can relieve you of "painful tortures".

What is caries

Зуб, пораженный кариесом So, caries is a pathological process which leads to demineralization of tooth enamel, and after – to formation of a carious cavity. If to speak simple, not medical language, caries is the disease of tooth which is quite often followed by sensitivity and even pain.
Caries – for certain, the most widespread disease in the world, from it 97% of people of our planet suffer. And therefore you need to undertake prevention measures constantly. Strangely enough, men suffer from caries slightly less often, than women. This results from the fact that among men desperate sweet teeth, and women meet less often besides "lose teeth" during pregnancy.
What scheme of emergence of caries?! You noticed a raid on teeth? It is felt if to carry out on a tooth alignment language. That's it this raid – the favorable environment for reproduction and active "activity" of microorganisms. The last, in turn, are tightly pasted to tooth (forming "plaque") and slowly but surely develop special acid which destroys solid tissue of tooth.

Reasons of emergence of caries

Профилактика и лечение кариеса Bad hygiene of a mouth. It is the main reason for emergence of caries. If you do not care of the teeth every day, create the favorable environment (a raid on teeth, gums and language) for emergence and aggravation of caries.
The weakened immunity and avitaminosis. Yes, they weaken resistance of an organism to this disease.
Deficiency of fluorine, calcium, mineral salts, proteins and at the same time surplus of carbohydrate food and sweets, lead to remineralization of tooth enamel.
Structure of a saliva. The saliva is responsible for saturation of teeth minerals and protection them from "sticking" of bacteria. After diseases or stresses the players of a saliva are changed, therefore, and teeth become defenseless.
    Know that at night development of a saliva skrashchatsya several times. And if not to brush teeth for the night, in only 6 hours of a dream microorganisms will make the "dirty business" – form "plaque" that is the first symptom of caries on tooth.
Hereditary factor and ecology. Many think that if the father with mother has bad teeth, and at the child as do not twist, will be same. I even heard such opinion from one stomatologist. Yes, you will not argue with heredity, and some factors (a bite, a structure of zubo-maxillary system) will play a role. But you should not lower hands! Nobody cancelled the correct care of teeth – exactly thanks to it you will save the teeth from caries.

Caries stages

As well as any polezn, caries proceeds according to a certain scheme, alternating some stages.
At an initial stage on teeth white spots – the centers of demineralization of tooth are formed. Spots become yellow over time, then darken and develop into superficial caries. Enamel of tooth becomes rough, there is a painful sensitivity of teeth. If not to undertake measures, soft tissues of tooth will start collapsing sooner or later and the carious cavity is formed – all this is characteristic for average caries. Well, and when the pulp (sensitive tissue of tooth) will start collapsing, it will be the certificate of deep caries.
Стадии кариеса
    Carious tooth negatively influences a digestive tract, heart, reduces immunity. At a stage of deep caries often there is a pulp inflammation – a pulpitis, and at times also sepsis (blood poisoning) is possible. Therefore at this stage it is dangerous to delay treatment not only for health, but also for life.
Between initial and a stage of deep caries can pass from a year to several years. If process proceeds quickly (at children and teenagers), it is called sharp caries. At adults slow chronic caries most often meets.

