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Independent installation of biksenonovy lenses

Each car owner at least once faced a problem of shortage of illumination of the road at a driving to a night-time. It actually a problem, but solved – change or completion of optics. And the most perspective direction of modernization of automobile optics - installation of biksenonovy lamps or biksenonovy lenses - that with skills on forces and most.
Each car owner at least once faced a problem of shortage of illumination of the road at a driving to a night-time. And it actually a problem since the same morning or evening in cloudy weather where is more favorable in perception of surrounding space. But the majority should go for work and from work when it is still dark or when it is already dark, and with it there's nothing to be done. But, stop! It is possible to make after all something – change or completion of optics. In this occupation there are some options.
  1. Without philosophizing it is crafty, simple to take and establish more powerful lamps in regular headlights. But it is additional, and considerable loading, so not only potential nedozaryad the accumulator and possibility of its fastest category in case of forgetfulness, but also excess expenditure of fuel. Where another is worse: wires, safety locks and their holders, and also headlights will be heated. Thus, this option though most byudzheten, but is not safe for you and your car, not to mention that the blinding impact on other participants of traffic will amplify.
  2. To establish alternative more powerful optics. This option is slightly better, but does not relieve of problems with possible shortage of power at a bortseta and the section of regular conducting of headlights. Besides, it is not always possible to find such alternative that it approached on your car.
  3. Installation of additional optics – as a rule, fog lights. It is a quite good exit, but besides, shortage of power of a network is possible, and here conducting will already be separate. A big shortcoming, especially, if at you not the jeep, this their low arrangement that leads to their very fast pollution and susceptibility to blows of stones, etc.
  4. Installation of biksenonovy lamps or biksenonovy lenses. This much more modern decision which allows to save the electric power and to receive where big luminous efficiency. The majority of xenon lamps have the power of 35 W and only some rare copies of 50 W.
Ксенон и биксенон
I want to tell readers of about xenon installation, as about the most perspective direction of modernization of our optics.

Why biksenonovy lenses?

Xenon – inert one-nuclear gas without color, taste and a smell. It is used for filling of glow lamps, powerful gas-discharge and pulse light sources. Here application in gas-discharge lamps also interests us.
The elementary and that is important for many, the inexpensive way to establish xenon is an installation of a usual biksenon. At once I will tell that xenon differs from a biksenon in existence at the last possibility of a driving beam.
However this option has a shortcoming – dazzle of other participants of the movement, since light brighter, than in regular system. If you carry yourself to polite drivers, this option will not suit you. Besides, perhaps there will be problems with technical inspection.
Separate subject – right-hand drive foreign cars. Their headlights shine in other party and even on regular galogenka, light their "wrong". Installation of xenon in such headlights threatens with serious consequences for counter cars.
What to do? How to be? Besides, for many right-hand drive cars it is not possible to pick up euroanalogues! Here dilemma: or to reconcile to that is, or to stick together others. But, fortunately, there is a decision at this problem. And it universal for all, irrespective of the provision of a wheel in the car.
This decision – installation of biksenonovy lenses or a linzovanny biksenon that same. Why it is the best option, becomes clear if to understand as the headlight shines.
That a light source in a headlight is the lamp is not news. But simply the lamp normally will not light a roadbed, it needs the deflector (reflector) and the lens (glass).
Modern lamp be it halogen (on the first photo) or (the second photo) is xenon the dot light source allowing to create a stream of a high definition, i.e. easily focused source.
Биксеноновая линза
Биксеноновая линза
The adaptation role for focusing carries out the deflector (reflector) which, reflecting light, focuses it at a certain distance. The form of a reflector promotes formation of a light bunch of a necessary form.
Форма отражателя способствует образованию светового пучка необходимой формы
The lens if he corrugated, can refract a light stream and introduces amendments in formations of a bunch. If the lens not corrugated, he simply carries out functions of protection of a cavity of a headlight.
The lamp, to be exact, its light point, settles down in a certain place – focus that predetermines the direction and nature of lighting.
It follows from this that actually not very well what source costs in a usual headlight – a galogenovy or xenon lamp, the profile of a reflector and focal length (a point of focus of a lamp) is important. And here also there is a problem – at galogenovy and xenon lamps focus different and the wavelength (color temperature) different. To change a profile of a reflector extremely difficult, even it is possible to tell that it from the category of a fantasy.
