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The best expansions for Mozilla Firefox

Literally a few days ago offered the list of the best expansions for Google Chrome. Today Mozilla Firefox turn came. In the world nearly a third of Internet users uses it. Of course, developers of expansions could not avoid it.

Advertizing blocking

It is quite logical that the advertizing blocker – well-known Adblock Plus will become the most popular expansion for Firefox. The brauzeraa can download it in official "shop". That to establish it, it is enough to press the big button "Add to FireFox". Through couple of seconds the confirmation window will jump out – press "to Establish".

Adblock itself will block advertizing on social networks and on video hostings and banners on the sites. If something bailed, you can independently send the picture or a banner to "black list". For this purpose press on a banner the right button of a mouse. In the menu choose "Adblock Plus: to block the image". In settings of the filter it will be necessary to press "To add the filter".

By means of the filter it is possible to block only the concrete picture or all images from its folder on the server. For especially annoying users there is an opportunity to block all pictures from the server.

If you "behaved oddly" with filters, simply remove it. Click on the Adblock'a badge on the lower panel and select the Settings of Filters item. Pass to the Own Filters tab. Click on "Rules of blocking" and press a combination of the Ctrl+R keys. On the right there will be a list of the filters created by you. With unnecessary simply remove a tick.


All-in-One Sidebar is convenient saydbar for Firefox. With its help it is possible to adjust fast access to the necessary functions – to bookmarks, history, recently closed sites, etc. It looks as the small button strip sideways. If to press it, the accurate panelka "will be rolled out".

Points in the panel are badges. The history, for example, looks as hours, loadings – a strelochka. That is, all as well as in the "present" menu.

After installation will not prevent to adjust this addition. Open saydbar and choose the Additions tab (a puzzle badge). Click on All-in-One Sidebar and press the Adjust button.

General — Appearance tab. Personally I would increase width of the lateral panel. Let's tell, to 400 pixels. At will can transfer the panel to the right part of the screen. In the Switch of the Lateral Panel tab include automatic concealment of bar. Then it will open not on a clique, and it is simple on guidance of the cursor. Very convenient function.

Also you can disconnect/include some points of the menu in the Menu tab. But, in principle, anything superfluous in the panel by default is not present.

Firefox possesses quite weak "the fast panel" or Fast Dial. Expansion – FVD Speed Dial will come to the rescue familiar to you on Chrome. Let's not stop in detail on settings of this panel as it is quite simple and intuitive. And if something happens read similar article about the browser from Google, the same there.

Web development

Firebug – the most popular addition of FireFox for web developers. It will help to see a code and styles of any site. And also "in real time" to correct them. First of all, these applications for control of the site are used. After all it is simpler to try to make any changes to a code and to look at them, than to dig over all files on a hosting.

To look at a code, right-click and choose "To inspect an element by means of Firebug" or simply press an expansion badge on the top panel.

ColorZilla – the small lightweight application for "capture" of color of any element on the page. It is very easy to use it. After the ColorZilla installation on the top FireFox panel there will be a small badge of a pipette. Press it, and the small panelka with the description of color at which the cursor is induced will jump out. Once you "press" a pipette the necessary element, the code of its color will be copied in a clipboard.

On a panelka the description of color in two types (RGB and a CSS code), and also its situation on the page is given (coordinates on x and y). But, if you do not need these data, include the facilitated its version, having pressed an arrow in the right part.

Expansions for social networks

– as it is clear to VKontakte of Downloader from the name, helps to download music, video and a photo from the most popular social network in Russia. Has some advantages among darkness similar:

  1. Keeps the audio-file with the normal name (the Performer – the Name), but not a name on the server (021a81acc5f7).
  2. Shows information on an audio recording – bitrate and the size.
  3. Downloads HD video in all sizes.
  4. Downloads photos in high quality a combination of the Ctrl+Down keys.

1-Click YouTube Video Download downloads video with Youtube in one cliques. This expansion adds the Download button under video. It is possible to download video in different formats and with the different permission – from 144p in a format 3GP to full HD videos. The sizes, of course, increase from a format to a format.


Unfortunately, for Firefox still there are no interesting and widely known games. However, some appendices for certain will entertain you for a couple of minutes.

Tilt 3D creates volume model of the site. This expansion analyzes a code of the site and its structure, and then on their basis is created 3D - the version of the page. It can be turned in all directions and to look from all directions. Has also practical advantage for webmasters: if there are too much any heaps, the site code probably is not optimized.

The puzzle – small addition which allows on the site to make a puzzle of any image. Visit any website, choose any picture and right-click on it. In a context menu there will be a Puzzle — the Image Size point. Choose "Initial". In settings choose quantity of parts and all!

It is quite sad that for Mozilla Firefox there is no that abundance of expansions, as for the same Chrome. Let's hope that over time the situation will improve.

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