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Cabbage diet

The cabbage diet deserved popularity thanks to the efficiency. So, effectiveness and efficiency is reached by cabbage of a diet because the cabbage in itself is quite low-calorie product. Thus the cabbage is useful to our organism. After all it contains many vitamins, minerals and cellulose which is useful to work of our intestines.

From vitamins which contain in cabbage, vitamins of group B and vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant are of the greatest value. It is known that antioxidants prevent development of cancer educations and slow down aging processes. Among minerals which are present at structure of cabbage, there is a potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

In general there are very many grades of cabbage, each of which has the various power value. Nevertheless, any option of a cabbage diet is not limited to any one grade of cabbage. It is possible to choose a grade which most of all is pleasant to you. However, nevertheless the most low-calorie is recommended to use for a diet a usual white cabbage, because it. In general the cabbage is useful not only to people who wish to lose excessive weight, but also that who wants to lower sugar level in blood. Thanks to that in cabbage is a lot of iron, it is also useful to pregnant women and to the people having anemia.

It is important to know it!

Despite all unconditional usefulness of cabbage, weight loss by means of this vegetable it is impossible to call the balanced diet. After all when using cabbage as the main product of a diet, the human body will lack proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Besides, shortage of intake of some vitamins is possible. And in general because of the low caloric content of cabbage the organism will lack calories. Besides, it is possible to grow thin by means of cabbage techniques of weight loss quickly enough, however this weight loss generally happens due to burning of liquid and muscle bulk. Especially attentive people who have diabetes should be. Anyway, to readers of the choice of a diet should be begun with consultation of the doctor.

Options of "cabbage" weight loss

Today there is a set of options of a cabbage diet. And each of these options assumes the use of cabbage during all duration of a diet. Thus you can use as some one grade of cabbage, and to combine some grades of cabbage. It is possible to use cabbage not only in the raw, but also in the fermented. By the way, sauerkraut has lower caloric content, than fresh cabbage.

So, we will tell readers of about all most popular options of a cabbage diet, considering their advantages and contraindications.

Cabbage diet for 10 days

It is diet option rather rigid. It is also called a classical cabbage diet. In ten days of a diet it is possible to dump on average 6-10 kilograms of excess weight. At observance of this technique of weight loss it is allowed to drink only green tea or still water. The daily norm of the drunk liquid makes 1,2-2 liters. Thus in the mornings it is desirable to drink coffee because coffee accelerates exchange processes in an organism. Also during a diet it is necessary to appear from addition in food of salt and sugar. Any candy stores, flour products and alcoholic beverages are forbidden.

The menu of this option of a diet can be approximately following.

As a breakfast only drinks. It can be green tea or coffee. It is also possible to use not aerated or not mineral water.

Will approach a lunch - salad from fresh cabbage and carrots or cabbage soup. Salad can be filled with vegetable oil, but it is better to fill nevertheless olive. It is also possible to include chicken or beef in a boiled look in the menu of a lunch.

For dinner salad from fresh cabbage will approach. Instead of it it is possible to eat cabbage soup. Besides, it is also possible to include in the menu of a dinner a half of egg or instead of it it is possible to eat one quail egg. It is also possible to add to a dinner any fruit, except for banana.

In two hours prior to a dream we drink a glass not of the cold fat-free kefir. Throughout the day besides the main meals it is allowed to eat cabbage. Also we do not forget about enough water.


This diet helps to lose many extra kilos for very short term. At observance of the correct diet this diet will not allow to gain the dumped kilograms again for a long time. This option of weight loss can be used by people with gastrointestinal tract diseases, but consultation of the doctor before a diet has to be obligatory. Thanks to that in cabbage many vegetable fibers are concentrated, this diet positively influences work of intestines. Besides, besides excess weight it is possible to bring slags and toxins out of an organism.


