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Use of oil of black caraway seeds

Seeds of black caraway seeds are grown up in the countries of North Africa and East Asia today. These seeds are well-known traditional fragrant seasoning which is widely used in cookery and not only.

In the world of Muslims within many centuries the oil of black caraway seeds received from seeds is applied. It is considered a rare and effective medicinal product. Use of this oil is one of the effective methods practiced in Islamic medicine. Therefore let's sort in more detail curative properties of this product.

It is a little about a product

It is considered that the most qualitative oil containing in the structure the greatest number of ingredients necessary for each person turns out by method of a cold extraction of seeds of black caraway seeds. Such oils may contain to 56% of natural vegetable components. At these raw materials for production of this oil grow up usually in environmentally friendly areas, and without use of various chemical means.

Oil of black caraway seeds externally looks as the olive-brown liquid having the characteristic tart and knitting taste. It should be noted that oil with the most gentle and soft taste is considered the oil made in Turkey and Syria. As for the oil brought from Egypt, Ethiopia or Saudi Arabia, it differs in sharper taste and saturated aroma.


Oil of black caraway seeds contains a set of vitamins, minerals necessary to each person, and also active biological agents with strong action. This product is rich with natural antibiotics and different types of important stimulators of protective forces of an organism. These substances give the chance to oil of caraway seeds to have bactericidal, and also anti-inflammatory effect. Oil is used as an effective remedy for fight against such external factors as fungi and parasites.

Besides, this oil contains essential oils, and also such vitamins as A, C, E. Thanks to these properties oil of black caraway seeds becomes an irreplaceable prophylactic for weak blood vessels, strengthening their elasticity. It in turn promotes normalization of arterial pressure, prevents a tromboobrazovaniye, reduces cholesterol level in blood.

In addition, this oil contains saturated fatty acids, flavonoids, zinc and fitosterola that gives ability to normalize a vermicular movement of a stomach and to improve appetite. Thanks to these properties of oil, it is possible to treat inflammatory processes, thus without breaking balance of intestinal microflora. Only urges not to forget that oil of black caraway seeds, as well as at any other remedy, has the dose. Therefore before its use it is better to consult to the doctor.


This oil is used as zhelchegonny and diuretics during treatment of diseases of a gall bladder and diseases of a gastrointestinal tract. Thus it can render both local, and general influence.

Vitamin E with which oil is rich, possesses good anti-inflammatory property. Besides, this vitamin normalizes work of heart, restores water balance of an integument and improves work of vessels. Also oil is quite powerful antioxidant that positively influences work of muscular system. It increases endurance and physical force and plays very important role in work of reproductive system. This vitamin is necessary for a full-fledged embryonal development. Thus, oil is useful for pregnant women.

In addition, oil with success is used for acceleration of healing of wounds. Besides, the regular use of this product can become good prevention of many serious illness and even chronic. Certain doses of medicine can be recommended at diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive system, and also urinogenital. Also these preparations are effective at viral diseases.

So, this oil can bring benefit at treatment of a hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombophlebitis, varicosity, thromboses, inflammatory diseases of heart and vessels, and also during therapy of violation of brain blood circulation. By means of oil of black caraway seeds it is possible even to treat such frequent disease as vegeto-vascular dystonia. This product can improve work of a digestive tract.

It is necessary to tell about advantage of oil for work of cardiovascular system a little in more detail. So, the advantage is connected with that, it contains nonsaturated acids the Omega 6 and the Omega 9. Besides the advantage for heart is represented by flavonoids and fitosterola, essential oils, A, C, E vitamins. These substances strengthen walls of vessels, reduce permeability of capillaries their fragility. In addition, they help to normalize arterial pressure, to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in blood. The same properties of a product allow to prevent formation of life-threatening atherosclerotic plaques.

The product is capable to strengthen protective forces of an organism. Thus at reception the human body in general is stimulated. Analyses of people which, accept this oil, revealed that the quantity of the vital cages which are responsible for immunity strengthening, became more, and several times. Efficiency at asthma and bronchitis is proved, and also ability to cure cold, short wind, cough, impotence, jaundice.

Use of this oil in a diet reduces cholesterol in blood, does not allow to develop to obesity and helps to cope with excess weight. Oil of black caraway seeds is considered an anti-pillbox for alcohol and can increase appetite. In addition, this oil is effective for treatment of diseases which are connected with an indigestion and diseases of the urethral channel. It will also be effective at stomach ulcer, for treatment of arthritis and at liver diseases. Oil of black caraway seeds sometimes is also used as a remedy at inflammatory diseases of nasal ways. This oil is recommended to be applied to normalization of a menstrual cycle, and also to increase of a potentiality.

Therapy by means of oil

At skin allergies it is recommended to accept in the mornings and in the evenings approximately on a half of a teaspoon of oil, and also it is in addition necessary to wipe a sore point. At pneumonia and asthma an oil dose same. Besides, it is necessary to carry out massage of a back and breast oil black caraway seeds and to do inhalations. For inhalation preparation one teaspoon of oil on one liter of water usually undertakes.

Oil of black caraway seeds can also be used at diseases of eyes. For this purpose it is necessary to wipe by means of it eyelids and temples. Thus it is necessary to accept still in addition inside on 5 drops of oil with some hot drink, and it is best of all with carrot juice.

At treatment of diseases of blood system mix a caraway seeds teaspoon with a tablespoon of honey and one segment of pounded garlic. This means is accepted on an empty stomach within 5 days.

At diseases of a gall bladder it is necessary to add five droplets of oil of caraway seeds on a glass of the made willow leaves. The course usually makes week.

This oil can be used during therapy at spleen swelling. For this purpose in broth of a garden radish to which honey is in advance added, seven drops of oil are still added. Accept in number of one glass usually on an empty stomach before withdrawal to a dream.

At an inflammation of a liver it is necessary to add five drops of oil of caraway seeds to a glass with the willow leaves made in advance. The course of treatment such means usually leaves seven days.

If there are bone pains, it is recommended to eat twice a day boiled onions which also mixes up with caraway seeds oil. Thus it is necessary to pound places where there are pains by means of oil of mint and oil of caraway seeds.

It is important to know! Before application of each recipe remember that self-treatment can render invaluable harm to health therefore surely get preliminary advice of the doctor. Good luck!

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