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Care of the washing machine

Today for washing of dirty linen it is necessary to choose the necessary program, to press only one button, and the machine will make everything for you. At all advantages it is worth to remember about technical condition of the washing machine. Service life depends on the correct operation. Therefore it is necessary to approach the matter with heavy responsibility.
Before sharing the saved-up experience and knowledge, there is a wish to address to conscientious owners of wonderful and washing equipment. All negligent users who prefer to replace unsuitable goods on new more likely than to learn behind it correctly to look after, can not read this article.
Let's remember former times! Our mothers and grandmothers will only sigh with the deepest relief. After all what is the time and forces they spent for washing of dirty linen earlier? Presoaked, boiled, rinsed, washed spots a laundry soap. This hard work selected practically all free time. That you will not tell about modern women. It is necessary to press only one button, to choose the necessary program, and it is possible to do safely household chores, after all the machine will make everything for you. Of course, we are obliged by all this to scientific and technical progress which never does not stand still.

Service regulations of the washing machine

Уход за стиральной машиной, правила эксплуатации At all above-mentioned advantages, it is worth to remember about technical condition of the washing machine. There is a mass of external factors which can negatively influence its wear resistance. Service life depends on the correct operation. Therefore it is necessary to approach the matter with heavy responsibility and attentiveness. After all not for nothing all producers apply to these goods of the maintenance instruction in different languages. Before beginning washing, it is necessary to study in details the instruction and to consider all remarks which belong to the washing machine.
  • installation is made only on an equal strong floor;
  • pressure of water has to correspond to technical characteristics;
  • be convinced of correctness of connection of a drain hose.
Preparation of linen:
  • it is necessary to sort linen by type and color;
  • carefully to check pockets for existence of small subjects;
  • not to erase too polluted overalls, shabby and fragmentary linen.
  • to use detergents only with inscriptions of "Automat";
  • not to fill distributors with too large amount of detergents.
Use of programs:
  • temperature of washing has to correspond to the set program;
  • the break between washings has to make 1,5-2 hours;
  • after end of the program to block the crane and to disconnect from food.

Care of the washing machine

To support health of our assistant, we will establish 10 simple rules of leaving:
Уход за стиральной машиной, правила эксплуатацииRule No. 1. Always watch a condition of the external case. For this purpose the soft sponge with neutral detergent will approach (without content of alcohol). Periodically delete from a snow-white surface the collected dust, dirty fingerprints, traces from powder. Otherwise over time white color will get shades yellowish that not absolutely will not fit into an interior of your room any more.
Rule No. 2. Pay due attention to cleaning of external rubber parts of the machine. For this purpose it is necessary to use the rag moistened in water with soap. It is impossible to allow uses of cleaners, solvents as they will perniciously affect rubber and it is necessary to replace it with the new. Watch that when closing the hatch rubber densely adjoined to it, or otherwise it will cause water leak.
Уход за стиральной машиной, правила эксплуатацииRule No. 3. Carry out regular cleaning of the distributor of detergents. It will provide free intake of powder as very often its remains stiffen on walls and to clean off them not so simply. The distributor needs to be taken out and carefully to wash out under warm water, using an old toothbrush which will allow to reach hard-to-reach spots.
Rule No. 4. Carry out care of the hatch and a drum. Lovely ladies, remember that after each washing it is necessary to leave the hatch half-open in order to avoid formation of unpleasant smells. Do not collect dirty linen directly in the car, after all linen baskets are for this purpose thought up. Use sacks for washing or turn linen inside out, it will prevent emergence of scratches on glass.
Уход за стиральной машиной, правила эксплуатацииRule No. 5. Care of the pump as that is not required. As each modern washing machine is equipped with the self-cleaning pump which does not need maintenance. But, nevertheless, there is such zone as a casing where small subjects, coins, buttons can get. Once a month it is necessary to clear it, having removed the lower forward panel of the washing machine and having unscrewed a cover. Thus it is possible to observe small leak of water which bears in itself all small garbage.
Rule No. 6. Always check a water hose. Cracks and gaps on it can lead to a sudden detachment of a hose.
Уход за стиральной машиной, правила эксплуатацииRule No. 7. Take care of intake of the cleared water for washing. Water pipes bear in themselves water with the huge content of various chemical impurity, such as chlorine, iron, arsenic, ammonia and other harmful substances. Most of people already ceased to eat such water. But, unfortunately, it is consumed by your washing machine. Tap water – one of the main reasons of scaling. What to do in such cases? Many competent hostesses use the special filters allowing to provide intake of the cleared water.
Rule No. 8. Never use means from a scum. To what cunnings of the woman only do not resort to get rid of a scum! Lemon acid, soda, a sting, modern means from a scum are the main enemies of the washing machine who only aggravate a situation. With their help the scum settles on the heating device in such a way that it is almost impossible to remove it. Use of the filtered water from the very beginning of service life of your washing machine will be the only exit from such situation.
Rule No. 9. Stop washing if noticed power failures or decrease in a pressure of water. Otherwise breakages can be not giving in to repair. For this purpose there is a Pause or Time Delay button. High-quality washing machines meet the requirements of new standards for economy of the electric power therefore even in 30 minutes of idle time they will continue to carry out the set program.
Rule No. 10. Once a year carry out internal cleaning of the machine. For this purpose choose the program with the maximum temperature, in the distributor powder with bleach and start washing without linen. Thus, we clear the filter of dirt, and a drum from a scum.
Soblyudeny of elementary rules on leaving will allow you to prolong life of the washing machine. Speaking about all this, it is possible to reflect. Whether really each person appreciates what such hard work for it is carried out by equipment? It is necessary to pay tribute to all manufacturing firms of washing machines, thereby having provided the corresponding care of their "child".
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