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Calcium at pregnancy

Pregnancy is always interfaced to a certain risk - whether will be enough in an organism of the woman of microcells bricks to construct full-fledged new life? The kid correctly will develop only in that case when his mother knows how to fill shortage of this or that valuable "building material".

In mother's womb formation and development of a fruit are influenced by a huge number of substances, but nearly as the most important microcell consider calcium - it is necessary to the kid from the first days of his existence. Calcium participates in formation of bones and cartilages of future person, the base of its musculoskeletal device.

Anywhere without calcium

Mother, and the child who yet was not born also suffers from a lack of an element. Calcium increases the resilience of the kid to rickets, and to the woman helps to struggle with stresses and an allergy, thus lowering its sensitivity to bad ecology of environment.

Pregnancy quite reasonably is considered as serious test for an organism: the woman "in situation" quite often should test spasms in feet, to suffer from the general weakness and drowsiness, to treat or extract in a moment the deteriorated teeth. That there were no such troubles, it is important to support throughout all pregnancy in an organism stable amount of calcium.

Under control of a microcell and more serious problems: calcium at pregnancy - one of those substances which prevent abortions, premature birth and significantly reduces losses of blood in the course of childbirth. At enough calcium in the woman's organism work of heart and uterus in norm, kidneys and the curtailing system of blood trouble-free work - and what is necessary for successful appearance of the kid on light?

Consequences of deficiency of calcium

To understand that the organism desperately needs calcium not difficult. Will tell the faded appearance about it: brittle nails, the dim splitting hair, dry face skin of unhealthy color. These are first, but reliable "calls" of deficiency of a valuable microcell. However, almost each future mother in the last trimester of pregnancy faces such symptoms.

The weakened hair and nails still of half-trouble - kids who, being in a mother's stomach, received less a valuable "construction" element, often face rickets. This very serious disease is shown in the defective growth and development of bone system that comes to an end with strong deformation of a skeleton of the child. Besides, deficiency of calcium can cause damage to a fruit during his pre-natal life in the form of essential delays in development.

For the feeding mother shortage of a microcell in an organism is fraught with caries, (osteomalyation) raised by fragility of bones (osteoporosis), a softening and deformation of bones.

Who in a risk zone

It is not enough calcium at people who eat the food preventing to irreplaceable substance to be acquired and accelerating its removal from an organism. These products are loved by many: all sweet, the semolina, coffee, macaroni, spinach, white loaf aerated bake, all fat, smoked and salty.

Researches confirm that the unsatisfied need for calcium is found in people with a fair hair (blondes), smokers, and also those who neglects sport or, on the contrary, tortures itself physical activities.

Calcium under control

Not pregnant woman of childbearing age has enough 1000 mg of calcium a day, to the formed teenage girl's organism till 18 years – 1300 mg. This figure increases during the periods of incubation of the child and a lactation to 1500 mg. The child takes away quantity of a microcell, superfluous for mother, to himself that will provide it normal development of bone system, teeth, creation of strong nervous, warm and muscular systems. Besides, calcium is directly involved in formation of an internal, tissues of eyes and ears, nails and hair.

Consumption by a calcium fruit throughout the entire period of incubation a miscellaneous. It depends on a stage of its growth: so, at the beginning of pregnancy the kid needs only 2-3 mg a day, at the end, when there is a creation of a skeleton up to 300 mg, much more, in day.

How to fill calcium losses?

During pregnancy ability of an organism to soak up calcium from food increases. The main thing that products which contain it, always were on a plate of future mother. First of all it is necessary to remember that the useful microcell contains in dairy products: milk, kefir, low-fat cheese, yogurts, curdled milk, sheep cheese. Calcium and in green vegetables "hides". For example, the cabbage of broccoli, a celery, garlic, parsley easily will satisfy daily need of the pregnant woman for a microcell. There is a calcium and in nuts: almonds, a filbert, a walnut will be to the taste to future mother.

In an ideal the woman expecting a baby needs "to be recharged" every day by two glasses of milk, kefir or curdled milk, to eat couple of slices of cheese and a little cottage cheese or curds with raisin. Not to do without rye bread, haricot, various fruit, fish and other seafood. So in an organism of future mother the necessary reserve of calcium which her baby will use sooner or later is formed.

The important role is played at this time by reception of special polyvitaminic and mineral preparations: they not only fill missing amount of vitamins B an organism, but also contain microcells which detain calcium in mother's bones: manganese, pine forest, magnesium, copper, zinc.

That medicine did not become poison

It is always necessary to remember sense of proportion. If future mummy starts absorbing diligent "calcium" in a huge number, good intentions can play with her a dirty trick. Excess of calcium becomes unreasonable load of an urinary system of an organism. Kidneys can suffer from a large number of a microcell, bilious and uric bubbles – there will appear stones. The high content of calcium prevents an organism to acquire magnesium without which in work muscular, nervous and cardiovascular systems failures will begin.

Big amounts of calcium in an organism of mother will affect and development of her kid: bones of a skull of the child are formed by stronger, than it is necessary that significantly complicates advance of a head on patrimonial ways at the birth.

Behind calcium in a drugstore

If future mummy wants to be absolutely sure that her kid receives enough calcium, she can accept the special preparations containing this element.

    Mirsovetov reminds that the pregnant woman has to accept all drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements only from a permission and permission of the attending physician!

One of preparations which are appointed most often by therapists to women "in situation" at deficiency of calcium, Kaltsy-D3 Nikomed is. Its application is not contraindicated to pregnant women, however it is necessary to belong to reception of a preparation very responsibly: one of means components, vitamin D, at misuse, gets to breast milk, and it is better not to allow it.

Establishes a dose, individual for each mummy, and if it is necessary, the doctor corrects subsequently.

The Kaltsy-D3 chewable tablets Nikomed will be pleasant to all - they remind sweet candies. One dose of a preparation contains a third of useful substances of daily norm. The correct reception of means regulates in an organism exchange processes with participation of calcium and phosphorus, increases density of bones, improves supply of tooth fabric with necessary microcells. Besides, after reception of Kaltsy-D3 Nikomed note positive dynamics in conductivity of nervous impulses and in a condition of the curtailing system of blood.

Each medicine, even the most harmless at first sight, can have contraindications. Kaltsy-D3 Nikomed will not suit women who for any of several reasons cannot adjust work of a digestive tract. The preparation is contraindicated to at whom calcic stones, and also that who has a renal failure can be formed.

Attention! The first symptoms of overdose - thirst and vomiting. At the first similar indisposition it is necessary to address to the doctor urgently. That it did not happen, in parallel with reception of Kaltsy-D3 Nikomed it is necessary to drink much that microcells by means of water were freely acquired in an organism.

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