In linzovanny optics all a little differently. The same dot light source is located in the lens case (as you already saw one photo higher), which forms a light stream depending on the focal length. "Same", – you will tell? Not absolutely so. The lens allows "to collect" light and to make its borders accurate. And since there are no parasitic flares and light is more accurately focused, and brightness turns out higher, therefore, and luminous efficiency of such device where above. Thus it is possible to apply absolutely without serious consequences a xenon lamp, at which much more brightness since dazzle will not happen because of the clearness of borders of treatments of light and shade. Light is adjusted thus below mirrors and glasses of cars is and preserves against oslepleniye.
In this type of a light source there is no need for a regular reflector of a headlight.

Choice and purchase of a xenon bilens

Here we already almost made up the mind to so impudent step, as change of regular lamps with a xenon bilens. But before a campaign in shop you need to determine a set of parameters. For what I recommend to the reader of to take the instruction to your car, where and to find, what type of a socle is applied in your optics. It will be a basis for a further choice. Not to go into details I will tell that the most widespread socles with marking of "N", and "H4" is concrete. Then will not prevent to determine the size of your optics. What for? It you will understand a bit later. For now arm with the measuring tool (a roulette or at the worst simply with a ruler) and forward to your iron friend. We are interested in the headlight cavity sizes only where there is a lamp (or lamps) head light, i.e. dimensions and "blinkers" it is not counted. So, we measure the lamp width, its height and depth. And be not mistaken in measurement of height, sometimes the center of a lamp is asymmetrical a vertical axis. Then it is necessary to measure also each shoulder. And further we will be interested in the smallest indicator.
At once examine your lens, if he corrugated, alas, things look bad. A bilens, as well as other light source on a xenon lamp, it is possible to establish in such headlight, but it is very problematic. It is necessary to polish that there was no corrugation. If to polish the plastic lens not so difficult, with glass affairs are where is worse. Even, if someone also undertakes this action, big money.
Also pay attention as the headlight is removed. If survey did not give you about it idea, besides, address to literature or Internet resources where try to find information on shooting of headlights on this type of a car. It will give you information to reflection that will allow to orient in amount of works.
Having received this information and having confirmed possibility of installation of a bilens in these headlights, it is possible to start a generation choice, and them at the moment only two – 1G and 3G. At once I will make a reservation that we will consider the most widespread type of a socle of H4. There are bilinzovy modules and under other socles, for example, of H1, H7, etc. But installation is similar therefore does not need the explanation. And here, for example, the Japanese standard of a socle of IH01 (not to confuse to H1) is very close to H4 that allows "to implant" that is called without excess problems a bilens with H4 socle in this socle. And this action will not demand some serious completions.
So it for generations 1G and 3G?! The basic difference is practically not present is an improvement of a design. "And where got to 2G?", – you ask. And this standard was not published since was the extremely unsuccessful decision. Difference between modules is their sizes decisive. Modules 3G have the bigger size and weight that can lead to impossibility of their installation in headlights. It is necessary to establish that fact what to go to shop and to ask, whether this or that bilens senselessly since it is so-called tuning, i.e. the emergency decision will approach on your car. You should define suitability. We already decided on the sizes of headlights, it was necessary to decide on the sizes of modules. I will not give the sizes not to mislead because they can differ at different producers. Therefore in this plan I do not advise readers of to focus attention on generation, and to take with myself the measuring tool, here the line of centimeters will be on 20-30 just right, and to measure the attracted option. Besides we do not forget to decide on a socle.
At 3G in comparison with 1G:
  • more uniform light;
  • more clear boundary;
  • broader light;
  • the improved distant;
  • bunch form on a wall in the form of a daw.
However, I will repeat, you should not "sink down" on generations because many sets are on sale without indication of those. Stop! And what for sets? And lenses sell a set, since it not usual lamps. Is included in the package:
  • actually lenses assembled with lamps and fastening of the corresponding socle – 2 pieces;
  • ignition blocks – 2 pieces;
  • the relay of a driving beam – 2 pieces;
  • conducting set – 2 pieces.
In a set plastic couplers (collars), fixture, sealant for assembly of headlights meet also an adhesive tape-loki (clips for bezobryvny accession of wires).
And what there on the producer? Here, unfortunately, affairs are not really well. I assure you that all sets Chinese, but also they are broken a set on quality. And that depends on, where and as they are made. There is a manufacturing, and there is "knee". – do not buy council on car markets, in semi-legal shops or "booths". Do not hesitate to consult at the seller, including by origin goods. Examine attentively a set. And if everything approaches, it is already possible to buy. But is not present, couple more of strokes.
