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Career and family in the woman's life

Long since the arisen stereotype about a role of women remains in our subconsciousness. Certainly, by the nature the woman is, first of all, mother, the keeper of a home. But all of us refuse to stay at home and raise children more often, we have not enough to be simple the "neck" directing the man, we assign to ourselves as well a role of "head". What it is more important for us?
Бизнесмен и домохозяйка Long since the arisen stereotype about a role of women remains in our subconsciousness. Certainly, by the nature the woman is, first of all, mother, the keeper of a home. Men – getters and soldiers. Female function – to stabilize, keep (to store) everything as is. Male energy is directed on revolutions, destructions, changes. It is heavy to argue with the nature. Really, various grandiose discoveries, masterpieces in art were created by men. The richest people on the earth are also men.
However women after all get into dispute with the nature and break all stereotypes. All of us refuse to stay at home and raise children more often, we have not enough to be simple the "neck" directing the man, we assign to ourselves as well a role of "head".

Woman's nature

Popular wisdom says about the woman's nature the following: "God created the woman not from the man's foot that it was not humiliated with it, and not from the head that it did not surpass the man. The creator created the woman from the man's edge which is side by side to be with the man as equals. Also the edge is located near at hand. The founder specified by it that the man has to protect and preserve the woman. And, at last, the edge is in heart area, – it means that the woman has to be loved by the man".
Certainly, popular wisdom is beautiful according to the contents. But whether always it is true? Unfortunately, no. And the reasons on it a little.

Why women try on on themselves a role of the getter

Бизнесвуман и домохозяйка First, not all women want to remain women, they continually try on on themselves a male role. Women everywhere – in business, in science, in policy, at a wheel, on building, etc. It at best occurs because a certain internal potential breaks and demands realization. Eventually, the woman too deserves to become the personality, to be useful not only to a family, but also society, to live according to the interests and views.
But, as they say, the salt spoon in a pan is a little, and in a plate – already there is a lot of. Therefore it is always necessary to adhere to "golden mean". First of all, the woman has to think of a family, then of career, personal development.
The man who is nearby or lack of that is more sad reason of female "omuzhestvleniye". It is logical that if is not present a number of the defender, the getter, the woman assumes all man's duties as she is compelled to do it. It turns out to pain known: "I and horse, I and bull, I both woman, and man".
What occurs in this case? The woman works to feed a family, pays not enough attention to children, is tired. And most important, it this state of affairs not to liking, and necessarily. It is unlikely she dreamed of it. As a result the woman ceases to live a family, the private life, she already lives work, career. Says everything that it on anything does not have enough time, it is strongly occupied, there is no time to be the woman. And when comes home, the business lady unmasks and silently cries. Of course, it needs love, care, support, but she already simply does not trust in all this.

Family or career? How to make a right choice?

Карьера и семья в жизни женщины So, women, in principle, as well as men different. One dream to marry, give rise to a lot of children, and they are happy as mothers, gentle wives and keepers of a home. Others do not imagine life without work, career heights, public work, etc. But also those, and others have the right for luck. Therefore I recommend to you, dear readers of, honestly to answer themselves one very important question: whether you feel happy? If you answered positively, so the choice made by you is right, whether it be career or a family. Or perhaps you successfully combine both that, and another, enjoying rich and interesting life.
However if you do not feel as the happy woman, most likely, something in your life is not enough or, on the contrary, very much.

Main consequences of the wrong choice

Выбор между карьерой и семьей If career takes a lot of place in your life, most likely, you will face, with a set of family problems. There will be a misunderstanding from the husband and children, offenses, reproaches, the conflicts. And when you realize the mistake, it will be heavy to correct other errors generated by you.
If you "house", you also have to reflect. Men are interested in women who are engaged still in something, besides the house and children. Think up to yourself any hobby. After all simple and entertaining work can be combined with ease with female duties. And it will be pleasant to you to tell the husband and children about the achievements and results.
It is necessary those women who would be happy to stay at home and bring up children much more difficult, but the husband does not justify the name. And they are compelled to work to provide a family, and to manage to do everything on the house. And it is certainly heavy.
The main thing to understand itself. To understand that it is more important for you – career or a family. As they say, make at first necessary, then all possible, and you will see that already make impossible. Everything can be changed if to want.
I suggest readers of to pass a test "That is more important for you: family or career?". I hope that it will be for you useful.

