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How to calm the child

Crying, hysterics, shouts and whims – invariable companions of each child. The difference only that some children trade in these occupations extremely seldom, at others such reaction to all events can develop into a habit and then parents suffer already. That there was no second it is necessary to be able to calm the child correctly. Today will tell how to do it.

First of all, it would be desirable to tell that tears are very important for the child. And not only for babies who by means of crying express the requirements, but also for the senior children. When the child of preschool age cannot express fully the emotions, tears come to the rescue. Crying is considered accepted and quite normal when to the child is sad when he is offended, was tired or demands attention. These tears are necessary and even are important therefore in such situations it is necessary to allow to the child to cry, the main thing that the kid understood that such state – a single action, and it should not develop into daily hysterics at all.

How to calm the baby

A number of accurately designated reasons can disturb newborn children. Among them gripes, the cut teeth, need for food, the filled diaper and many other things. The question as in such situations correctly and quickly to calm the child, sets many mothers and fathers. Fortunately, there are some easy and effective ways how to appease the kid which already many years practice skilled and responsible nurses. These receptions are based on three main concepts. The first idea is that after the birth babies remain not rather developed, they need to be swung, embraced and calmed from time to time. Exactly thanks to these rituals the newborn feels safe, tests comfort and a cosiness, after all in a maternal womb the kid felt similar feelings. A peculiar reflex – a calm reflex which will help the child's parents further is so developed. Even after three months after the birth at children memories of the pre-natal period of life remain. Kids often miss this time, children do not have enough those feelings which accompanied them for nine months. It and stable noise, the vacuum cleaner more loudly working, both continuous jolting, and the restriction of freedom of movements giving heat and a cosiness. Considering it, at calm of the angry baby, it is enough to use five simple receptions.

First reception. Swaddling or hard wraparound. Now this tradition departs, and modern families even more often do without swaddling. And after all this simple ritual was long since used not only for convenience, but also calm of the newborn child. Hard swaddling with handles along a body does not give to the kid the chance chaotically to move and irritate itself. Besides, this simple procedure will help formation of a bearing of the baby and promotes fast transformation of cartilaginous tissues to the bone.

Second reception. Quickly to calm the newborn accurately put him on barrels. In spite of the fact that the best pose for a dream – on a back, is better to calm the crying child having turned sideways.

Third reception. It is so-called white noise or, simpler words, hissing ("-shshsh"). At first sight hissing can seem quite rough, but in language of the baby who heard a similar sound for nine months, this verbal manipulation speaks about love and lets know that everything is good. It should be noted, hissing has to be rather loud and it is necessary to replace crying of the child differently it unnoticed. Besides, the special adaptations imitating hissing are developed today, and some parents apply noise of household appliances at all. But, you see, that can be more sweet than a mother's voice?!

Fourth reception. It, of course, swing, familiar for all mummies. Children very much love when swing them, besides this method is effective not only for newborns, but also for kids is more senior. It is interesting that if during rocking leaky to hold a head of the baby, he calms down quicker. But do not shake the kid at all, your movements have to be smooth, but vigorous, after all the child felt such feelings, being in a maternal tummy. It should be noted that when rocking it is optional to pace the room, lay the child along knees, put it to yourself on a stomach or simply keep on hands in a sitting position will stay without turning a hair as the whimsical kid will calm down.

Fifth reception. This last resort in an arsenal of the careful parent and, perhaps, the most effective for calm - a sosaniye. It is effective even if mother does not nurse the child, in exchange it is possible to offer a baby's dummy or own finger. For fast calm in the beginning sosaniye of a pacifier or a finger delay them a little, as if trying to take away, so the child will switch the attention to more interesting occupation and from crying there will be no trace also.

You should not forget that from the very first days the baby has an individual set of qualities. What of receptions to use, parents have to define, considering features of the kid. To some children for calm one of them suffices, others demand an integrated approach.

How to calm the preschool child

To calm the child is more senior slightly more difficult, than the newborn. The main thing that business did not reach a hysterics, after all to stop it very much and very difficult. So, dealing with the preschool child, keep some simple receptions of calm of crying in the arsenal. Mirsovetov picked up the most effective of them.

  1. Remind the child of an important issue. And, in most cases, it is absolutely unimportant about what, the main thing – to switch attention of the kid and to throw to it more interesting occupation, than sobbings. For example, suggest to walk until on the street darkened yet or to feed a toy, after all she very much got hungry. It should be noted that using this method it is important not to take away the right of the child for tears, simply ask it to postpone this occupation for a while. Most of children agrees to such adventure and calm down.
  2. Make crying conscious for the child. For example, ask it to cry a little more silently that at mother the head did not ache.
  3. Start singing a song. It is better if it is the song, "your" with the kid. So he will switch attention and will calm down.
  4. Often, to calm the crying child it is enough to transfer a situation to the ridiculous course. The elementary way – to tickle the kid or purposely to create a funny situation.
  5. Distract the child. Perhaps, about "oh, look, the birdie departed" all know parents. It is possible and in a different way: "That it at you on a t-shirt", etc.
  6. One more way to calm the child – to sound the reason of his crying. For example: "You were upset because we could not buy you this toy". So, the child will understand that you divide his problem, and will gradually calm down.
  7. Suggest the kid to throw out negative emotions. Stamp his leg or switch its attention to any object – allow to strike a cushion or offer a children's hammer.

How to calm the child, you will feel, daily practicing and applying different methods. wishes to all parents to be close to the children and then your child will not have reasons for crying.

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