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How to reel up boxing bandage

Boxing bandage are the integral attributes of any combat sport. They protect "fists" of fighters from various injuries and damages. But very few people know that there are many ways of winding of this sports equipment. Today will tell about several of them.

It is a little about boxing bandage

The boxing bandage represents a long not wide rag of fabric. It, at the correct winding, accompanies fixing of fingers in one row, thereby giving to blow still big power. Despite it, the main objective of boxing bandage – to protect wrists and joints from bruises, stretchings, cracks and other serious injuries. Besides at the expense of special fabric boxing tapes perfectly absorb moisture and prolong life to expensive gloves.

At a choice of winding let's anybody "be active" on your hand. Try all methods, it will allow you to experience this attribute of sport and to learn to use quickly and qualitatively it. Determine for yourself the optimum density and a tension. To make it very simply – after winding squeeze and unclench a hand several times if the discomfort does not arise, it is the best option for you. Treat winding procedure very seriously. After all it is an important aspect not only for health, but also for power and force of blow of the fighter. It is also important to choose bandage.

Boxing bandage are always on sale in couple, and their price policy depends on length and quality of fabric. Tapes are on sale at once with a logo, a loop for a thumb and a flypaper for convenient fixing today. At a choice of boxing bandage it is best of all to reel up them at once in shop to try durability of material and its "behavior" on a hand. Length of tapes usually depends on individual qualities of the fighter. Large swells best of all will suit bandage from four to five meters, subjects at whom a compact complete set, it is worth stopping the choice on three-meter attributes. At a choice of bandage you should not pursue low cost, and it is best of all to buy this equipment from branded firms which well proved.

There are two types of boxing bandage – from elastic fabric and what do not last. The first possess the excellent fixing property and hold each centimeter of a hand where it is necessary for you. But with elastic bandage it is necessary to be extremely careful, after all there is a risk "perezhatiya" of blood supply and violation of a blood-groove in a hand. For this reason this type of tapes is not recommended to use to beginners, and is allowed only skilled athletes. Not lasting tapes do of cotton fabric and are suitable for use to all: to both beginners, and skilled fighters. At the correct winding they will record a hand in the best way and thus will not interfere with a blood-groove. Making a start from results which the boxer wants to receive from a bintovka, these or those types of winding are used. Today Mirsovetov will bring a little from them.

Ways of a bintovka

Way 1. Almost all boxing tapes have so-called "buttonhole" which dress on a hand thumb. Almost each bintovka also begins with this action.

First of all, try the way "without fingers". After "loop" appeared on a thumb, it is necessary to make couple of turns on a wrist. Further we conduct a tape from outer side of a palm to the internal. Carrying out this action, be convinced that the middle of bandage wraps forefinger "bone". Then, conducting a tape on palm inside, wind "bone" of a little finger and throw bandage through the thumb basis. During this action the end of a thumb has to aspire up. After that the bandage needs to be "got" on a wrist from outer side of a palm. Further from the inside from a thumb to a little finger. It is necessary to repeat all these stages several times before the termination of a tape and voila – are ready to fight. Easier to remember, repeat sequence – a wrist, a palm, a thumb, a wrist … we repeat.

Way 2. At the first stage of this type of a bintovka it is also necessary to dress a buttonhole on a hand thumb. Further we conduct a tape to a wrist and we wrap it in a dense ring around. After that the bandage is directed to forefinger "bone", we wind it from below up to the finger basis. We lead round bandage in the bottom of a wrist and we conduct a tape to a middle finger, we wind it. Similar actions it is run with a ring finger and a little finger. When the little finger "is chained" in a boxing tape, we lead round bandage in the bottom of a wrist and we direct it to "bones" of fingers. Densely we reel up on them a tape and we finish "processing" of a hand a ring round a wrist. We fix the end of a tape and we go for fight. Complexity in performance of this winding, as a rule, does not arise, the main thing – to watch that there was no large number of folds and bends on a back surface of a brush. This way is the most popular among athletes-fighters as many were convinced of its practicality and convenience.

Way 3. This way of winding will be very good if you have any trauma, but it is impossible to cancel training in any way. Among athletes this way is considered "soft" and sparing for joints. To execute winding of boxing bandage in the "soft" way, you need to wrap up densely a tape round fingers several times, to remove this winding from fingers so that the ring did not break up. Further we put this ring lengthways twice, we clamp a thumb so that dense winding was on the back party of a palm, forming a small pillow. When winding appears on the right place, several times we wrap a palm in a free tape. Then on the back party of a palm we conduct bandage to a wrist and also we turn several times. After the wrist appears in embraces of a tape, on top we conduct it to a palm and again we wrap a small pillow. Further we come back to a wrist and from it we wind each finger. We fix a tape and we go on a ring. It should be noted that, despite advantages of this type of winding it is used extremely seldom as he does not allow to make fully blow strong.

Way 4. The fourth option implies performance of winding of boxing bandage through fingers. That it is correctly to execute it, it is necessary to begin "processing" of a hand with a little finger, but not with a forefinger. It is carried out similar to the second way, but fingers is wound not densely and as if we get a tape for everyone. To estimate advantages and shortcomings of this method – try it. It will seem to someone very convenient, and someone will be disappointed in it, after all convenience and a practicality of each winding has specific features.

Way 5. And finally a way of winding which was fallen in love in professional circles. It is rather simple. Winding happens by the same principles which we already considered above. It is only necessary to alternate a winding of a wrist, a brush and fingers till that time, the tape will not end yet. Fixing of a hand when using this method turns out very strong and strong, but thus it is not necessary to waste a lot of time and to reflect on each separate round.

Mirsovetov recommends to try on himself all types of winding of boxing bandage. Only then you precisely decide on what will satisfy you and will help to make fight by the most effective.

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