Light has a color! It is characterized by color temperature. It begins at xenon lamps for a car with 4300 K is purely white color (it white, but not yellowish, as at a galogenok, at which temperature of color 2700-3200 K). And luminous efficiency of a xenon lamp on 4300 K highest. Whereas at lamps 6000 K luminous efficiency practically already as at a galogenok. It should be noted that at the power of xenon lamp of 35 W against 55 W at a galogenka, the first gives light much more. Thus, having put a lamp 6000 K, you will not win in illumination, but will a little save the electric power.
With increase in color temperature the range of their luminescence is displaced to blue and already at 6000 K it is already well noticeable approximately. It is pleasant to much, but it is not pleasant to inspectors of traffic police therefore it is more rational to choose 4300 K. There is one more nuance. With aging of lamps they increase color temperature, of course not many times, but after all. Generally it affects change of lamps. If one of lamps fused (though, however, the resource at them is rather great since there is no spiral), it is desirable to change both that there were no multi-colored "eyes".
In a biksenonovy lens a lamp only one, i.e. is not present division into near and far light. The driving beam is formed by optical system of a lens, namely the blind put in action by an electromagnet. Thus the lamp burns in the usual mode. Unlike system with galogenovy lamps, switching of light in a bilens happens instantly since the lamp does not switch.
Except the main light, many producers of biksenonovy lenses offer such "delicacy" as "angelic eyes", i.e. the shining ring round a lens at inclusion of marker lights (a la BMW optics). It is neon illumination. Also happens multi-colored, but in Russia it is resolved only white therefore be careful of other flowers, or do not connect this option.

Installation of biksenonovy lenses

Here you also bought a set of biksenonovy lenses, secured with the warranty card and went home for more biased inspection of all accessories. Now it is possible to reflect and on installation. And here it is possible to go in two directions.
  1. To find HUNDRED and to put everything there.
  2. Independently to establish a set.
To decide on a choice, even having experience in electric installation and metalwork work, it is necessary to estimate, whether you will be able to overcome difficulties at installation. And the main difficulty is to establish lenses in headlights. A problem that they cannot be established, without sorting a headlight, and the last are brought together on sealant without fasteners. The problem will be in sorting, without having melted off plasticity at a sealant warming up. But if you after all are not afraid to contact difficulties, the further description for you. If you decided not to risk and address on HUNDRED, the further text can not be necessary for you and it is necessary only to decide on a choice HUNDRED.
So, we start installation. For a start it is necessary to estimate as as will take place on a car, to decide at least approximately on installation sites of components of a set. If special difficulties do not arise, it is possible to start installation. It is necessary to begin with installation of lenses in headlights for what it will be required to dismantle headlights from the car. Procedure should be carried out indoors, in garage or boxing, where rather warmly and light-. Besides, consider that, even having established lenses in headlights, you will not be able to use them before the full end of installation of all accessories. On all installation a lot of time, not less than 4 hours can be demanded.
So, you dismantled headlights, separated from them all unnecessary weather-cloth (on some headlights blinkers fasten), including old lamps. It is possible to start dismantling of headlights. I advise to sort on one headlight, and having only established a lens in it, having modified its situation (about it later) and having closed a headlight, to start the second. And how to sort? It is the most difficult question! There are some ways:
  1. To lay a headlight in a cardboard box and to heat the hair dryer. It is rather easy and effective way. It is that the headlight is entirely put in a cardboard box (container from under products, etc.) which the sizes has more, than a headlight that on all edges there were intervals.
    Уложить фару в картонную коробку и греть феном
    It is better to lay a headlight on laths that the bottom did not lie on a cardboard. The opening under a hair dryer nozzle becomes so that the stream did not get on a headlight and was not too close to it. It is previously necessary to unbend plastic latches on a headlight, differently you will not manage to open a headlight, and it will cool down.
    Предварительно необходимо отогнуть пластиковые защелки на фаре
    I will make a reservation at once is becomes at all ways of opening. For what by the hair dryer it is heated (accurately, do not bring the hair dryer in an emphasis – it will be melted off!) the latch zone, the last is unbent by the tool (better a chisel) and under it the broken-off matches that the latch was not closed are got, for example. Clean from head matches that when heating they did not ignite! Examine attentively, whether latches you opened everything. By the way, latches are on a joint of the case and lens.
