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Orthodox ceremonies of burial and commemoration of the deceased

Such state of peace when the person is subject to death, will be before the most second coming on Lord Jesus's earth. Therefore prayers of the people living on the earth to God, about rest deceased, will rise till the end of this world. will tell about the most important of these prayers: burial service, memorial services and a commemoration deceased on the liturgy of preparation.
Fall of the first people, our primogenitors Adam and Eve, led to the huge changes, both in a nature of the person, and in all world surrounding it. In essence, these changes are awful. They generated such terrible phenomena as grief, diseases, decay, and death which before fall was not. But such state material, and any part spiritual, the worlds, does not correspond to a good plan of the Creator of the Universe about development and to improvement of these two interconnected spheres of life. All these consequences of fall God Svyat, the Benefits is not result of the God's proizvoleniye, after all, Vsesovershenen, and Itself is Lyubov and consequently, did not want, and will never want the evil as owing to the perfection It in general is invariable. But the Lord popustit to the person to disobey it, and to fall into a sin, knowing about all extremely heavy consequences of fall of people. And as if at first sight it paradoxically did not look, but it is an indicator of on how many the Lord loves the creation – the person, and values it. It is rather simple to understand, on the God's gifts given Them to the person how many are great. Despite the immense love to people, the Lord did not begin to interfere with their free will, in a paradise garden when the first people decided to disobey God, thinking that, against the will of the Creator, having eaten from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, they will become as gods. God will never begin to force free will of the person which He also granted to it. Other big gift is all world surrounding us which as "property" of the person, after it, inherited an inevitable consequence of a sin: decay, destruction and death. And such state of peace when the person is subject to death, will be before the most second coming on Lord Jesus's earth. Therefore prayers of the people living on the earth to God, about rest deceased, will rise till the end of this world. will tell about the most important of these prayers: burial service, memorial services and a commemoration deceased on the liturgy of preparation.

Preparation for burial

According to orthodox traditions the body of the died Christian is washed and dressed in pure, or, whenever possible, in new clothes. Then it is believed in "shroud" is a white cover. All this becomes meaning that the dead at the baptism made the promise to carry out the life in piety and purity.
Respectively, it is meant that aspiration to such life he did not profane the soul various defects. Or a body of the deceased dress in clothes of a rank or rank in which he lived the terrestrial life and throughout it served God. For example, bishops and ordinary presbyters who devoted themselves to sacred service of Church are buried in their full vestments, also and simple monks dressed in compliance of their rank. The military officers who chose the terrestrial way in service to the Fatherland in the ranks of the state armed forces are buried too in the clothes corresponding to their rank and a rank. A body of the died military dress, as a rule, in a smart uniform. Such tradition says that all dead will appear before the Lord everyone in the to a rank in which the person was assigned on the earth. And everyone will be responsible for fruits what it bore in the terrestrial service. Then, when dead believe in a coffin, the nimbus with Christ, Bozhyey Materi and Ioann Predtechi's image is assigned to his forehead. On it there is a prayer inscription "Svyaty Bozhe, Svyaty Krepky …". The nimbus itself symbolizes wreaths of glory which Christians for execution by them of works and griefs for the sake of Christ are vouchsafed during lifetime, during terrestrial life. The Virgin and the Christ's Forerunner represented on a nimbus who, undoubtedly, are intercessors for us before God were honored with the greatest glory. And on hands deceased the cross or any icon as a sign of belief deceased in Christ, his Prechistuyu Mater and sacred is necessary, to God pleased. After all this the body of the dead on a half is covered with a sacred cover which symbolizes a cover of the God's good fortune which always is present at Church, and covering all her members. A coffin, usually have on the middle of the room so that the deceased was directed by the head towards a corner with house icons, and feet to an exit. And round a coffin light candles, as a sign of hope that the dead passed into light area – the Kingdom of God. After at a coffin read psaltir, with addition of prayers about rest of the dead. Usually at such reading psalms doleful prayers insert on each "glory". This reading alternates with service of memorial services. Before burial the special posledovaniye - a rank of prayers after a soul outcome which is placed at the end of a psaltira is necessary. These prayers at a coffin, rise to God about the day of burial service and burial. On custom, the coffin with a body of the deceased can be in the house about three days that to burial all relatives and relatives deceased managed to arrive, wishing to say goodbye to it.

