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Policy of OSGPO and cancellation of checkup

In the middle of August change in the law of Ukraine on traffic which cancels obligatory passing of checkup comes into force. Drivers breathe sigh of relief: after all the middle end of summer – traditional time of passing of checkup to previous years. Together with it in car insurance are coming some other changes about which it is useful to know.
In the middle of August comes into change force in the law of Ukraine on traffic which cancels obligatory passing of checkup for owners of cars and motorcycles. Drivers breathe sigh of relief: after all the middle end of summer – traditional time of passing of checkup to previous years. For obtaining the coupon of checkup many drivers got the policy of the obligatory insurance of civil responsibility (OICR). The policy is got for a period of a year, right now the term of its action comes to an end or already ended.

Changes and innovations

Полис ОСГПО Some drivers mistakenly believe that because of cancellation of checkup need and for the policy of OSGPO disappears. But it not so. Policies of OSGPO are obligatory for each driver who is coming out to roads of Ukraine. However, important changes nevertheless are. The matter is that soon (to be exact, since September, 2011) drivers will acquire the right to make out some types of road accident without participation of GAI.
To what it is necessary to be ready?
The first. As for penalties for absence of the policy of the autocitizen, here any eases it is not expected. On new edition of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses (Art. 126), still each driver appearing on the road without policy of a civil liability will be fined from 425 up to 850 UAH. Such penalty to you will be written out even if you have an insurance, but you, for example, left it at home. Or forgot, what number you finished the previous contract. In this plan new edition of the Code will be even more strict, than current.
So to evade from acquisition of the policy of OSGPO we do not advise. The question only in on what type of the contract of insurance to stop to the driver.
The second. The most considerable event of liberalization of the automobile legislation (after checkup cancellation, certainly) – opportunity to make out some types of road accident (which did without victims) without participation of GAI. It is provided by the new law "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine relatively Road Accident and Payments of Insurance Compensation" coming into force in September.
Mirsovetov it is useful for readers to know that receiving opportunity to use a similar privilege, it is necessary to get the policy of OSGPO of the 1st type. Policies of the 2nd and 3rd type do not grant such right. They, by the way, will cease to be on sale after the new law comes into force, though will be valid during period of validity of the insurance contract. Those drivers who will want to use the europrotocol (registration of road accident without GAI so is called), will be able to renew contracts OSGPO of the 2nd and 3rd type for the contract of the 1st type.
Now about the prices of policies of the autocitizen. They differ depending on a driver's experience and engine displacement of the insured car. Policies of the first type will manage to the drivers having an experience from 3 to 10 years in the sum about 780 UAH (for cars with an engine displacement up to 1,6 l); 890 UAH (from 1,61 to 2,0 l); 920 UAH (from 2,01 to 3,0 l); 1415 UAH (from 3,01 and above). The price of policies of the second type is identical to all cars – about 1150 UAH. Policies of the third type will manage in the sum about 760 UAH (for cars with an engine displacement up to 1,6 l); 865 UAH (from 1,61 to 2,0 l); 900 UAH (from 2,01 to 3,0 l); 1400 UAH (from 3,01 and above).
As you can see, the difference in the price between the first and third type of policies insignificant therefore it is obvious that the first type of contracts is much more favorable. After all using the europrotocol, the driver avoids administrative responsibility for road accident as a result of which most often and takes away the rights from drivers of GAI.
About types of policies. Insurance contracts OSGPO of the first type are signed for the HARDWARE with the fixed one driver. Policies of the second type are got by the drivers driving any HARDWARE in the chosen category. The contract of the third type is signed if to one HARDWARE it is assigned from 1 to 5 drivers.
Полис ОСГПО и отмена техосмотра Let's notice also that the prices of policies of OSGPO slightly differ in the price in various insurance companies, however all SK provide discounts which that are higher, than the driver's experience is more, and can reach 10% of policy cost.
Moreover, in the new law the technique by means of which SK will count the prices of policies of OSGPO therefore rises in price in this sphere it is not expected makes a reservation.
The third. As it was already told above, contracts OSGPO are, as a rule, signed for a period of one year. By the current legislation, there are policies and from 15 to 30 days. Since September, such policies will not sell any more. Though, of course, there will be exceptions: if the car is not registered yet, it will be possible to insure it for a period of up to registration; if it is temporarily registered – that before continuous registration, and also for cars from other states it will be possible to sign contracts OSGPO for the period of stay in Ukraine.
One more moment: both in current, and privileges for disabled people are provided in the new law, participants of military operations and Chernobyl veterans – they can not get policies of "autocitizen".
The fourth. One more innovation of the change in the law coming into force in September is that the driver having the policy of the first type if he is guilty of road accident and admits the guilt (that is fixed in the europrotocol), avoids unpleasant procedure of compensation of the money spent by insurance company for repair of the car of the victim.
Also cancellation of need of filing of applications for SK by both participants of road accident simplifies a situation. Since September under the new law will be filing of application about insurance compensation only responsible for road accident enough.
Well and the last. After checkup cancellation many drivers mistakenly claimed that the contract OSGPO cannot be signed, without having provided the protocol from service station that the car passed technical tests and THAT. Actually it is not true: in the new edition the law of such situation is not present.

Registration of OSGPO

Полис ОСГПО So, if you decided on policy type, can safely go to the nearest insurance company. Why in the next? Because standard contracts OSGPO practically do not differ in all SK. However, it is possible to sign the contract where you imprisoned previous "autocitizen": it will relieve you of need to bring some documents. Besides many SK provide discounts and privileges to regular customers.
Watch closely when you finish period of validity of the previous contract: Road accidents are in the habit to happen those days when you are not insured even if it is couple of days in a year. Besides, if period of validity of the contract OSGPO ended, for example, on September 1, and the term of the following contract begins on September 3, any of SK will not pay your expenses for the road accident which happened on September 2 even if both contracts were signed by the same company. In this case, besides expenses on restoration of the personal and others' car (if you responsible for road accident), you should pay and a penalty of GAI for absence of the contract OSGPO, after all under the law your car has to be insured 365 days in a year.
What documents will be necessary for you? First of all, your passport and identification code. Further: your rights of driving, the registration certificate of the car, the document confirming the right of possession or driving, the previous contract of insurance (the last is not obligatory). Well and, of course, you should show to insurers the car.
If the sum of an insurance premium seems to you too big, the exit is: many SK can break this sum into 2, 3 or 4 payments with an interval two months. In any case, consult in this respect with the insurance manager.
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