    After the headlight is laid in a box, we insert a nozzle of the hair dryer and we turn on the hair dryer. It is (so safer) than rather ordinary household hair dryer. Ah yes, forgot! Before this procedure prepare two couples cotton gloves and the tool for opening (the same chisels). Why two couples gloves? And to work together because it is rather difficult to one to make this procedure.
    Periodically we open top the valve of a box and we check "health" of a headlight. On a warming up it can be demanded till 20 minutes. After finish a warming up, quickly, but accurately take a headlight from a box. Why it is accurate? Plastic when heating, and temperature will be very high, is softened that at inaccurate actions can lead to deformations or breakage. Try not to touch the lens. We put on a table (workbench) on which you, of course, beforehand spread soft and pure rags, and we start opening of a headlight. If you warmed up a headlight enough, its halves rather easily are separated. The tool is inserted into a gap between the case and the lens, then turns. And so on all perimeter of a seam. The chisel is besides very convenient (not necessarily very sharp). Act quickly until the headlight cooled down! Be not frightened, sealant will reach for the lens.
  2. Headlight warming up in an oven. The way is similar to the first, but the headlight is located in a household oven and temperature of 80 °C is established. Danger of this method is that temperature in an oven, especially gas, can be very unstable that can lead to a sad picture when you instead of a headlight find a pool of melted plastic.
  3. Local warming up. In this method the headlight both lay, and lies on a table, and you, having armed with the tool and the same gloves, warm a seam locally, as a rule, small sites as you did it with latches.
    Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
    Having warmed a site, the tool remove the lens. A way more sluggish, but it is only possible to melt off in case the hair dryer is brought strongly close. However, in this method, most likely, already construction hair dryer will be required, and the steam generator is better.
  4. This way very risky for a reflector. Its essence in the following: the seam is warmed by hot water (boiled water) by means of a teapot. But if water gets on a reflector, its dusting exfoliates. In this case do not touch it! Let's dry in a quiet state.
Hurrah – the headlight is open!
фара открыта
And what further? And further we start elimination of consequences. If there is a metal reflector (cap thimble) before a lamp, move away him, it is not necessary to us any more. Then from the lens and the case the knife deleted excess sealant.
And here we start the most interesting – installation of the module. Actually problems will not arise if socles coincide – simply follow the instruction to a set on fixing of the module. Worse to owners of right-hand drive cars where on a ring ledges will not allow to establish a lens with the necessary corner since a ring under the levorulny car.
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
Here or to file short moustaches, or not to put this ring at all.
There is a car with IH01 socle where installation of the module will require the following completions after which the socle of H4 is established as native:
  1. Lens of slightly bigger diameter, than landing size of a socle.
    Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
    It not a problem, any available means we increase diameter, the benefit is plastic, but not metal. It is possible to use a file, a file or a drill with a nozzle.
    Увеличить посадочный диаметр можно напильником, надфилем либо дрелью с насадкой
    Only be not fond! The opening is necessary such that the module came as it is possible more densely – try on more often. Grind evenly that it was impossible openings oval, etc.
  2. We grind off ledges which will prevent installation.
    Стачиваем выступы, которые помешают установке
  3. The above ring with ledges can be not dressed.
That's all not cunning completions. Everything is ready to installation of a lens. Assembled with a lamp therefore we remove the lens module, more precisely, already removed when tried on, fixing and sealing rings, took a lamp. We install the module, approximately we focus it that the section of "angelic eyes" was from below, rather imagined horizontal of the lower plane of a headlight (it not always flat or horizontal) and we tighten fixture of a lens. Thus do not remove a protective film from a lens not to scratch a lens at manipulations. Further we establish a headlight on a car (it is possible not to fix strongly, but to establish as it costs in working order) and we collect the temporary scheme. For what everything is enough to connect on weight (without fastening). We include. Hurrah, earned! We put before a headlight at some distance (1-2 meters) white, in a broad sense the light screen, thus the car has to stand horizontally in the cross plane. We check, whether light on the screen is horizontal. That and another can be checked the simple adaptation – construction level 1-1,5 m long. If the car costs horizontally, and the headlight shines with an inclination, it is a little, I emphasize we release fastening of a lens (it is possible not to disconnect it), very little, and we turn it before the necessary horizontal situation, we tighten and we check again horizontal position of light. And the left headlight should be adjusted accurately horizontally, and on right it is possible to use cunning and make a few inclination to the right i.e. that the right border of light was slightly higher than the left. It will improve the review of the right roadside. But be not fond, differently it is possible to start sticking together pedestrians and drivers at turn. And in particular I do not recommend to readers of to allow the return inclinations as it will lead to lighting, read – to dazzle, an oncoming lane!!!
