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Bikram of the yogi for beginners

To clear a body and soul, to take off fatigue after intense day of work, to tighten muscles, to find former ease, and at the same time also to visit a sauna – each woman dreams of it. But where to find so much time that all to be in time? The exit is – it is possible to try a new technique of clarification of a body with the help to yoga bikra.

This type of yoga was based not so long ago. In the late sixties last century the famous Indian by the name of Bakram developed the new direction of yoga. The matter is that at 13-year age the young man became the winner of yoga in the championship which took place in India. Since early years Bikram practiced yoga, it so carried away him that he carried out the most part of light day, meditating. Therefore no wonder that at so early age Bikram Chowdhury became a leader. But, despite big love to yoga, at 17-year age because of a knee injury, doctors forbade to continue occupations. Bikram did not wish to reconcile to such verdict and decided to develop the new direction in yoga which received the name "Bikram of the Yogi".

Every day, under supervision of the teacher, the young man slowly trained to restore muscles after a trauma. Not to do harm to the weakened and injured muscles, it was decided to be engaged indoors where air temperature did not fall marks below 40 °C. At such temperature the risk of load of the injured muscles was minimized and the young man had an opportunity gradually to develop the injured knee. As it could not carry out classical asanas, the yogi developed new exercises, and subsequently improved the existing exercises and "built" them in the necessary sequence. After a while Bikram's efforts were generously rewarded – the knee was completely restored.

According to the Indian if to combine occupations by Hatha yoga in the hot room approached to climate in India, it is possible to achieve bigger effect. At the room temperature it is impossible to receive such good results – the founder of the new direction of yoga so considers. And it appeared the rights, many admirers of yoga began to be engaged by a new technique and received good results. New asanas in the hot room were so fallen in love as beginning, and the skilled guru that to bikra of the yogi became world-famous, and the founder of a new technique just in case decided to patent the invention.

That is necessary for occupations and how to be prepared for acquaintance to yoga

Now in the world more than 600 studios where bikra can practice yoga are. There are such institutions and in Russia. The special program is developed for beginners from 26 exercises (Hatha yogi), and also several asanas on breath development. Occupations take place in the special room where air temperature reaches a point of +40 °C, and humidity does not fall lower than 50%.

Each exercise to bikra of yoga is aimed at the development of a certain group of muscles. So, mastering each new pose, it is possible to strengthen all body consistently. After the first exercise of a muscle will be ready to an osvaivaniye of a new asana.

As a result of occupations blood is sated with oxygen, outflow of toxins from an organism improves, the body starts "breathing", there is an ease in all body. All functions of our organism are as a result started for 100%.

Thanks to that occupations take place in special conditions, the organism with ease gets rid of excess liquid, and then muscles start burning fat actively. As result of occupations to bikra yoga – the beautiful tightened body.

To start an osvaivaniye of a new technique, special preparation it will not be required. Bikram the yoga can start practicing at any age. The result will depend on a regularity of occupations, and also correctness of performance of asanas. So, the first results will be visible approximately in a month. If to practice to bikra yoga constantly, it is possible not only to improve a physical form, but also to remove stress after an unlucky day or to be prepared by new day of work.

Before coming to occupations, it is necessary to drink about 1-2 l of water, it will depend on initial weight. It is necessary to drink water 1,5 hours later after food. During performance of exercises too it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid so take with yourself a bottle of water and a towel. 15 minutes later after the beginning of training you will intensively sweat.

If you have chronic diseases, diseases of vessels, hearts, respiratory system before starting occupations, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

During pregnancy bikra can practice yoga, but only in 1 trimester if the organism is not prepared. In that case when you practiced yoga before pregnancy, it is possible to continue occupations, only to reduce intensity of loading.

We learn to bikra yoga

There is a set of ways to learn the new direction to yoga bikra. It is possible to buy the book and independently to start development of 26 asanas or to register in occupations and under the leadership of the instructor to start occupations. Each person himself solves as it is better for it to arrive. Anyway, if everything is executed correctly, the result will be tremendous.

The sequence of asanas needs to be observed as each exercise prepares a body for an osvaivaniye of a new asana. For skilled yogis these exercises will be not new, they are borrowed from classical Hatha yoga.

On performance of a complex of asanas about 90 minutes are taken away, each situation needs to be studied on 2 times, and then to pass to the following.

Mirsovetov suggests readers to plunge into the world of yoga and to learn some asanas. For their performance it is important to be adjusted positively. If you decided to begin day with yoga, then it is enough to drink a little cleared water and in the course of occupations constantly to resupply liquids in an organism. It is forbidden to drink tea and coffee as these drinks lead to dehydration and "take away" useful substances and microcells.

It is also necessary to consider also that during performance of asanas it is necessary to put on convenient clothes as sweating will be strengthened, the clothes have to be only cotton. Ideal option – short shorts and an undershirt top. The footwear will not be required.

So, to execute the first exercise, it is necessary to reach convenient position. A respiratory series of asanas (pranayama) is carried out in a sitting position. Put hands on knees, make a deep breath, then exhaled. Breathe deeply and often, stretching a mantra "Omm". Further continue to take a breath and an exhalation, but any more not on a full breast and that only the diaphragm worked. Then be switched to breathing exercises only by a nose, letting in air through the right nostril, and letting out through the left. It is possible to replace position of a body. To understand, the breathing exercise is how exactly carried out, look at a video lesson to yoga bikra.

After warm-up bikra can start performance of the first exercise yogis - Ardkh Chandrasan (a pose "half moon"). Correctly to make this asana, it is necessary to become on a rug, to put feet together that fingers concerned each other. And now tear off the right foot from a floor and cast away it up, will raise the right hand up. The left foot remains on a place, the trunk is inclined forward, for balance deduction by a palm of the left hand it is necessary to lean about a floor. Hold this position, make two short breaths exhalations. The breast has to be developed to the left side. Keep balance within 30 seconds, breathe exactly and deeply. If for the first time it is difficult for you to keep, it is possible to become closer to a wall and to use it as a support, the muscular corset will not become stronger yet. Lower a foot, repeat exercise in other party.

How to execute each of 26 exercises to yoga bikra we will not describe in detail, we will consider the finishing asanas – Ardkh Matsiyendrasana and Kapalabkhati. The last exercise – respiratory, for its performance it is necessary to relax and accept a convenient pose as much as possible.

(A favourite asana of the founder to yoga bikra) to execute penultimate exercise of Ardkh Matsiyendrasan not so difficult as the first and the subsequent as the body already had the corresponding training and muscles started getting used to gradual loading.

We master a pose of twisting of a back:

  • put a foot of the right foot near a buttock left muscle;
  • the foot is from above;
  • raise a knee a little, the foot has to be located before a knee on the right (it is possible to push a foot a little forward);
  • deep breath;
  • raise shoulders as it is possible above, elbows have to remain straight lines;
  • exhalation – twist a body to the left side, put a hand at a knee of the right foot;
  • undertake a brush of the right hand an anklebone of the left foot;
  • the left hand is got for a back and is placed on the right side on a waist.

This position needs to be held within 20 seconds, then to replace a pose, alternating position of feet and hands.

The founder to bikra of yoga is sure if correctly to do all exercises, diseases is forever abandoned a body. The person will feel more vigorously, and the body always to remain young.

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