Because of the low content of carbohydrates during this diet working capacity can decrease. Besides, the person during a diet can have an apathetic mood, deterioration of attention, reduction of speed of reaction. Headaches are also possible. Except the low content of carbohydrates this cabbage diet is badly balanced in respect of the content of vitamins and minerals. Therefore during a diet perhaps it is necessary to accept in addition special vitamin complexes. In general it is rather rigid diet therefore to sustain it rather difficult. Also It should be noted that during a diet perhaps metabolic disorders. The reuse of this option of a diet is allowed only in two-three months.

Three-day cabbage diet

This option of a cabbage diet will not allow you to starve. After all it quite nourishing. It is possible to eat cabbage during observance of a diet as much as necessary. Thus it is necessary not to forget to drink enough water. The daily norm thus makes 1,5 liters. It is possible to drink both simple water, and green tea. Besides, it is allowed to eat all fruit, except bananas.

The menu at this option can be approximately following. For breakfast only drink. It can be the coffee cup sweetened with fructose or sucrose. It is possible to prepare salad from cabbage for a lunch or cabbage in a stewed look. As a dinner 200 grams of meat in a boiled look will approach. Instead of meat it is possible boiled fish. For dinner as an alternative it is possible to prepare cabbage salad or stewed cabbage and to wash down all with a glass of low-fat kefir.


This diet provides quite good result in only three days. Is ideally suited to lose excessive weight to try on a favourite dress.


Does not suit those who needs to lose a lot of excessive weight. Besides, before application of this diet, it is necessary to consider the general contraindications applicable to all cabbage diets.

The accelerated option of a cabbage diet

You can independently determine duration of this diet. So, this diet lasts can from three to five days. Frequency rate of meal during a diet has to make 6 times per day. However, thus it is very important that food was eaten evenly, at the same time. Besides, at observance of a diet it is necessary to limit consumption of salt to 4 grams a day or it is even better to refuse it completely. At observance of this diet it is also necessary to drink enough liquid. The daily norm of the drunk liquid thus makes two liters. And the drunk liquid the food which is cooked on water is also considered.

The menu in this case can be approximately following. For the first breakfast cabbage salad to which vegetable or olive oil is added is eaten. Also for breakfast we cook fried eggs from couple of eggs and we drink tea with addition of low-fat milk. For the second breakfast we prepare a portion of cottage cheese and we drink a glass of tea.

It is possible to prepare Russian cabbage soup from a white cabbage for a lunch, and also vegetable salad with olive or vegetable oil and a slice of chicken fillet. For a mid-morning snack we drink a glass of milk or useful broth of a dogrose. For dinner it is possible to eat a portion of boiled fish and to wash down it with a glass of tea. One couple of hours prior to a dream we drink a kefir glass.


It is very short diet. Its duration can be chosen independently.


Does not suit those who needs to dump quite a lot. Also before application of this diet it is necessary to consider the general contraindications applicable to all cabbage diets.

Diet on cabbage soup

This option of a diet the very known. All because this option has a set of positive responses. By means of this option of a diet it is possible to dump from 6 to 10 kilograms. However, it is necessary to cook cabbage soup according to the special recipe. So, in day it is necessary to eat to 6 liters of this soup. Therefore the recipe is calculated on such amount of soup. For preparation of this soup the head of cabbage, six feathers of green onions, six bulbs of the small size, two pieces of green sweet pepper, five stalks of a celery, 900 grams of tomatoes in a tinned look will be necessary, and also one and a half kilograms of not polished rice are required. It is possible to add to soup a little greens also. At the end of cooking a little salt and pepper is added to soup.

The menu of this diet can be approximately following.

