Bleedings during pregnancy
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Bleedings during pregnancy

I heard very correct and simple words from the obstetrician-gynecologist: "Everything will be good. But if waters depart, fights will begin or, God forbid, bleeding will open – you call at once me". Then I did not pay special attention to his words. Now all in a different way. It is extremely important to suspect violations of course of pregnancy in time and quickly to liquidate them.
Кровотечения во время беременности "I congratulate, you are pregnant", – words of the doctor, long-awaited for many women. Yes, for many because the number of female infertility from year to year does not cease to increase. There is a lot of reasons, but not to distract on them (after all article is devoted to ladies "in situation"), it is worth reflecting and on pregnancy course, more precisely, on its safe course.
I heard very correct and at the same time simple words from the obstetrician-gynecologist one week prior to childbirth: "Everything will be good. But if waters depart, fights will begin or, God forbid, bleeding will open – you call at once me". Then I did not pay special attention to his words. Now all in a different way. For this reason it is so important to suspect violations of course of pregnancy in time and as fast as possible to liquidate them.
    So, any bloody allocations during pregnancy are an occasion of the urgent address to the doctor.
And for more exact diagnostics and understanding of importance of a question I suggest readers of to understand with what bleedings during pregnancy can be connected and what their consequences can be. Let's initially be defined that understand bloody allocations of any volume as bleeding, from several drops to the profuzny.

Bleedings on early terms of pregnancy

Unfortunately, on early terms of pregnancy of bleeding open at 18-23% of women, and in the prevailing part from them pregnancy comes to an end with a spontaneous abortion. In this case there is a lot of reasons of the end result, it is worth listing the most frequent:
Кровотечения во время беременности
  • the begun abortion. The reasons for this purpose – beginning a set from a stress and finishing with malformations. Most often the main symptoms are the skhvatkoobrazny periodic pains in the bottom of a stomach smearing bloody allocations. At the timely request for the help it is possible to keep pregnancy. Up to disappearance threats better than interruption of pregnancy to be in a hospital under medical control. The bed rest, absence of stresses, a quiet, friendly situation, observance of a day regimen, phyto teas is ordered. In some cases weak miorelaksant apply to removal of the raised uterus tone.
    Here it should be noted, what even after improvement of a state and removal of threat of interruption of pregnancy, there is a risk of premature birth and even the repeated beginning of an abortion. Therefore the mode and recommendations of the doctor should be observed throughout all pregnancy;
  • the chromosomal anomalies and other defects incompatible neither with pre-natal, nor with independent life of a fruit. In such cases the begun bleeding comes to an end with a spontaneous abortion. Threat for life and health of the woman in this case the minimum. The only thing – in case of bleeding after the occurred abortion it is necessary to ask for medical care that post-hemorrhagic shock did not develop. In such cases, as a rule, make a diagnostic and medical scraping of a uterus for the purpose of detection of the remains of fetal egg, a placenta, the become torn vessels. Vessels will tie up, the remains will scrape out and at the request of the woman will send for diagnostics for establishment of the true reason of an abortion.
    If the similar situation arises not for the first time, the woman should conduct careful examination for establishment of the true reason of an abortion;
  • incomplete abortion. There are such cases when the woman can not notice or simply not to pay attention to the occurred abortion. And will understand it only when the profuzny bleeding connected with existence of the remains of fetal egg in a uterus cavity opens. It is necessary to work in that case quickly – to address to the doctor and urgently to do a scraping. And further actions same, as well as given above;
  • extra-uterine pregnancy. In most cases it is allowed by 6-8 weeks of a gestation and cases when the woman only after the operation performed by it learns about the "former" pregnancy are frequent. The name speaks for itself – the pregnancy developing outside a uterus cavity. It can be an ovary, there can be a uterine tube. The main reason for development of extra-uterine pregnancy – impassability or partial impassability of uterine tubes. That is, the gleam of a pipe is sufficient for fertilization, but is insufficient for passing of the impregnated ovum to a uterus cavity for further development. And there is a lot of reasons of impassability of uterine tubes: beginning from clamidiosis and finishing with various inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis and appendages of which teenage girls even more often complain.
    Different experts estimate risk of repeated extra-uterine pregnancy from 5 to 15%.
    Treatment in this case quick – removal of a pipe (or body in which pregnancy), sanitation (washing) of an abdominal cavity started developing. Danger of this pathology to the woman in this case is obvious – in case of the untimely request for medical care peritonitis develops.
    Sometimes extra-uterine pregnancy becomes the whole problem: the woman, especially that which long could not become pregnant, to the last will suffer from pain, wishing to keep the child and without wishing to realize all danger to himself. The young woman, knowing a way of treatment of this state, quite reasonably worries about further possibility of conception of the child with one uterine tube. The teenage girl wishing to hide pregnancy and to make soon medical abortion appears in a desperate situation – it will not be possible to hide operation any more. In all cases behavior of women move emotions, but invariable is one – in this case it is worth seriously starting worrying about own health.
  • not developing or "stood" pregnancy meets recently even more often. A week later after pre-natal death of a fruit the spontaneous abortion begins. Here tactics is various – after an abortion make control ultrasonography and if pathology is found, do expansion of the tservikalny channel and a scraping of a cavity of a uterus. Many obstetricians-gynecologists advise also to conduct detailed examination of the woman for establishment of the reason for the stood pregnancy and for minimizing of that opportunity at the subsequent pregnancies;
  • puzyrny drift. This state at which there is a growth of placentary fabric. At such pathology massive bleeding, without pains most often develops. It is necessary to ask immediately for medical care during which depletion of a uterus (scraping) is made and then control the hormonal status within 6 months.
So, the most often found reasons, symptoms and treatment when developing bleedings on early terms of pregnancy were listed above. But even in the second half of pregnancy you should not lose vigilance. It does not mean that all 9 months it is necessary to be in disturbing expectation of any failure in an organism. But in order that upon termination of pregnancy you on hands had a healthy kid, it is necessary to show consideration for all trifles very much.