After the headlight is adjusted, it is possible to start its assembly. We sort the scheme and we remove a headlight. We check reliability of fastening of a lens, we tighten if necessary since after closing of a headlight of it it will not be possible to make any more, as well as to turn a lens (what required control). And further we do not forget to remove a protective film from a lens. In total – it is possible to collect!
For assembly you need sealant (in some sets it already is), besides the hair dryer and gloves.
In the case of a headlight we apply sealant without excesses on a fillet. We attach and press the lens, we start warming a joint the hair dryer. Do it measuredly that the lens precipitated evenly without distortions. After the lens reached against the stop, we stop heating and we put a headlight to cool down. While the headlight cools down, we carry out the same (from dismantling to assembly) on the second headlight.
After both headlights are collected, it is desirable to leave them alone for 1-2 hours that sealant stiffened. But it, at all, does not mean that it is necessary to do nothing. However, it, of course, can be dated for a lunch, but there is a lot more work.
It is necessary to estimate places of fastening of elements of the scheme. Thus consider opportunity them a zalitiya water at a driving during a rain, a car sink, etc., and also possibility of their connection and fastening.
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
Elementary wires have to be enough! The feeding wires and conducting of dimensions can be extended, and here conducting of connection of lamps and the relay to blocks of ignition cannot be extended!
At installation of elements also I recommend to readers of to consider the following:
  • it is necessary to choose the least dangerous places on a road accident case. For example, it is undesirable to lay conducting and to fix at once behind a bumper it is better to do elements behind power designs;
  • blocks of ignition it is desirable to fix on the metal basis for the best heat removal;
    Блок розжига желательно крепить на металлическое основание для лучшего отвода тепла
  • not to fix whenever possible near elements of designs to which frequent access (raskhodnik) is necessary;
  • not to fix on the engine;
  • to try to avoid contact with the vibrating details in order to avoid a mastication;
  • it is obligatory to connect food directly to the accumulator plug not to create hindrances in a network;
  • all elements have to be fixed rather rigidly and reliably, zazhgutovana wires (it is desirable to regular plaits) and are strengthened by couplers, an insulating tape.
Провода должны быть зажгутованы и укреплены стяжками, изолентой
Attentively examine a set. If you are attentive, of course, defined that on each lamp the plait. One is shorter, another is longer. And it is all about the accumulator! What is shorter, that is closer to the accumulator.
Now it is possible to start installation. And I recommend to begin it with installation of the relay of a driving beam are actually small plastic boxes which the plait of wires approaches. The relay these most exacting to moisture protection therefore establish them as is possible above and where water from splashes does not get. Here they already also stand!
Установка реле дальнего света
Can stretch conducting to the accumulator. More precisely, there only one wire is a food of +12 Century. Weight is connected on a body. Here or find regular points of threaded connections, or make the. Naturally, the first is more preferable.
Connect conducting of "angelic eyes" to conducting of dimensions (directly on wires of cartridges), observe polarity – red + 12B.
Then install ignition blocks, but here is more attentive.
Блок розжига
If their place near headlights, and it anyway so since conducting of blocks short, do not come across a set of an empty seat. Do not forget, there will be a headlight! And it is necessary to provide possibility of its installation. It is possible to provide installation in a zone of headlights with fastening of blocks after fastening of a headlight. It especially individually since strongly depends on a design of the concrete car.
Here, you look, and headlights are already torn to be put on the lawful place.
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
We do not hesitate and put them.
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линз
It is possible to collect the scheme, to fix that is not fixed. And, at last, to connect the accumulator and to try!
Be not frightened, at inclusion of a lamp flash and pritukhat again, and then inflame. Checked operability of "angelic eyes", near and far light. In total! It is possible to collect a car since happens that for shooting of headlights it is required to remove also a bumper.
And here the car is completely ready to use of a new light.
Машина готова к использованию нового биксенонового света
Though, sorry, still you will need to go to adjust a light stream of headlights, but it is already rather simple and inexpensive, and with skills on forces and most.
As a result of hard works we receive here that. On a passing beam on lenses it is visible a clear boundary of light and its range as it not paradoxically and not ridiculously sounds.
Ближний свет на биксеноновых линзах
And here driving beam.
Дальний свет на биксеноновых линзах
Apparently the result was worth it work which was spent, the main thing light turned out correct. To go with such light where is more comfortable and that the most important, more safely.
Good luck to you in conquest of roads automobile and vital! See you again!
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