In the first day at a diet there will be only a dietary cabbage soup. Thus any fruit, except bananas is allowed for use. For the second day we eat cabbage soup throughout the day. It is also possible to add vegetables, but without the bean. For dinner baked potatoes will approach. During the day before yesterday in our menu - only cabbage soup and fruit. During the fourth day we eat dietary cabbage soup. Also during this day it is allowed to eat six bananas and to drink eight glasses of skim milk. For the fifth day of a diet, besides cabbage soup, we include six fresh or tinned tomatoes in the menu. By a dinner it is possible to eat a portion of chicken or fish. Thus during the day it is necessary to drink at least six glasses of water. During the sixth day besides cabbage soup in the menu there will be vegetables (except potatoes) and a portion of meat of chicken or fish. For the seventh day of a diet we continue to feed on cabbage soup. Thus we add fruit, vegetables, the crude rice, and also useful juice from fresh fruit to the menu.

It is important to note that cabbage soup cannot be used as a main course in daily days. It is desirable to use this soup only during a diet, as if it was not pleasant to you. Adults who have a problem with an excessive weight can only consume this dietary soup. In order to avoid problems with digestion it is better for children and teenagers to refuse this soup. It is desirable to reuse this option of a diet only in two-three months on the habitual mode. Perhaps, you not from the first reach desirable result, but alternating a cabbage diet to a habitual diet you, certainly, will be able to get rid of some extra kilos.


Good option for those who wants to eat and grow thin nourishingly.


Taste of cabbage soup not all on temper. It should be taken into account the general contraindications.

Diet on sauerkraut

Duration of this option of a diet makes only four days. For such very short period if to observe all recommendations, it is possible to dump not less than three kilograms of excessive weight.

The menu these four days can be approximately following.

First day. For breakfast we eat 150-160 grams of cottage cheese. We add greens and small slices of grain bread to a portion of cottage cheese. For lunch we eat 200 grams of cabbage in a stewed look, 100 grams of fish and one pear. For dinner it is possible to prepare vegetable salad which prepares from the 150th cabbage, a half of a white radish, a half of a cucumber, four pieces of a garden radish. At the end yogurt and nuts in the crushed look is still added

Second day. This day for breakfast it is possible to prepare a portion of useful oat flakes. Thus flakes need to be pounded with banana puree and to add there a glass of yogurt. As a lunch vegetable soup which is cooked from 200 grams of the crushed cabbage, apple juice and couple of crushed pepper will be good option. As a dinner we eat 200 grams of cabbage and 150 grams of fillet of a salmon. Only fillet has to be previously fried and sprinkled by lemon juice.

Third day. Cottage cheese will be suitable for a breakfast. There will be 150 grams enough. It is possible to add one orange and a few grains of seeds of sunflower to cottage cheese. As a lunch we will take a portion of sauerkraut and still a slice of fish. For dinner - again sauerkraut. There will be 150 grams enough. Also we will add couple of grapes and potatoes fritter to a dinner.

Fourth day. This day for breakfast it is possible to eat a bread slice with cheese. For lunch it is possible to protushit a portion of fish with sauerkraut and small slices of pineapple. For dinner it is possible to prepare cabbage salad with three tomatoes and a portion of boiled fish.


The diet provides very good result in four days.


Is not suitable for those who needs to dump more than three kilograms. Demands preliminary consultation of the doctor, taking into account contraindications of a diet.

General conclusions and recommendations

Judging by numerous responses the cabbage diet is one of the most effective diets which exist. By means of "cabbage" weight loss quite really to dump from 3 to 10 kilograms. The cabbage diet on the basis of cabbage soup which allows to dump 8 kilograms for the first week is especially appreciated, and at repetition of a diet - about 3 more kilograms. However, taste of cabbage soup is pleasant to not everyone. Nevertheless, at desire to grow thin it is possible to force to overcome itself and to eat till some portions of this soup. In general many people who used cabbage diets, notice that after it the stomach and area of a waist well grows thin.

However, anyway each diet is a stress for an organism, and that option of a diet which suits one person, can be extremely contraindicated for another. Therefore before a choice of any option of a diet it is necessary to consult to the doctor and to pass some medical examinations at the time of existence of some chronic diseases during which dietary weight loss can be unsafe for health. Besides, surely it is worth studying all contraindications of any option of a diet. Grow thin intelligently and good luck!

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