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How to keep health of bones and joints

Often we do not pay attention to a condition of bones and joints while we do not have problems with them. At young age the most widespread problems are injuries. And in mature the situation is complicated by a set of factors which in common can lead to various diseases. It is necessary to make thrifty use of the bones and joints from the earliest age.
Здоровье костей и суставов Often we do not pay attention to a condition of bones and joints while we do not have problems with them. At young age the most widespread problems are injuries. And at mature age the situation is complicated by a set of factors which in common can lead to various diseases. One of major factors is known long ago: bones in our organism are formed approximately till 30 years, and from this age start collapsing gradually, calcium is washed away from a bone tissue because of what bones become fragile and fragile. Of course, it is quite long process, but we recommend to readers of to make thrifty use of the bones and joints from the earliest age and to follow the recommendations offered below to keep their health.

On what health of bones and joints depends

There is a lot of factors influencing health of bones and joints. The main of them it is possible to call:
  • hereditary factors. Very many diseases of joints are hereditary diseases. Attentively study history of relatives, can someone from them already has a diagnosis of the descended disease, for example, of Bekhterev's illness. Observe relatives: if someone from them already received one or even some changes at easy blow about furniture or at all without falling or blow, it is an occasion to reflect and be examined.
  • healthy nutrition. The diet poor in calcium and microcells usually leads to deterioration of a condition of bones.
  • physical exercises. Very big loadings or active sport can lead to injuries of joints and bones, and total absence of physical activity conducts to decrease in blood circulation in joints that sooner or later will be a cause of infringement of their work.

Healthy nutrition

Здоровье костей и суставов The correct diet for health of bones and joints is characterized, first of all, by the balanced food. To prevent development of various diseases, the organism has to receive a number of necessary elements from food.
One of the most important an element for health of a skeleton is calcium. At insufficient intake of calcium density of bones decreases that increases risk of changes and development of osteoporosis. For this reason it is necessary to use every day the products containing calcium, or calcium preparations. The day norm of calcium makes 1000-1300 mg.
Vitamin D is necessary for good digestion of calcium. On average at residents of our country insufficiency of vitamin D which needs to be filled is observed. The combination of a lack of vitamin D and calcium considerably worsens a condition of bones. In a winter season the lack of vitamin D always increases that reduces density of bones to 24%. For this reason the thicket needs to come to the sun in the afternoon. Vitamin K needs also to be added to the diet, it favorably influences assimilation by a calcium organism.
Vitamin C helps to increase density of minerals in bones, the best result happens at use of vitamin C together with calcium. Besides, researches show that at the people using not enough vitamin C the risk of development of rheumatoid arthritis increases three times.
For reduction of a chronic inflammation, healing of microinjuries of joints and restoration of elastic fabrics the omega-3 is recommended to accept fatty acids. One of the major elements for health of joints is manganese which participates in an exchange of fatty acids
Researches showed feedback between rheumatoid arthritis, one of widespread diseases of joints, and the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants are destroyed by the free radicals damaging tissue of joints. The strongest antioxidant is vitamin E.
The main component of a cartilage is collagen which works in fact as the shock-absorber. Readers of, probably, know also favorable effect of collagen in protection of skin against wrinkles. To help an organism to develop own collagen, it is necessary to eat kvertsetin – the antioxidant which is slowing down destruction of collagen and participating in its production.
The substance sulforafan helps to reduce risk of diseases of joints also due to the powerful antioxidant action preventing damage of tissues of joints by free radicals. The substance sulforafan contains, for example, in cabbage of broccoli.
At emergence of an inflammation of joints it is recommended to eat ginger which contains the substances of a gingerola possessing anti-inflammatory action.
Necessary elementWhere contains
CalciumDairy products, sheet cabbage, broccoli
Vitamin DAcceptance of solar bathtubs
Vitamin CCitrus (lemons oranges, tangerines), papaya, sheet cabbage
Omega-3 fatty acidsSalmon, salmon
Vitamin ENuts (almonds, etc.)
KvertsetinApples (especially thin skin of red color)
ManganeseBlack haricot, sheet cabbage

Diet in the period of an aggravation

In the period of an exacerbation of diseases of joints it is recommended to keep to a diet:
  • for reduction of hypostases and painful reaction in the inflamed joints it is recommended to reduce the use of salt, sharp, salty, smoked, any marinades;
  • to exclude all tinned products;
  • to exclude alcohol, after all except well-known harmful effects alcohol slows down removal of uric acid from an organism that can provoke gouty arthritis;
  • it is not recommended to use vegetables of a look paslenovy (tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, sweet pepper). The matter is that the paslenovy contain solanin which can strengthen pain, an inflammation and destruction of joints.
  • it is necessary to exclude the most widespread allergens, such as a citrus, chocolate, etc.;
  • to reduce the use of meat, dairy products, animal fats;
  • it is desirable to fill need for proteins, eating fish;
  • to increase in a diet the contents an omega-3 of fatty acids and vitamin E;
  • it is necessary to use enough qualitative fats: for this purpose as much as possible we exclude animal fats, and we include vegetable oils in food: olive, sesame, nut, sunflower, oil of grape seeds. Oil has to be fresh, not refined and by no means after frying;
  • to increase the use of fresh vegetables and juice, enough cellulose has to come to food;
  • to increase the use of the products rich with sulfur: garlic, onions.

