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Technology of performance of exercises of a burpa

If you from those who continued watches the body and always wants to look at height, but time for sports halls catastrophically is not enough, exercises of a burpa are developed for you. You should not buy expensive exercise machines and to sit on wonderful diets, for this purpose there is enough your body and several minutes of free time.

What behind it it is covered?

Behind the word "burp" so harmless at first sight rather powerful exercise is covered, at occupation by which all organism is involved. If to observe a regularity in trainings, it is possible to feel as after each occupation the body is filled with energy and inflow of forces. To everything by means of a burpa it is possible to increase endurance of an organism to which any skilled athlete will envy. It should be noted that when performing exercises it is desirable to increase loading gradually and gradually.

Equipment of a burpa

Only some minutes of training will prove to you that loading in the form of the weight of own body are trifles. And with gradual increase in speed when performing exercise of a burpa you will want to work more and more on yourself and to improve result.

So, how it is carried out burp?

  1. It is necessary to begin with a squat, having arranged on a palm floor before itself.
  2. Then it is necessary to jump out sharply back feet so that to appear in situation as during push-ups.
  3. And again quickly to return to the initial provision (squat).
  4. At the end it is worth jumping out sharply as it is possible above and to make cotton hands over the head.

It is desirable to repeat sequence of provisions as fast as possible, at all not to feel sorry for itself and not to bungle, especially at the last stage – a high jump. For example, sports people are capable to execute 15-17 repetitions in only 30 seconds.

    On a note. When performing a burpa it is possible to add push-ups. It you complicate exercises and will make it more intensively.

The facilitated option

If you tested burp in practice and consider that at the initial stages to you after all it will be difficult, do not hurry to refuse it completely. You will be able always to choose the so-called facilitated version. Having excluded from exercise the last element – a jump, it is possible to reduce load of a body and to facilitate a problem of a burpa. So known exercise under the name "Vyprygivaniye in an Emphasis Lying" at which instead of jumping up, it is necessary to rise simply will turn out much. Naturally, the result from such type of a burpa concedes to efficiency of classical option, but it quite will be suitable for beginners. The main thing, it is necessary to observe the correct equipment and a regularity of occupations.

We strengthen loading

Fans of sport who already have experience in occupation of exercises of a burpa, try to complicate trainings all the time and to increase loading. For this purpose it is possible to use dumbbells. Thus the technology of exercises remains invariable, and impact on an organism, of course, will be where is more considerable.

It is possible to strengthen loading also by means of the special weighted vest. The technology of performance of a burpa remains former, and result thus simply enormous.

Exercise if to carry out it with medboly (the weighted medical ball) will be not less effective. It should be taken in hand at the time of a jump up, thus leveling hands over the head.

When performing a burpa it is possible to use various position of feet and hands, it will help to achieve very good effect. To be defined, which option will be suitable you for increase in loadings, will prompt only personal experience.

It is a little about the main thing

Many ask a question what specifically has impact of a burpa on an organism in general? First of all all joints and muscles during trainings receive necessary loading. But in the greatest prize there are muscles of the top humeral belt (deltoid, trapezoid, a triceps), hips, an abdominal tension, and also sural and gluteuses. And the most important for the sake of what carry out burp, is opportunity to burn record quantity of calories, and also to increase endurance. As showed researches, such type of exercises burns for 50% of fat more, than any other power trainings. Also that burp accelerate a metabolism which also fights against calories is very important.

It should be noted that you will not achieve instant result after two trainings. Because muscles need time for adaptation. But as for endurance, it will increase after two-three weeks. Practice shows that burp can serve as a basic element of training, and as preparation for power exercises. Also do not forget that in these exercises it is very important to watch the correct breath.

Time intervals

It is possible to increase efficiency of a burpa at observance of time intervals which, as we know, are excellent addition to any training. It is possible to combine it with so-called "boxing with a shadow". Let's say it is possible to carry out burp within 30 seconds, then as much on time – boxing with a shadow. To alternate so within 2-3 minutes. And after 1 round to have a rest about 1 minute.

Good the assistant when tracking intervals can become the timer. If near at hand it did not appear, it is possible to go some other way and to mark, how many blows in boxing with a shadow and burp you do for a certain time span. Let's say you do 10 burp and 100 blows for 25 seconds. And in the subsequent occupations it is possible not to note time, and to consider number of repetitions.

Do not think that during boxing with a shadow you have a rest from intensive burp. On the contrary, try to put all the force and vigorously to strike blows. After all the purpose of this interval – to force to work a body even during fatigue.

Experts recommend to carry out burp from 3 to 5 times a week. If you are engaged in other power trainings, burp can become some kind of warm-up before the main exercises.

In practice

Today experts developed the whole set of exercises of a burpa for different levels of preparation. suggests to examine them.

For beginners: to carry out 2 minute round four times. Thus rest has to last no more than 1 minute between each round.

Average level: the same of 2 minute, but already 6 rounds with rest 1 minute. It is also possible to carry out 3 minute rounds 4 times, to have a rest in the same mode.

For the advanced athletes: 6 times on a 3 minute round with 1 minute of rest between them.

The mode for the most skilled: in this case time of rounds and number of times same, as well as for advanced, the only thing, decreases rest time till 30 seconds.

The main thing – moderation

Burp are trainings with high intensity after which sweat flows like water. For the prepared organism – quite normal reaction. But here the beginner can react to such loading absolutely in a different way. These exercises can be hazardous to health and even to cost life! Therefore before the beginning it is desirable to be examined by the doctor.

There is one legend which professional athletes tell for the first time come to the sports hall, than warn persons interested to be engaged in exercises of a burpa in house conditions. So, two fictional characters who are the main characters and an embodiment of overtrainings, the example prove, than excessive occupations can be fraught. The first – the clown Pyyuki, the person which during excessive physical activity stoshnit. The second – the clown Rabdo sets people thinking even more – he from continuous trainings is externally similar to the dying person. It is represented with the broken-off skin, the dropped-out bodies and connected to the hemodialysis device.

These characters are some kind of reminder to athletes that in trainings the main thing - moderation.

Let such cases also happen seldom, nevertheless it is worth being careful. The reason of tragedies can become:

  • insufficient physical preparation;
  • race behind fast results;
  • excessive motivation;
  • lack of knowledge;
  • large number of repetitions;
  • inability to distinguish normal muscular reaction to loadings;
  • unhealthy overtraining.

Of course, physical activity is necessary for development of a body and training of an organism, but you should not go too far and try to keep sensible mind. In a pursuit of results it is not necessary to step over line and to pay excessively high price.

If you have a desire to dump a two-three of kilograms and to support themselves in an excellent form, burp – excellent option. A minimum of time, any expenses, fast effect – here that you receive as a result of exercises. Moderate and regular trainings for a short time will present you a slender body and healthy appearance.

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