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Pelvic prelying of a fruit

Pregnancy – the most disturbing time in the woman's life. Future mummies with a sinking heart listen to the feelings and constantly are anxious, whether all as it should be with their kid? Unfortunately, some of them really have bases to worry concerning the "interesting" situation. For example, at the diagnosis "pelvic prelying of a fruit".

Feet and a bottom of the baby thus are turned towards a uterine pharynx of the woman. While the kid develops and grows, he manages to turn over several times in a stomach at mother. By 23rd week of pregnancy the fidget ostepenyatsya finally and holds position the head down - to an exit from a uterus. This most convenient provision of a fruit for childbirth. The head of the baby has the biggest diameter in comparison with other parts of a body. The main test for the child in the course of a rodorazresheniye – to protisnut a head on narrow patrimonial ways. Further business will go, like clockwork: the trunk and an extremity will slip out with little effort the kid.

Pelvic prelying is dangerous to the woman: it can cause late toxicosis, fetoplatsentarny insufficiency, oxygen starvation of a fruit, patrimonial injuries. Whether it is possible to help the kid to turn over in the correct situation?

Features of pelvic prelying

According to obstetricians and gynecologists, the kid settles down in this way at 3–5% of future mothers. The pregnancy complicated by the pelvic provision of a fruit demands vigilant control from doctors.

At the beginning of patrimonial process the neck of a uterus is still insufficiently maleficiated and not completely opened therefore passing on patrimonial ways of a head of the child is always interfaced to certain difficulties. When the kid "goes" legs forward, such problems do not arise, but there is a number of dangerous complications which absolutely unexpectedly can arise at the time of delivery. Let's list only some of them:

  • asphyxia (asthma) of the child;
  • birth of the dead kid;
  • injuries of mother and the baby in the course of childbirth: intra cranial injuries and injury of a backbone at the child, ruptures of patrimonial ways at the woman.

Buttock prelying: why so occurs

The reasons for which the child in mother's womb unexpectedly can "take seat" on a bottom, there is a lot of. Briefly we will list them everything:

  1. Uterus fibroma.
  2. Tumors in ovaries.
  3. Anatomic features of a structure of a uterus (for example, saddle uterus).
  4. Unusual form of a basin.
  5. High activity of the growing kid. Excessive mobility of a fruit can be caused by abundance of water, deficiency of oxygen, gidro-and a mikrotsefaliya.
  6. The limited movements of a fruit because of lack of water, the insufficient length of an umbilical cord, an obvitiya an umbilical cord.
  7. Numerous operations on a uterus scraping in the past, existence in the anamnesis of the pregnant woman of data on the diseases preceding pregnancy. Among them especially adverse effects for incubation of the child have an endometritis and tservitsit. Also the normal course of pregnancy is not promoted by abortions which the woman made in the past, and the numerous pregnancies previous real. Because of all these states there is a pathological hyper tone of the lower part of a uterus owing to what the fruit will try to reach such position at which spazmirovanny walls of a uterus will not squeeze its head – it will settle down legs or a bottom down.
  8. Low arrangement of a placenta.
  9. Postoperative scars on a uterus.
  10. The stress, nervous shocks transferred future mother.
  11. Heredity. This factor, however, remains to this day a subject of heated arguments of the scientists studying pathological states in obstetrics and gynecology.

Types of a pelvic arrangement of a fruit

Pelvic prelying is classified on foot and buttock.

In case of foot prelying the child can take some positions:

  • to a uterine pharynx both legs (full prelying) are turned;
  • to an exit from a uterus one foot (incomplete) is turned;
  • in a small pelvis "watch" knees of the kid (knee).

Doctors deal with buttock prelying of a fruit much more often. It happens incomplete (the kid sits on a bottom, having extended legs along a trunk) and mixed (the child "squats" - his legs are bent in knees and coxofemoral joints).

The greatest tests fall to lot of pregnant women with the foot or mixed buttock prelying – patrimonial activity in these cases or absolutely weak, or is absent at all.

Danger of pelvic prelying to health of the kid

When the fruit turns over "from the head on feet", right there is a set of potential complications which can break full development of the child.

