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As it is correct to bring up the child

The kid was not born yet, and in the imagination we present it to the most beautiful, the cleverest, the kindest. In the evening, having gathered after the working day of the house, you with the husband dream of that your future child grew up the decent person, and to you gave one joy.

The little chicken is my child;
The small ball is my sonny.
Wash, such desired, the too long-awaited!
You sleep, as the angel, the pretty sonny.
Appearance you are similar to the father, and character - in mother.
E. Gavrilova
Как правильно воспитать ребенка The kid was not born yet, and in the imagination we present it to the most beautiful, the cleverest, the kindest. In the evening, having gathered after the working day of the house, you with the husband dream of that your future child grew up the decent person, and to you gave one joy.
What happiness is tested by us, parents when the child is born: such tiny, defenseless, favourite, native, desired. Both grandfathers, and grandmothers start with the earliest age indulging the child, and that the most important, it is impossible to tell anything – take offense. And after all during this period everything is in our hands! During this period of life more than ever the question starts exciting us earlier how to become good parents for the child. After all the kid it is necessary not only to learn to take the first steps, independently to eat and put on, but also to pay attention to its development and education since first of all from us, parents, depends how educated, talented and capable our child will grow up.
What our different children! And business not only that they differ externally, is much more important another: children of the same sex, age, growth, weight significantly differ in the internal features – temperament, abilities, requirements, activity, the attitude towards surrounding people. And recommends to consider all these features of your child of in education.

Abilities of your child and as to develop them

Игра – это не просто веселое времяпровождение, это главное занятие детей дошкольного возраста Abilities is not the privilege only of the elected children. The nature allocated each child with the surprising abilities but different and only from us, parents, further development of abilities of our child depends. Emergence of abilities in the child at early age is not a rarity. Now at children and a toy what want, and a videoshop of animated films, the computer, a set of the beautiful illustrated books: play – I do not want, but the child asks parents to play with him. Your kid wants to be the focus of attention. The attention is very important for the child. But it is often possible to hear in reply: "Let's play later – I have no time". It would be desirable to advise parents, not to make such mistakes in education of the child. Homework is always, and here the child will quickly grow up and then already and is glad to play with him, but your child has already other interests.
Game is not simply cheerful pastime, this main occupation of children of preschool age. And that it was interesting to your child to play, it is necessary to be discharged completely of the current problems and simply cheerfully to spend time. Psychologists claim unanimously what it is not just necessary to play with children, and it is necessary. The need for game with parents is very favorable for psychological health of the child, especially at early age. At each age different games:
Игры способствуют развитию фантазии и логического мышления
  • for children from 1 to 1,5 are subject games: nested dolls, pyramids, games in sand with a shovel and a bucket, rattles, soft toys, etc.;
  • from 1,5 to 3 are role-playing games: we feed mother, we lull a favourite toy, etc.;
  • from 3 and further are subject role-playing games: we gather on the sea, in shop we shop and we go on a visit, etc.
Games promote development of the imagination and logical thinking. Now we are not surprised any more, having heard that in the 3 years the child learns English, superficially knows the computer and many other things. Our children develop, imitating us the adult. And therefore if the child from the very beginning sees kindness in a family, mutual understanding, respect, the friendly relations between parents, care is already will be a considerable contribution to his education. For certain you will notice, as in plots of the games it will use the same feelings.

Discipline in education of children

Дисциплина в воспитании детей Specific features of our children are various among themselves, and to find the general theory of education very hardly. And in general, each of parents has to have the technique of education of the child. I consider that those parents who are too strict and often punish children – deprive of the child of ability to independence. Yes, the severity is necessary, but not an extreme – everything has to be moderately. Children are younger than two years seldom make the acts having pronounced aggressive and spiteful character – simply their acts do not have enough deliberation. And if at early age of the child to beat for any disobedience, you in it will lay the foundation for rage, aggression. And then there will be a question: "Why he such angry grew up, nervous, irritable, indecisive?". And after all by and large we will be guilty of it, parents who their such brought up. The most important, on what would like to pay your attention: educational methods have to be consecutive and are not inconsistent. Happens so that today parents have a good mood and nobody reacts to the wrong actions of the child. And tomorrow you not in the spirit of and them punish for the slightest fault. Anything good of such education will not leave! To agree to you with my opinion or not is already your business.

Someone from philosophers told: "The confidence is force". From this statement it is possible to draw a conclusion: it is necessary to put all the forces in education of children in order that they grew up self-assured persons, so strong. Physical force plays an important role lives is health, cheerfulness, a beautiful figure. It is possible to be physically healthy, strong, beautiful person, but not self-assured. The self-assured person is strong, courageous, achieving the set goals.
Also we wish you to bring up such child!
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