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Botox – youth injections

Wrinkles do not decorate the woman. They give out age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even professional care of skin will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles by means of Botox injections, I will tell in article. Only at once it should be noted that their efficiency is strictly individual. But with each subsequent prick the effect "collects".
Wrinkles do not decorate the woman. They give out age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even professional care of skin will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles by means of youth injections, will tell
Recently in Europe "the botoksny boom" storms real. Twenty-year-old girls hurry to try on themselves a miracle cure against wrinkles even, and young ladies aged become simply dependent on youth pricks.

What is the Botox

Botox is a poison. A neurotoxin, weakened and which cleared scanty dose is capable to cause paralysis of muscles. Sounds, in my opinion, frighteningly. But, in fact, not everything is so terrible. Botox is used many years in cosmetology and not only. Its action is based on blocking of signals between a nerve and a muscle. That is you on a habit want to shift eyebrows, but this "team" simply does not "reach" eyebrow muscles. Thanks to this mechanism you can force the muscles not to work, and, respectively, and "to switch-off" the mechanism of formation of wrinkles. Botox treat also excess perspiration, various proktologichesky and ophthalmologic diseases, migraines and even cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

Efficiency of injections of youth

Ботокс – инъекции молодости It is necessary to notice that efficiency of Botox is strictly individual. At one blocking of muscles remains for 7-8 months, is not enough for another and for three weeks. However the effect after a prick is shown almost instantly – small wrinkles disappear completely, deep for 75%. With each subsequent prick the effect "collects" and amplifies though we will dissolve a preparation in water and is easily output from an organism. Pricks are painless – the insulin syringe and local anesthesia is used.
Procedure lasts on average 10-20 minutes. And right after a prick you can lead active lifestyle. However, within the first two weeks it is not recommended to sunbathe, take alcoholic beverages, to accept antibiotics and some other medicines. Restrictions on age are not present, nevertheless, cosmetic injections of Botox under a ban for minors. Optimum to resort to this procedure after 30 years when there is an active process of emergence of wrinkles.
    The organism does not get used to Botox therefore the gradual increase in a dose is not required. And here psychological dependence is very possible. Having been influenced by action of pricks of beauty, many "are fond" and cannot stop – anybody does not want to see himself again with wrinkles. However experts claim that after several injections the mimicry gradually weakens, and wrinkles are smoothed.
Ботокс – инъекции молодости Effect of Botox in a zone of a neck and a decollete, between eyebrows, about eyes is especially noticeable ("goose pads" disappear). Also small wrinkles on an upper lip are perfectly eliminated. And here for nosogubny folds, a chin and cheeks forecasts not so joyful. For them it is better to pick up other cosmetic procedure.
    Disport is the Botox made in France. If offer you cheaper injection of Lantoks – do not risk. This preparation is made in China and gives weak, not long effect.
Do not think that having given an injection, you will forget about care of face skin and necks. By the way, nobody cancelled it!
    There is a wish also to advise very young girls not to do Botox injections in 18-20 years. At so early age of wrinkles, with rare exception, does not happen yet. If wrinkles start being formed, be engaged in face lifting, control a mimicry, try folk remedies. That who needs instant lifting, I can advise the saloon procedure "silk threads" – gentle and careful.

Consequences and contraindications

Ботокс – инъекции молодости The magic prick is not so harmless. On a network terrifying stories about the faces which became swollen after an injection, the immobilized eyelids, the swum-away eyes "walk" long ago. It is all about the quality of Botox and qualification of the cosmetologist. Correctly given injection of a qualitative preparation will please you with result. The slightest mistake – is fraught with complications. Bruises, omission of eyebrows, a spasm of eyelids, a lip immovability, a headache (all this will pass through three weeks) – here their not full list. And here the "correct" prick promotes decrease in fat content of skin and even treats a headache.
Botox – not cheap pleasure. Do not try to save, address to experts of the business, it is about your person and even life.
    Procedures cannot guarantee success even in solid clinics. Individual intolerance, immunity, incorrectly chosen prick zone – from it you will not be insured. Therefore be not too lazy to spend time for search of the excellent expert. You will be helped by the Internet, responses of acquaintances. The doctor has to be diplomaed: understand, Botox is a poison. One mistake and consequences can be the extremely unpleasant. I do not argue, in the world also deadly outcomes are recorded. However in those cases overdose at unqualified introduction of Botox was recorded.
Procedure cannot be carried out, if:
  • you have critical days, you are pregnant or nurse;
  • on skin there are abscesses, herpetic rash, you have psoriasis;
  • you have a strong short-sightedness, chronic diseases of kidneys, a liver or lungs;
  • coagulability of blood is broken;
  • you accept antibiotics, anticoagulants, aspirin, tetracycline medicines, calcium preparations, contraceptives;
  • individual intolerance of protein.
From personal experience I will tell that the mezhbrovny wrinkle is perfectly smoothed. After the first injection the effect lasted nearly 8 months, after the second prick passed more than one and a half years, but the wrinkle is almost not visible and easily disappears foundation. The acquaintance gave an injection in area of "goose pads" – was enough only for three months. If to cut away at once some points on a face, the mimicry considerably changes. Videla an example when wrinkles simply moved from a temple on a cheek. The main thing to find the good cosmetologist in solid clinic. Ask to make some injections at once. The cool expert will surely tell where Botox will be effective and where is not present, will mention contraindications. And can and will report that to you still early to resort to such radical measures.
Anyway, Botox – fine wrinkles medicine. Any cream of such effect will not give! Be beautiful!
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