So, since 33–34 weeks of pregnancy physiological processes which are responsible for maturing of a medulla of the kid are slowed down that in the future will turn back decrease in protective and adaptation reactions of the little man. On the same term fetalny sexual glands of the child are exposed to irreversible changes: in the future of serious diseases of the sexual sphere to it not to avoid.

Pelvic prelying can remind of itself when diagnose congenital heart disease for the child or the central nervous system, a problem with a gastrointestinal tract or the musculoskeletal device.

As diagnose pelvic prelying

Pelvic prelying usually is found on the term of 28 - 29 weeks of pregnancy, but final forecasts doctors do not hurry to do: the kid still can turn over up to the 36th week of pre-natal life.

To feel, in what pose the kid located in a stomach, the woman physically cannot especially as pelvic prelying of a fruit to it does not bring any inconvenience or pain. It is possible to establish an arrangement of the kid by external obstetric and vaginal inspection.

Points high standing of a uterine bottom which exceeds norm on this term of pregnancy, and the heartbeat heard in a navel to pelvic prelying. At external research the doctor will note soft and inactive part of a fruit which has the wrong form around a bosom. And around a uterine bottom, on the contrary, the round, firm and mobile part – a head is probed.

To specify the assumption of the gynecologist, ask for the help experts of ultrasonography. Procedure of a three-dimensional ekhografiya will give to the doctor a clear idea of in what situation there is a kid.

Pelvic prelying of a fruit and childbirth

The main conditions for a natural uncomplicated rodorazresheniye are:

  • good shape of the pregnant woman and fruit;
  • harmony of a basin and child;
  • biological readiness of a maternal organism for childbirth;
  • purely buttock prelying of a fruit.

The birth of the kid who is in pelvic prelying by means of operation of Cesarean section occurs in a case:

  • long infertility of mother;
  • perenoshenny pregnancy;
  • Rhesus factor conflict;
  • still births;
  • gestoza;
  • habitual not incubation;
  • it is more than 30 years of age of the woman;
  • large fruit (more than 3,5 kg);
  • prelying of a placenta;
  • existence of hems on a uterus;
  • non-standard situation at natural childbirth.

Most often Cesarean section is justified when the fruit is in the foot or mixed prelying: the risk of asphyxia, loss of an umbilical cord and the birth of the dead child at a natural rodorazresheniye is too great.

Gymnastics at pelvic prelying

To help the kid to take place with a mother's tummy "more conveniently" for the forthcoming birth it is possible by means of special gymnastics. It is necessary to be engaged from 32–34 weeks of pregnancy. reminds that future mother has to coordinate all actions with the attending physician. At the heart of each set of exercises for pregnant women at pelvic prelying – turns.

Exercise No. 1.

The woman to lay down sideways, and then slowly turns over on other side. To repeat on 3–4 times each 8–10 minutes on 2–3 approaches. Exercise needs to be done on 2–3 times daily.

Exercise No. 2.

The pregnant woman to lay down on a back, previously having placed under a waist a pillow. The basin thus has to is 20-30 cm higher than the head. It is so necessary to lie 5–10 minutes (at most 15). Exercise is carried out by 2–3 times a day before food.

Exercise No. 3.

The woman puts feet on width of shoulders and freely lowers hands along a trunk. Now it is necessary to incline the case aside and to make an exhalation, to return to a starting position and to inhale. Exercise is repeated by 4–6 times in each party.

Exercise No. 4.

The pregnant woman costs directly, having put hands on a belt. It is necessary to inhale and bend back, then, having slowly bent forward and having curved a waist, to make an exhalation. To repeat 2–3 times.

Exercise No. 5.

Feet of future mother stand on width of shoulders, hands on a waist. It is necessary to part straight arms in the parties and slowly to inhale, then to turn the case to the left and to connect feet together then to exhale. To return to an initial position and to execute the same actions in other party. To repeat at most 4 times.

As contraindications for performance of these exercises consider existence of postoperative hems on a uterus, prelying of a placenta, strong toxicosis on late term.

Recommend to future mother at pelvic prelying of a fruit quiet and a regular life: besides a full-fledged dream at night it needs also short-term respites during the day. Much attention is paid to a balanced diet of the woman not to allow a fruit hypertrophy.

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