That it is more important for you: family or career?

  1. Who manages the family budget?
    a) of course, husband;
    b) I resolve all monetary issues generally;
    c) I and husband together;

  2. Whether often you cook houses food?
    a) yes, I like cooking, I try to find new recipes always;
    b) no, I for it do not have enough time;
    c) not often, but I prepare;
  3. With what for you first of all the concept of "success" is connected?
    a) with concept the house, a family, children;
    b) with career and material security;
    c) with ability to combine affairs at work and on the house;
  4. Whether you do homeworks with your child?
    a) we are always engaged together, I carefully check everything;
    b) occasionally, to be aware of progress of the child;
    c) I try to control this process;
  5. Whether often you spend time with the husband?
    a) when it is free, constantly;
    b) whenever possible, depends on the schedule of work;
    c) yes, we try to be more often together;
  6. 6. Whether all of you carry out obligations for the house?
    a) yes, I also am engaged in it;
    b) very seldom, generally it is done by the housemaid;
    c) we with the husband divided our obligations for the house;
  7. Whether you love television series?
    a) I watch the majority of them, I try not to pass series;
    b) all these series not for me;
    c) I look occasionally if it is interesting to me;
  8. You could one (without husband) to bring up the child?
    a) to me it would be very heavy;
    b) I think that would consult;
    c) by means of relatives and friends;
  9. About what you most often tell girlfriends behind a coffee cup?
    a) about a family, about pets, recipes of cooking;
    b) about work, difficulties with colleagues, my achievements in business;
    c) about a family, about a hobby, in general about life;
  10. Whether often you ask to sit with the child the grandmother, the nurse?
    a) practically never, generally I always with the child;
    b) almost constantly, I have no other exit;
    c) not often, but happens.
  11. You take away enough time for a dream?
    a) I try to sleep fully;
    b) if necessary I sleep only 4-5 hours a day;
    c) I always have time for rest.
  12. What do you think of a stereotype about man's and female duties?
    a) this convenient division;
    b) each family for itself solves;
    c) we with the husband can substitute each other in some affairs.
  13. Whether you are ready to set up the friend, the acquaintance for the sake of career?
    a) work is only an income source;
    b) it is ready to fight for a position, but not at the price of friendship;
    c) depending on a situation;
  14. In what purposes you use the Internet?
    a) for entertainments and self-training;
    b) as one of tools for work;
    c) differently, today is a part of our life;
  15. What do you think of remarks at work higher on a position?
    a) I do not work;
    b) it is critical, but it is reserved;
    c) normally, if they are acquitted;
  16. You would agree to long business trip on work, with possible career growth?
    a) no, I for anything would not leave for a long time from a family;
    b) yes, without any doubt;
    c) perhaps, but having consulted to a family.
Карьера и семья на чаше весов If you on the majority of questions gave the answer "and", undoubtedly, the family is more important for you. If you are also interested in career, most likely, it is career of your husband. Everything is remarkable – you the good wife, mother, the hostess. However you should find more time for yourself, to find interesting occupation. You should not lead only life of the husband and children. People need to develop constantly, but not to stay at home. Reflect, maybe, you want to find any side job long ago or to be engaged in creativity, but do not decide to change a way of life, habitual for you.
If you on the majority of questions give the answer, you, certainly, the careerist. Perhaps, you live work as it brings you pleasure. But do not forget about a family, this true happiness. Try to distribute time correctly. You will not earn all money, but it is so easy to earn a nervous breakdown from constant nedosypaniye and stresses at work. And it is so easy to lose common language with the dear people.
Perhaps, you aspire to career heights as are compelled to work hard and forget about the word "fatigue". In that case reconsider the vital purposes. After all the main thing to be the happy woman. Believe in female happiness, can still change. And near you there will be a worthy loving man who will not allow you to be "the tired-out horse".
If you on the majority of questions gave the answer "in", we congratulate! You try to adhere to "golden mean". Career will never be more important than a family for you, but also in work you quite successful person. You, of course, do not make grandiose discoveries, will not earn millions, but keep family wellbeing, nerves and identity.
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