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How to consider a cycle of the monthly

The woman – the beginning of all Universe, after all the nature allocated it with invaluable ability to give life. This surprising feature often brings to a fine half of mankind a certain discomfort in the form of periods, pregnancy and childbirth. But women learned to transfer quietly all "surprises" of physiology, having thoroughly studied secrets and secrets of the organism.

One of the frequently asked questions – how to count a menstrual cycle. There are some important reasons for what once a month it is necessary to make elementary calculations. So, for what in general it is necessary?

  1. For an insurance. Each girl with disappointment will note that critical days have property to take unawares and, respectively, to put in an awkward situation. Having thoroughly studied a cycle monthly, it is possible to keep a situation under control.
  2. To increase chances of pregnancy. By simple arithmetic calculations determine ovulation term. Then in the days, most suitable for conception, do sexual life of more intensive that the test for pregnancy for certain showed positive result!
  3. To avoid pregnancy. In days of sex, potentially dangerous to conception, it is better to avoid or use barrier contraceptive methods are quite exact natural method of contraception. But for 100% you should not trust this way nevertheless, after all difficult processes of physiology are not subject to calculation completely and the ovulation at many women occurs more often than once a month.
  4. For control of female health. If to define the period of a monthly cycle some months in a row, it is possible to watch its stability and how long it proceeds. At any suspicious changes it is necessary to address to the gynecologist for timely detection of a problem.

Menstrual cycle and critical days

The main function of women's reproductive system is the reproduction. The more the woman knows about features of the organism, the more quietly and more joyfully accepts all changes which happen to her in the course of conception, incubation and the child's birth. Paramount value in origin of new life is allocated for a menstrual cycle. Often make a mistake, including concepts of "a menstrual cycle" and "periods" synonyms. Let's find out, in what difference of definitions.

Menstrual cycle.

It is a complex of cyclic changes which happen monthly and prepare a female body for conception. By the way, these metamorphoses are not limited only to reproductive sexual system, but also affect cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems.

Duration of a monthly cycle at each woman is individual, and averages 28 days, sometimes varying from 21 to 35 days. The first day of periods is considered as the beginning of a menstrual cycle while all menstrual cycle is the period of the first day monthly till first day of the following periods.

There is no reason for concern if the woman has a regular monthly cycle (deviations are allowed no more than for 3 days). Sometimes the menstrual cycle becomes irregular because of stresses, lack of rest, bad food, strong physical activities or a sleep debt. Judge full value of a cycle on:

  • duration;
  • durations of critical days (from 3 to 7 days);
  • to the volume of the emitted blood (it is no more than 80 ml for the entire period of periods);
  • regularities.


It is process of release of blood of sexual ways which repeats through rather equal periods once a month. Menstrual blood contains the exfoliating slices an endometriya. Critical days accompany the woman from the moment of approach of a sexual maturity to the first climacteric signs. During pregnancy and feeding by a breast the monthly are absent (in norm).

The first periods turn the girl into the girl during the period from 11 to 15 years. The stable cycle is formed in 1 – 1,5 years after the first critical days. During active puberty some deviations of a menstrual cycle from norm are also after the delivery allowed. The beginning of the climacteric period marks end of periods in the woman's life. Date of the last monthly (51 - 52 years) is designated a menopause. At this time activity of all processes of women's reproductive system declines, sexual hormones is developed less, the number of ova in ovaries decreases.

Phases of a monthly cycle

Distinguish 4 phases:

  1. Follicular phase.

    The forward hypophysial share in a brain makes a follikulostimuliruyushchy hormone under the influence of which in ovaries the progesterone and an estrogen are developed (their number prevails). The last stimulate formation and maturing of follicles among which the prepotent follicle will be defined later. Closer to end of a follicular phase (approximately in the middle of a monthly cycle) there comes the ovulation.

  2. Ovulation phase.

    Duration of this period makes 3 days. The hypophysis develops a lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone which, getting to blood, stimulates production of a progesterone. Under the influence of an estrogen and a progesterone the prepotent follicle bursts, letting out through uterine tubes in a small pelvis the ripened ovum. It is also an ovulation.

  3. Lyuteinovy phase.

    In the period of a lyuteinovy phase the female organism develops a lot of progesterone: the substance appears as a result of action of a lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone of a hypophysis, and also is made by a yellow body which is formed on a place of the become torn follicle. In a lyuteinovy phase the mucous membrane of a uterus is thickened, becomes more friable and viscous. Such changes are necessary for fixing of the impregnated ovum. If fertilization did not happen, in 12 – 16 days the periods will begin.

  4. Deskvamation phase (critical days).

    Periods – no other than rejection of not impregnated ovum and a layer, ready to its implantation, an endometriya. This process indicates cancelled pregnancy. For some time to monthly in an organism of the woman there are changes, not absolutely pleasant for it. So, on the eve of critical days frequent differences of mood, irritability, temperature increase of a body and arterial pressure, painful swelling of a breast are possible. These symptoms gradually decrease and disappear in the first day of the monthly.

It is important to know focuses attention of the readers on the following important information:

  • each woman is unique, and all calculations should be carried out not "by eye", is strict according to own data;
  • successfully to use calculations to define days, favorable or dangerous to conception, it is possible only in case a menstrual cycle at you stable! As a tolerance from norm consider a difference in 1 – 3 day;
  • we remind that the menstrual cycle is the period of the first day of the following, monthly till first day, monthly. The first day of periods comes when allocations become saturated red color. Darkish uncertain color of allocation for the beginning of periods is not taken.

How to consider a cycle monthly that there was a conception

So, meaning that for the first day of a cycle it is taken the first day of periods, and for the last – the last day before the following monthly, we do simple calculations.

As the most fruitful period in respect of conception consider a phase of an ovulation which comes into force on the 14th – the 16th day after the beginning of periods. Out of an ovary the ripened ovum is active and capable to fertilization one days. However it is possible to conceive the child even some days before arrival of an ovulation because viability of spermatozoa outside sperm remains from 2 to 5 days.

Correctly to calculate a cycle monthly, attentively study the cycle for last year (or at least for half a year). Define the longest and shortest cycles. From value of the shortest it is necessary to take away 18, from value of the longest – 11. For example, your longest monthly cycle made 33 days, and short – 26. We consider: 33 – 11 = 22; 26 – 18 = 8. An interval between 8 and 22nd day of a cycle – the most suitable time for probable conception.

How to consider a cycle monthly not to become pregnant

It is also necessary to study features of a menstrual cycle if you are interested in a question how not to allow conception. As safe consider time which comes days later after an ovulation: the ovum was already lost, and fertilization will not happen. But it is worth remembering that to define exact start date of an ovulation by usual calculation very difficult, and it is possible to become pregnant even one week prior to an ovulation. It is better to choose other methods of contraception with higher degree of efficiency.

It is necessary to consider a menstrual cycle not only in that case when you want to become pregnant or prevent conception. On stability and a regularity of a monthly cycle it is possible to judge a state of health of the woman. For example, essential delays of periods and very painful monthly signal about endometriosis, inflammatory processes in a uterus or in ovaries. It means that would not prevent to have a fair idea of features of the organism to each woman.

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