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How to pump up a biceps

Probably, there is no person who would not want to have a beautiful body. All know that the ideal form can be reached thanks to sports activities. And it is worth looking at fine figures of people, at once there is a desire to become same as they. Perfectly put figures of athletes, their relief muscles cause admiration in a female half of mankind and envy at men.

Most often at the sight of a beautiful body, first of all, bicepses are evident. No wonder, after all these muscles of a body the most effective. Probably, therefore people who decided "to make" the body, first of all want to pump up bicepses. Be not surprised, but to make it quite really even in house conditions. It is enough to be engaged in physical activities and properly to eat. Mirsovetov will help you to come nearer to the desirable purpose and to achieve good results. We will tell you about a choice of exercises, an order of their performance, and also volume of trainings. So, we will start …

We set before ourselves the purpose

Having read this article, you will be able independently to pump up bicepses even in house conditions. However for receiving results it is necessary to follow important rules:

  • it is necessary to be engaged regularly and strenuously;
  • as much as possible to concentrate on trainings;
  • to be attentive when performing exercises.

Couple of words about biceps anatomy

Now, when installation on result is received, let's understand that is a biceps. If to speak anatomy language, this combination of two muscles – two-headed and humeral. Let's consider functions of each of them.

Dvukhglavy muscle. Comprises two heads located on a shovel. They are connected by a beam bone. The Dvukhglavy muscle occupies the most considerable part of a biceps. Its function – a supination, that is turn of a forearm outside.

Humeral muscle. This muscle crosses a joint of a shoulder and is strengthened on the top part of a bone of an elbow. Its mission - to bend an elbow.

Biceps - the most relief muscle in all body! We learned how biceps muscles are arranged. Let's understand now as they can be made relief. For this purpose we will consider exercises by means of which it is possible to pump up a biceps.

Remember: trainings need to be carried out only when using the correct equipment not to put at risk own health.

We use a bar

The most traditional and checked way – bendings of hands with a bar. For each type of exercises the type of a bar is necessary.

It should be noted that many make a mistake already at the raising of a bar. Generally do it with emphasis on feet or a back. Therefore first council: it is better for beginners to use a sports belt which will lower load of a back. Will help to reduce it and by other muscles of a body a bent signature stamp. Also during pumping of muscles of a biceps on wrists of hands it is possible to strengthen bandage. Use special supports for bars once again not to bend behind it. So:

  1. We undertake a bar the successful fellow on width of shoulders, we press elbows to sides.
  2. We bend hands, and on the most top point, without stopping, we come back to initial situation.

We pump up muscles by means of a bench with an inclination

Such pumping of muscles is used by many well-known athletes:

  1. The bench needs to be made under an inclination.
  2. We lay down on a back so that shoulders touched a bench. Lower hands. Do not take big dumbbells, differently risk to be traumatized.
  3. During bending and lifting of hands with dumbbells make a supination.
  4. Pay attention: bending has to happen only along the case. It is impossible to tear off shoulders from a bench.
  5. Feel compression of muscles then lower hands.

Dumbbells in the help

  1. Starting position - standing with the lowered hand in which we hold dumbbells.
  2. When bending hands turn wrists so that in the top point thumbs looked outside, and palms - up.
  3. In the highest point as much as possible squeeze muscles then lower hands.

Also exercises can be carried out on the block if you are engaged in a gym. The principle same, as well as when training with a bar. Here the emphasis is placed on the highest point of bending for the maximum reduction of muscles.

We swing muscles on Scott's bench

For study of muscles exercises on Scott's bench will become very effective. Such trainings allow to start the lower part of bicepses in work.

Pay attention to technology of performance of exercise. Bend hands before full reduction of muscles above and extension – below.

For work on Scott's bench, sit down conveniently on it. Check that when performing exercise in the top point there was an intensive reduction of muscles. Additional loading – turn dumbbells so that a little finger as it was possible closer to shoulders. It you will achieve the maximum reduction in muscles.

The concentrated bending of hands

Athletes do this training upon termination of occupations. It is intended for study of the top part of a biceps:

  1. We sit down on a bench, thus feet it is developed at an angle.
  2. We take a dumbbell in hand. The elbow is pressed to a hip.
  3. The second hand we lean in a knee of other foot.
  4. Make bending of a hand with a dumbbell to a shoulder.

Do not take heavy dumbbells as they will not allow to make approach correct for this exercise. Use such weight with which you will be able to control exercise performance. Do not help yourself a shoulder – it has to be not movably.

We swing muscles by means of exercise "hammer"

Thanks to this exercise it is possible to control the speed and amplitude of performance of movements. Such training perfectly trains forearm muscles, and also studies the top part of a biceps. This exercise well proved among professional athletes.

  1. Reach a starting position standing. Take both dumbbells in hand, lower them along a trunk.
  2. Feet are a little wider than shoulders and are bent in knees. Turn palms one to another and to a body.
  3. Inhale and lift one dumbbell to a shoulder joint, thus the joint has to be not mobile.
  4. We bend a hand up. Feel tightening of a muscle then slowly start lowering a dumbbell.
  5. When the first hand falls, begin the same movement, but other hand.

Exercise can be done or two hands in a row, or in turn. Some athletes are sure what exactly at change of hands of a muscle are better reduced.

How often to train

Most effective to carry out the described sets of exercises not less than two times a week with a break in three days. Exercises it is possible to alternate or pick up for itself the most optimum options.

Carry out the very first exercise in two approaches till 10-15 times with easy burdening. It is necessary for a warming up of your muscles. Consider that irrespective of the chosen strategy, muscles before training need to be warmed always. It is an integral part of any training.

Also do not forget about technology of performance of exercises when swing a biceps. Only in that case you are expected by tremendous result!

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