Bleedings on late terms of pregnancy

Development of medicine goes with great strides, and thanks to it there was an opportunity to rescue children, the been born weighing from 500 grams. These are about 22-24 weeks of a gestation. We call it "nursing". Any person understands that it is difficult. Very much. And sometimes it is also simply impossible. In this regard it is now focused on preservation of pre-natal development of a fruit to the greatest possible term, for example, at threat of premature birth. But in addition, there is a mass of other reasons and factors at which it is impossible to prolong pregnancy in view of threat for mother's life. As the indicator of pathology, that threat, acts bleeding. Unlike the early period of pregnancy, at this stage the woman and a fruit are connected more closely, the placenta with vessels made them nearly one organism. Therefore, unfortunately, in certain cases doctors should resolve very difficult issue of what life to save. Of course, save mother's life.
Therefore it is so important to suspect "wrong" in time and to ask for the help. So, on late terms of pregnancy can serve as the reasons of bleedings: Кровотечение во время беременности при отслойки плаценты
  • otsloyka of a placenta. The risk of such state is increased: polycarpous pregnancy, gestoz and arterial hypertension, stomach injuries, abundance of water, use of toxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine). At an otsloyka of a placenta the main symptom will be pain. Bleeding happens in most cases. Also uterine reductions, pain on all stomach are possible. At supervision over a fruit – its state will also sharply worsen.
    In such situation the issue of an operational rodorazresheniye is urgently resolved, carrying out an amniotsentez for determination of level of surfactant (the substance necessary for the child for normal breath) is possible. If the state stable, for reduction of reduction of a uterus is used by tokolitik (magnesium sulfate) and surely control a condition of a fruit by means of KTG (kardiotokografiya);
  • prelying of a placenta meets rather often. The placenta predlezhit in an internal pharynx of the tservikalny channel. Bleeding arises because of a rupture of vessels in a placenta attachment place when thinning a wall of a uterus. Blood bright red (maternal). In this case violations at a fruit do not happen, only the maternal organism suffers. The diagnosis of prelying is made on ultrasonography. In such cases the bed rest, intravenous administration of "magnesia" is shown, at a fruit stimulate maturing of lungs and production of surfactant. Rodorazresheniye only quick after maturing of lungs of a fruit.
Above the reasons which are directly connected with pregnancy and a condition of a fruit were listed. In addition there are reasons connected more with a state of health of the mother. For example, polyps of the tservikalny channel, uterus neck erosion, myoma of a uterus or injury of genitals. The polyp of the tservikalny channel in the development can be complicated by bleeding, and at pregnancy the risk amplifies. The uterus neck erosion seldom is complicated by plentiful bleeding, and when passing childbirth in natural patrimonial ways can serve as the reason of ruptures of a neck of a uterus and postnatal external bleedings. At a combination of myoma of a uterus and pregnancy can occur as pereknut legs of a tumor and the subsequent to it a necrosis, and direct damage of the tumor during patrimonial activity.

So, lovely ladies, in attempt to give birth to the kid you should not neglect own health. Otherwise it can turn out on the contrary. After all the kid has to have healthy and cheerful mother.
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