Treatment of caries

The stomatology problem that many think that caries is when in tooth is formed "hole". This "hole" it is necessary to treat, and good in this process it is not enough. Therefore prefer to suffer to the last – to pain, gumboils and sleepless nights. Considerable merit of the Soviet stomatologists in it, outdated technology of treatment, obscene attitude towards patients. In the last some years, a situation changed in a root – stomatologists are friendly, drills are modern, anesthesia becomes at the slightest manipulations. However, all this concerns generally private clinics.
Лечение кариеса Though, recently, to me tooth in usual stomatologic policlinic was necessary to treat, and I was pleasantly surprised. Modern equipment, the polite doctor and the acceptable prices – here that expected me.
But, we will return to modern methods of treatment of caries. I was very surprised that caries at an initial stage (the white spot described above) is treated without the aid of a drill. In time having addressed to the stomatologist, you will rescue the tooth from destruction. By means of putting the special remineralizing gel on the cleared and dried up tooth, the mineral composition of tooth enamel is restored. All this occurs without serious consequences!!!
    Carious spots are most often formed between teeth, on a chewing surface of molars. It is difficult to notice them most therefore I recommend to readers of not to neglect surveys at the stomatologist.
If you passed a stage of initial caries, and in tooth the carious cavity was formed, do not play for time, register in reception to the stomatologist. It will not be sick to you as treatment of teeth is carried out under a local anesthesia. Are afraid of a prick? Your gum will be greased with the anesthetizing gel – and you will not feel the prick! Besides, the modern high-speed drill works almost silently, and impressions that tooth just about will collapse (as it was with old drills), are absent at all.
    If you terrible boyaguz, look for clinic where sealing is carried out by means of the laser. Even without anesthesia (that is important for pregnant women and children), no pain and hum will exist!
Now about seals. Such strong, fast-stiffening materials which are easily chosen to match tooth are now used. Even if forward cutters suffered – them will perfectly restore. Became obsolete popular earlier cement, plastic and metal seals. The first though are strong, but over time because of a difference of tverdost are capable to destroy tooth, the second – are short-lived, the third – contain mercury. Their only advantage – the low price (about 20-30 hryvnias). The most modern seals, besides the basic purpose also contain fluorine, thereby carry imperceptibly out prevention of caries (stekloionomerny seals). These seals, and also ceramic and svetopolimerny are durable, strong, are easily chosen to match tooth. But the price of these seals "bites". Last week I treated a forward cutter in the state stomatology, to me filled a svetopolimerny tooth. Paid 60 hryvnias (the hole was very small therefore it was required to a half-portion only). The same seal with work of the dentist in private clinic will cost to you 200-250 hryvnias. Precisely it is impossible to tell, after all everything depends on amount of the material spent for treatment. Quite often include the sum for removal of a nerve and cleaning of channels (70-100 hryvnias), cost of anesthetics (if the anesthetizing injection was given) and some other services in the cost of treatment. My familiar stomatologist at whom private practice, told that the price for treatment develops on 1/3 of the cost of materials and on 2/3 of working costs of the doctor. In different clinics the price is considered differently, it depends on many factors, including on qualification of the dentist.
    By the way, to save on treatment of teeth – is more expensive to itself. Be not sorry, pay for good anesthesia and a seal, differently it is not excluded that soon you should visit the stomatologist again.
And still, there is such service as extension of teeth. Even if the crown of tooth is destroyed, but roots are whole (the doctor will see it in a x-ray picture), tooth can be increased. For this purpose use pins which allow to record strongly increased tooth, and the crown from metal ceramics from above puts on. And such tooth externally, on feelings does not differ from the native.
Modern stomatologists work wonders therefore be not afraid and do not start caries!

Prevention of caries

Профилактика кариеса This section would like to pay an attention maximum. After all prevention of caries and regular surveys at the stomatologist can create a miracle – you, dear reader of, will never get acquainted with a drill.
So, 8 basic rules of prevention of caries.
  1. Brush teeth 2 times a day, very carefully and correctly, within 2-3 minutes. Pay special attention at morning cleaning to gums and language – in a night on them the set of bacteria accumulates.
  2. After EACH food, whether it be a thorough lunch or having a snack, rinse a mouth water or 10 minutes chew chewing gum (no more).
      The opinion is wrong that caries develops if you eat many sweets. Caries develops if the remains of these here of sweets long are late on teeth. By the way, chocolate and sugar are quickly enough washed away by a saliva and washed away from a mouth. Much bigger danger is constituted by the remains of bakery products, meat and fruit. They contain difficult carbohydrates which it is very difficult for saliva to split. Therefore use tooth threads and rinse a mouth water!
  3. Correctly choose a toothbrush and toothpaste. The wrong choice will only do harm to teeth.
  4. Take care of that in a mouth at you never dried up. Remember magic properties of a saliva. Carry with yourself a small bottle of drinking water.
  5. Learn the content of fluorine in your district and if it is not enough, fill shortage with water fluoration (home fluorine + filters) and eat a lot of seafood.
  6. Avoid reception of food, contrast on temperature, – she to lead to formation of microcracks on teeth.
  7. For prevention use broth from bark of the Chinese magnolia vine (1 tsp on a glass of boiled water).
  8. Time in 6 months (children and teenagers – time in 3 months) for the purpose of prevention visit the stomatologist.
Protect teeth from the youth!
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