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Pluses and minuses of appointments blindly

It is impossible to call such type of the first meeting new. It was very popular in older times when the groom and the bride was are affianced still by children and for the first time met already on a wedding. Today appointment blindly is quite popular, though not less risky, a way not to remain alone. suggests to deal with all pluses and minuses of such acquaintances in detail.

Who goes out on dates blindly?

In a century of information technologies when, apparently, there is so much freedom, there are so much opportunities to get acquainted and begin the relations, people feel more and more lonely. Earlier, to communicate to the girlfriend, it was necessary to leave the house, now it is enough to press the button. By the way, acquaintances win first place on all meetings in the Internet "blindly". Though "blind" them to call difficult, people already saw each other photo, communicated (and at times and months communicated!), and then, if are interesting each other, already decide on a meeting.

The second for popularity are the so-called services "matchmakers" - when the man and the woman are brought together by some mutual friends ("Listen, my second cousin on the party of the father too is lonely, maybe, to you to get acquainted?") when acquaintance happens in marriage agencies or by means of paid skilled "matchmaker".

All these ways are good in own way. Perhaps, except Internet acquaintance, other ways bear confidence that you go on a meeting with the adequate and decent person. But why we make up the mind to such step? More likely, it is a despair step, a way not to remain alone. Most often on it there are just people who were disappointed in love and opportunity to be darlings.

It is possible to tell with confidence (and the statistics confirms it) that appointment blindly most often turns into good acquaintance (and sometimes and very necessary), in firm friendship and is absolutely frequent in the real relations which come to an end with a wedding. So in what a secret of such way of acquaintance?

Advantages of appointments blindly

It is possible to note with confidence that appointments blindly have much more pluses, than minuses. It is connected, first of all by that you go on a meeting with the perfect stranger. Respectively, you are expected by easy conversation, you can speak about anything: about chocolates, about policy, – you do not know interests of each other about a family yet and therefore before such appointment it is not obligatory to prepare any general subjects for conversation.

Most likely, both of you will be each other very interesting, after all by an important factor which played a role in a consent to such type of appointment, there were a passion and adventure, respectively, it will be interesting to both of you (even if not to tell - hazardously), whether you won the jackpot today.

Of course, it is necessary to consider that from such appointment it is possible to run away simply. Unfortunately, also really boring people, and what simply personally are not interesting to you meet. What to do in that case? To think up (or to prepare in advance) a pretext and it is simple to leave from such appointment. Most likely, you more will never meet therefore, having run away from appointment blindly, you should not avoid this person as though it was the colleague or the mutual friend whom it should meet at parties.

By the way, here one more way to avoid "unpleasant" appointment: if you were not seen in life yet, it is possible to observe the person to whom you came to a meeting from far away simply. If suddenly you see in it something repellent, it is possible to be developed and leave quietly, and it is simple to tell later that at you the cat suddenly started giving birth and you could not leave her in any way. And in the next month cannot leave, after all the cat needs to be helped with kittens.

But we would not advise so quickly to leave from appointment because sometimes at first sight unclear and unpretentious men (and at times and women) suddenly reveal and become very charming and attractive. So the main thing - not to hurry with conclusions!

Minuses of appointments blindly

First, do not lay great expectations on such meeting. Remember, how many at you was the unfortunate relations, unfortunately, the person whom you just about will meet, can differ in nothing from those who already broke to you heart. Be simply adjusted on new, perhaps, interesting acquaintance and for pleasant evening. It will be enough not to be disappointed.

Secondly, it is necessary to be ready to that on appointment not everything depends on you, and the disappointment can occur at your partner. You should not be upset here, after all tastes, interests and concepts about beauty and charm at people the absolutely different. Who knows, maybe, subsequently you simply will become good friends.

Thirdly, it should be taken into account that false people very often meet. And, perhaps, their falsity not angry: they simply very much want to be pleasant to you. Therefore they "will talk nineteen to the dozen", and you, having believed, then very much will be disappointed. By the way, this prevention and to you: you should not embellish something, be oneself and then at you much more chances to begin the real, truthful relations.

How not to be mistaken, getting acquainted on the Internet?

Probably, today actually there are no people who, anyway, would not get acquainted in correspondence, and acquaintance, friendship and even love was started. But there are more people who very much were disappointed in such acquaintances. How to avoid such outcome of events and not to be disappointed in the new pen friend?

  1. The enemy No 1 in this case – time. The more time will pass from the moment of the beginning of correspondence, the it is less than chances that at you something will turn out. If the person is really interesting to you and you would like to meet him – dare right now, do not tighten! Anyway, what it, you will be able to learn only after personal meeting. And that is important if you see that your friend (girlfriend) postpones personal meeting, you to he (she), most likely, are uninviting.
  2. You should not be trusted a photo categorically. By means of various computer programs anyone can be turned into object of desires. If you get acquainted on the site where photo there is not enough, ask to lay out others, in other situation. By the way, the situation exactly the opposite is possible: lack of photogenicy can spoil completely lines of the charming and attractive person.
  3. Do not hesitate to ask. If competently to ask questions, not to be afraid of it to do, it is possible to learn a lot of things about the person to the first meeting though to understand about him really only after personal acquaintance.

How to avoid risks?

About that appointment blindly – very risky business, for anybody not a secret. And risky not only in the plan "it was pleasant - it was not pleasant", and and in the plan that is possible, you go on a meeting with the dangerous person. How to avoid danger?

  1. Disagree on a meeting in a poorly populated place. After appointment you should not walk on lonely small streets, and also you should not go to this person home or to invite him to yourself.
  2. You warn relatives, where you and with whom. Tell all information on the person with whom at you the meeting which you know is necessary. It is possible to keep the appointment to the girlfriend with whom as though to you was on the way also. Of course, having greeted and having thrown by a couple of words about weather, the girlfriend has to retire.
  3. Be extremely honest, but also you should not open completely soul too. Speculators and swindlers can use it.

Adhering to these three simple rules, you will be able to avoid danger to the life, health and a purse. But you should not go too far that subsequently there was no need with painful shame to remember this meeting.

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