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Bioreinforcing of the person

In a pursuit of beauty and youth the woman would sell soul to a devil if it is possible. Really, lovely ladies without shadow of fear and doubts test on themselves all novelties of modern esthetic surgery – if only to keep a maiden face form and smooth skin.

Desire of the fair sex by all means to turn back the clock or at least "to brake" its crazy run – a fertile soil for creation of various techniques of rejuvenation which that day cosmetologists and plastic surgeons offer the patients. One of such procedures – bioreinforcing of the person.

Bioreinforcing: whether there is a game of candles?

By means of this procedure it is possible to refresh the person without surgical intervention. Wrinkles are wonderfully smoothed under the influence of special preparations which enter under skin through a thin needle in all "problem" directions of a mimic grid of the person. In what essence of a technique? Its name speaks for itself: using materials of a biological origin experts carry out reinforcing of skin, that is strengthen and tighten it.

At the heart of preparations for procedure of bioreinforcing of the person – a hyaluronic acid molecule. This substance is split and output from an organism after a while, that is the lasting and long effect requires not one, and some sessions. In general, bioreinforcing of the person – safe procedure.

Today experts developed preparations for reinforcing of skin of the second generation. They consist of the bioserum identical to natural material which human cages contain. Innovative means allow to reach longer rejuvenating effect. So, bioreinforcing on the basis of hyaluronic acid gives the blossoming appearance from 3 months to 1 year while procedure with application of the latest preparations consolidates result for 2-4 years.

The most positive results are observed at patients of 40-50 years. After 50 years of tremendous effect from a technique of bioreinforcing of the person it is better not to wait.

Indisputable advantages of a technique

  1. Experts guarantee visible smoothing of deep mimic wrinkles and the updated face contour practically right after procedure.
  2. It is impossible to call bioreinforcing a surgery.
  3. The woman looks younger for 6–8 years.

Bioreinforcing shortcomings

  1. The obvious effect requires not less than three sessions of injections.
  2. "For memory" about itself procedure of bioreinforcing can leave small hematomas and blisters. However, they disappear soon.
  3. Wonderful pricks can show absolutely opposite effect - to force face skin to grow old promptly. By means of hyaluronic acid in an organism collagen and elastin are synthesized. This process happens to production of the gialuronidaza serving for a conclusion from a hyaluronic acid organism. Gialuronidaza stimulates destruction of collagen and elastin. It means that if the woman till 40 years "will get excited" and will agree to procedure of bioreinforcing of the person, instead of the expected fresh look she can receive some new wrinkles, after all at this age concentration of collagen and elastin in norm.

Bioreinforcing area of coverage

It is essential to improve appearance it is possible in area:

  • "strict" corners of a mouth, the lowered corners of eyes and "gloomy" eyebrows;
  • the drooped folds under a chin;
  • nosogubny triangle;
  • decollete;
  • skin of hands and brushes.

Difference of bioreinforcing from biorevitalization

In spite of the fact that the principle of action of procedures same, experts consider bioreinforcing as more large-scale procedure which solves those problems of "tired" skin, which biorevitalizations simply not in power. The preparations applied during these two techniques significantly differ from each other at the molecular level. Molecules of active ingredient which contains means for bioreinforcing of the big size that you will not tell about molecules of biorevitalizatsionny preparations. Bioreinforcing is recommended when biorevitalization did not bring the expected results.

As there takes place procedure

The preparatory period before bioreinforcing sessions is obligatory. Some weeks prior to alleged action the patient should refuse reception of anticoagulants (the means reducing coagulability of blood), vitamin E and nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations (for example, Diclofenac, Ketorolak, the Ibuprofen, Piroxicam).

Some days before bioreinforcing of the person doctors advise patients to accept a preparation Ditsinon - this prevention of bruises after procedure.

Before a session carry out anesthesia of front fabrics, then plan a trajectory of future injections and disinfect skin. Direct introduction of biological gel to hypodermic fabrics - the most important part of operation. Depends on it, and effective "framework" of new shape of the woman will be how qualitative. Each injection is done strictly on a certain depth.

On average the session of bioreinforcing of the person takes 40-45 minutes. Such sessions has to be a little (2-3), between them at skin - 2-month rest.

Right after procedure on skin reddenings appear, small hematomas, the person slightly swells. A half of these "defects" will disappear some hours later, the second half will descend within 4-5 days after a session. The recovery period after bioreinforcing is not necessary, and the woman can come back at once to a habitual way of life. However, it is necessary to listen attentively to recommendations of the cosmetologist and pedantically to follow them.

The first positive results can be noticed at once: skin gets a tone, is tightened. Final effect it is necessary to wait for some months that is dictated by features of active ingredient which was entered under skin. Hyaluronic acid "works" at cellular level, it needs some time to stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin, to start recovery processes and to provide good oxygen nutrition of cages.

Within 8-10 days it is tabooed everything that can render additional load of cells of skin. It is impossible to visit baths and saunas, it is better to postpone intensive physical trainings for some time. Steam trays and facial scrubbing are also contraindicated. The woman needs to try not to get to stressful situations. The question of use of decorative and ukhodovy cosmetics needs to be discussed with the cosmetologist in advance.

Contraindications to bioreinforcing

Mirsovetov hurries to warn - procedure will not suit ladies, at which:

  • ability of blood to be turned is broken;
  • exacerbation of infectious diseases;
  • infectious and parasitic damages of face skin;
  • on skin there are keloidny and hypertrophic hems;
  • shortly the child has to be born;
  • breastfeeding;
  • low pain threshold;
  • the inflammation in the field of pricks after the first session of bioreinforcing - intolerance of a preparation is noted.
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