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Impressions from a threshold. Bright hotels of London

When you already passed a cheerful quest with obtaining the British visa, it was necessary to solve, where to stop.

Because of dispassionateness of Great Britain from the Schengen agreement, London is yet not so well studied by our compatriots, many reviews of hotels are not translated into Russian. Thus the variety of conceptual places for housing which will occupy the certain head in your story to friends about travel to Albion, really is struck! It is necessary only to try to find them … You found them.

If you want that English style surrounded you not only during your pastime in London, but also in life, doors of the vast majority of hotels are open for you. Practically all places where you stop, are in the reconstructed mansions or estates with the history. Bars on the first floors logically will appear pubs, in a lobby it will be possible to sit at a fireplace and to read English literature which is almost always presented in hotels on specially equipped racks.

But if you look for the original and memorable housing, this review for you. Let's start!

To admirers of the modern art it is devoted. CitizenM

The concept of the Amsterdam bureau which rather recently opened the Europe's fourth CitizenM says: "Design hotels have to be available".

Apollo the witness, at them it turns out. 192 creative numbers from 6904 rubles in a night. Ergonomics of rooms, streamline shapes of furniture and equipment, without corners. You are expected by a tropical shower, a huge bed and a window on all wall. For identity the art object or a design thing is added to each number. Essentially free Wi-Fi.

Know-how, unusual for the London hotels, – the touch panel tablet PC, for adjustment of lighting, viewing of movies, listening of music, control of blinds and temperature.

Palette of paints on a branded design panel and the exclusive furniture in a lobby from the known Swiss company Vitra having own museum of design. MAC desktop computers, five seriously equipped halls for business meetings or mini-conferences: multi-touch tables panels, projectors and so on. Besides usual literature in the hall, abundance of photo albums and books on art.

And as it is the region of Bankside, near you Tower, Globe Theater, Tate Modern Gallery and Millennium bridge. And still rolls are baked directly in hotel in the mornings. In total for your inspiration.

You creative, young and "budgetary"? Go in trip the whole company? To you here. Clink78

This hostel has many stories. Guess where to Charles Dickens the idea to write "Oliver Twist" came?

Also in this estate of the XIX century of 200 years there was a city court where destinies of British were literally decided. Though time and designers turned the former conference hall into cozy lounge zone with 60-inch plasma.

Worthy contrast of a choice of the lodging for the night. From a bed capsule to … a prison cell. 640 numbers from 1907 rubles in a night. It is the price of a standard place in this hostel, you will find other prices of hotellook .ru/GB/London-7896/Clink78-297210.html.

For additional safety an entrance on a key cards. Free breakfasts, bed linen, lamps for reading and personal lockers. Still the hostel offers various and a little amusing special offers. For example, reserve 3 days in the female room – receive free manicure (certainly if you are a girl).

Nearby buses, subway and railway station Kings-Kross. To the British museum of only 20 minutes on foot. Gift shop, modern kitchen and free excursions. For bigger cosmopolitan comfort in the bar of hostel DJs sets and acoustic concerts are carried out. Everything is cheerful and lawful.

We will rock you, London! Hotel Pelirocco

Feel a rock star which do not expel from hotel. Pelirocco is 19 surprising numbers, each of which transfers you to the separate page of history of the Rock'n'roll and will open an underground esthetics.

80 kilometers from London will cost these impressions. The room stylized under shop of vinyl phonograph records, number in style grunge with knitted things (even a cover for phone), night lamps from the bottles of "capital" cut in a wall. The price for number begins from 6423 pounds, everything directly depends on the room chosen by you.

For the acceptable price the exclusive gift for the rest of life is guaranteed to you – the famous photographer Phil Howard will hold a unique photoshoot in your number!

Having expanded geography of the trip from London to Brighton, you will be able to see the unforgettable museum of toys and models, royal pavilion, art Brighton gallery and many other things.

Also in hotel own Relax-direction with different types of massage is developed. And for 25 pounds you will be given room keys in which it is possible to sing songs of cult foreign groups loudly. However, there is a condition – 12 people at most.

In a word – Rock 'n' Roll!

The drive in Pelirocco is not the concept, but lifestyle, eventually, they have even own radio show. And the dynamic atmosphere which reigns in these walls, accurately lets know that it is much more, than simply thematic hotel.

Excellent to you travel! Choose for yourself the best. All hotels of London on

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