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What to do if gums bleed

Having found blood on a toothbrush one morning, you, probably, were upset. But after toothbrushing of a gum ceased to krovit. It does not mean that the problem disappeared! Bleeding of gums can lead to loss of teeth and very terrible, badly giving in to treatment stomatologic diseases. The first question which should be set to themselves if with gums – "Why bleed?".
Having found blood on a toothbrush one morning, you, probably, were upset. But after toothbrushing of a gum ceased to krovit. It does not mean that the problem disappeared! will tell what to undertake if gums bleed and than it can be fraught.

Why gums bleed?

Что делать, если кровоточат десны The first question which is asked to himself by the person with the bleeding gums – "Why?". And it is important correct to answer it! Look at the toothbrush – how long you changed it, what its rigidity? After all easy to injure gums even at excessive pressing a brush! Perhaps, your toothpaste contains too aggressive components. Many of us thanks to advertizing "sat down" on the bleaching pastes, without suspecting about their injuring influence on tooth enamel and gums!
One more important point – hygiene of a mouth. You are able to brush teeth correctly? How this manipulation lasts long? You use a tooth thread, a conditioner for a mouth, whether rinse a mouth after each meal? Whether there are at you carious teeth? Health depends on all these moments not only a mouth, but also an organism in general!
Gums can bleed at unbalanced food. The people who are fond of the use of carbohydrates suffer from bleeding of gums more often. At such food the organism receives less vitamins C, And, To, many important microcells – fluorine and calcium. Hypo - or avitaminosis is the prime cause of bleeding of gums.
    However this phenomenon is observed and at a number of dangerous diseases – diabetes, leukemia, hemophilia, a gingvita, a periodontal disease, periodontosis, can be a consequence of uncontrolled reception of some antibacterial preparations. For this reason, the earlier you address to the stomatologist with the problem, the your full treatment will be more probable.

What to do?

Что делать, если кровоточат десны I hope, having honestly answered everything is higher the given questions, you approximately defined weak places in care of a mouth. What to do is farther? To draw conclusions! Give yourself 3-5 days on correction of a situation. Clean, rinse a mouth, start drinking a complex of vitamins (very good now is both for men, and for women), watch food. Give up smoking – tobacco aggravates a condition of gums. Replace an old toothbrush with a brush with a soft bristle, and change toothpaste on more sparing. Rinse a mouth at least clear water after each use of food.
    In a drugstore there are special toothpastes for pregnant women – they are safe, strengthen gums, reduce their bleeding. I was helped by paste pregnadent. Bleeding often meets at pregnant women and elderly people – their gums become friable and sensitive. Therefore producers of pastes also create special series.
Try to do simple massage of gums. Carefully wash up hands with soap (not less than 20 seconds!) and fingers mass gums in the direction from a jaw to teeth, as if pulling skin on teeth. So you quickly improve blood supply of gums. And here to listen to the advisers recommending to massage gums a rigid toothbrush it is fraught only with aggravation of a situation.
Make in the morning oak bark – buy in a drugstore and follow the instruction. This grass possesses the strong knitting action, it apply to rinsings in stomatology. It is possible to combine oak bark with a camomile or a calendula – they also possess antibacterial action.
All this needs to be made surely, and if you in some days did not notice improvements – register in reception to a paradontolog or the stomatologist! It is not necessary to make experiments, ate bleeding from gums was really strong, gums reddened (healthy they pink color), swelled up and it is difficult for you to eat! The expert let understands such cases, makes the diagnosis and appoints treatment!
    Bleeding of gums can lead to loss of teeth and very terrible, badly giving in to treatment stomatologic diseases. One my acquaintance in 49 years lost practically all teeth. He pulled everything, did not go to the doctor, did not get periodontosis yet, to treat which did not learn yet! So, do not look for an excuse, hurry up to the doctor!

How to treat bleeding

Что делать, если кровоточат десны Do not think that you in stomatology will be tortured! Usually for treatment of bleeding use special gels for local application (for example, Metrogil Denta or Holisal). They have the anesthetizing and antibacterial effect and quickly improve a condition of gums. There are medicines increasing protective properties of a mucous membrane of a mouth (Imudon). Also in stomatologic practice apply various procedures improving a condition of gums. To you will surely make toothbrushing, will remove scales, will treat carious cavities. Only having brought "order" to a mouth, you will be able to win against any stomatologic problem!
    Once stood in a queue in a drugstore, the man came, asked without turn. Also speaks to the druggist – all teeth hurt – give something! Gave out to it drugs for the solid sum, the man, leaving, told: "I will better die, but to the stomatologist I will not go!". Still I remember his words it is awful, it is necessary to overcome fear, to find "the stomatologist" and to live without pain!
Besides room procedures and implementation of recommendations of the doctor, you are obliged to watch a condition of an oral cavity carefully. You can rinse a mouth salt solution (a teaspoon of sea salt on a glass of warm water), it will be good to add there and a soda half-teaspoon. Only do not rinse companies too intensively, at problem gums the movement of water in an oral cavity has to be slow. wishes all healthy teeth and strong gums!
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