Service of burial service

Before burial the coffin with a body deceased for burial service is transferred to the temple. Before taking out the dead from the house, at its coffin make a lity - a short burial service. And during transfer Svyaty Bozhe, Svyaty Krepky …" sing ".
In the temple a coffin dispose closer to the center, so, that the dead was turned facing an altar. And from four parties of a coffin put lamps with the burning icon lamps or candlesticks with the lit candles. After that there is a service of burial service, chants in brief representing all destiny of the person. In them it is said that for a crime of precepts of people again addresses to the earth from which it was taken. But, despite a set of sins, people, in fact, does not stop being in a God's way. And in the prayers said during burial service Sacred Church asks gracious God to forgive to the dead about whom the service is conducted, all his sogresheniye, and to vouchsafe the Kingdom of Heaven. And after reading of the Apostle and the Gospel in which it is told about the future general revival of the dead, the priest says over deceased a prayer of absolution thanks to which the dead is allowed from prohibitions and sins which he could not remember during the repentance. And the priest vlagat the text of this prayer in his hands. Thus, deceased it is let in afterlife go in peace. Then, native, relatives and acquaintances give to the dead the last kissing, and say goodbye to it. After all say goodbye to it, a body of the dead wrap up a shroud, and the priest, saying: "The Lord's earth and execution eya …", strews it crosswisely with the earth. And when the coffin is closed by a cover, the chorus is sung by "eternal memory".


After burial service the coffin with a body of the deceased is transferred to a cemetery where lower it in in advance dug grave which dig out so that deceased it would be possible to lower facing the East. As the East symbolizes the country of light, pleasure and good fortune, "the Sun of the Truth" our Christ Bog, – the Kingdom of Heaven from where came. And at burial the short doleful lity is made.
After burial over a grave establish a cross as a symbol of that tool which Christ won against death. Thanks to the Cross on which Christ suffered, all of us have opportunity, after general revival of the dead, to find life eternal in the God's Kingdom. The Lord of all people expiated the Blood, only not all people use this possibility of rescue.

Commemoration of the deceased

After death of a shower of the dead passes through special spiritual spaces on which dirty spirits (demons) try to take control of it. And the more the person at the life sinned, did good less and repented insufficiently, the more demons have "rights" for such soul. It is accepted to call this spiritual sphere drudgeries. Here the human soul needs especially protection of God's saints and angels. Most likely that passes through drudgeries of people within the first forty terrestrial days. But it does not mean at all that time stream in those spaces tozhdestven to terrestrial calculation. Minute on the earth can appear there for years and vice versa, decades and hundreds of terrestrial years, can fly by there in some minutes. After all a state and perception of the soul which appeared without body, for certain, perfect others and the sphere of life there absolutely another. But as if there was not, prayers about rest deceased in the first forty days after death, are very necessary for his soul. In Orthodox Church the third, ninth, and fortieth days, after death in which prayers, characteristic for these days, are said are considered as the special. For example, in the third day the Church remembers three-day Revival of Christ and asks him to revive the dead for blissful eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. In the ninth day the Sacred Church asks the Lord to vouchsafe the same benefits what were got by God's saints who, as well as angels, are subdivided into nine ranks. And in the fortieth day in Church prayers about that Jesus Christ who rose on the Sky in the fortieth day after the revival uplifted also the dead to the Kingdom of Heaven are made. But sometimes on diligence of the family of a commemoration deceased are served for all forty days. Such forty-day commemoration is called as forty days' prayers for the dead. And it is undoubted that forty days' prayers for the dead are most effective, than usual commemorations in the third, ninth, and fortieth days.

But after these forty days the family of the dead should not forget to pray for them and to order memorial services (burial services) for their commemoration, especially, in the days which are especially allocated with Church for this purpose when all Universal Church prays for rest of deceased orthodox Christians. And very well what often give notes with names deceased for their commemoration on the liturgy of preparation as through this religious rite by the dead the good fortune or, as a last resort, a great relief is reported do.
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