Strengthening of bones and joints

The main preparations protecting cartilages include in the structure a glycosamine, hondroitin and metilsulfonilmetan.
Glyuzamin is carbohydrates which getting to a human body, is not spent as a power source, and used on formation of connecting tissue of cartilages and sinews. That is important, the glycosamine also helps to keep health of heart, nails, hair, etc.
Hondroitin is the polysaccharide helping food, regeneration and protection of cartilages, helping to keep water as a part of cartilaginous cages, and also well influencing all organism.
Metilsulfonilmetan – the substance which is a sulfur source. It possesses not only antipainful action, but also the general strengthening action on an organism, especially also on connecting fabric. It possesses anti-inflammatory action, well influences nails, hair, skin.
Women after forty should pay attention to a condition of hormones. The matter is that decrease in an estrogen negatively influences mineral structure of bones that is followed by removal of calcium and the developing fragility. For this reason at detection of problems with bones and joints it is necessary to address to your attending physician to determine the level of hormones and to appoint therapy.


Здоровье костей и суставов One of the reasons of diseases of joints is the hypodynamia – insufficient physical activity. For the prevention of emergence of various pathologies it is necessary to carry out the elementary exercises for joints. Pay attention that if you have an exacerbation of a disease of joints, it is better not to abuse physical activity. In this case you need to address to the doctor and to follow his instructions.
Now there are many techniques of carrying out gymnastics for joints. Are popular gymnastics across Piltsko, Norbekov and Bubnovsky, however it is better if you agree on the program of occupations with your attending physician.
The basic rules of gymnastics for joints are as follows:
  • first, the gymnastics needs to be done regularly, it is desirable every day;
  • the articulate gymnastics promotes strengthening of joints, but by no means it is impossible to load joints "on full", i.e. to overload itself with exercises. The periods of performance of exercises have to be replaced by the rest periods;
  • all exercises: grindings, rotations, bendings and extensions, turns and twisting it is necessary to carry out slowly;
  • it is desirable to carry out at least once in a week massage or self-massage of all joints;
  • it is desirable to choose the program which is most suitable for itself including exercises for all groups of joints from a large number of the offered exercises;
  • it is best of all to include both static, and dynamic exercises in the program of gymnastics.
Remember, it is necessary to treat gymnastics of joints responsibly, to leave unfinished a little better, than it is excessive to be overstrained every time. And surely keep a positive spirit during performance of exercises, most of experts say that is one of the most important components of success.

Special procedures

A large number of various procedures is applied to prevention and treatment of diseases of joints. Remember, purpose of procedures has to happen only the skilled expert as incorrectly appointed therapy can lead to indelible consequences.
One of widespread methods of treatment of joints is the physical therapy. There are some types of physical therapy:
  • for reduction of pains in joints (mediumwave ultra-violet radiation helps to reduce painful sensitivity of nerves of the affected joint);
  • for decrease in an inflammation in joints (apply infrared laser therapy, high-intensity centimetric therapy, low-intensive UVCh-therapy to decrease in inflammatory reaction, improvement of blood circulation in radicular nerves, improvement of a limfoottok, the calming action on the patient);
  • for improvement of restoration of joints (apply the high-intensity high-frequency magnetotherapy which is turning on mechanisms of restoration of tissues of joints);
  • for improvement of food and blood supply of joints (methods of ultrasonic therapy, an amplipulsterapiya, a darsonvalization, the hydrosulphuric and radonic bathtubs strengthening the exchange processes improving food of joints, increasing the general resilience of an organism to adverse factors are applied).
At some diseases the good therapeutic effect is rendered by a bath. Under the influence of heat and a broom mobility of the copular device and elasticity of sheaves improves. Contraindication for a bath will be all sharp diseases, fresh injuries, and also cardiovascular diseases. If you doubt, whether you can visit a bath, surely consult with the doctor. Joints are recommended to be warmed up at treatment of dislocations, bruises, stretchings. Under the influence of heat venous outflow and outflow of a lymph improves, disintegration products are removed, consequences of big loads of muscles are removed.
To actively used methods of impact on joints also massage and acupuncture are. Use services only of qualified specialists not to do harm to own health.

We hope that readers of will think of a condition of the bones and joints in advance and will keep health and activity for many years!
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