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The best expansions for Google Chrome

Statistically, the most popular browser is Google Chrome. Nearly a half of all Internet users uses it. But, if to be frank, many functions in it are not enough "from a box". Therefore made the list of expansions for Chrome which will make it the most convenient and functional.

Advertizing blockers

Abundance of advertizing – the real scourge of many sites. Sometimes behind all banners simply it is not visible content, it is impossible to read the text. And besides, very often these banners are obscene.

But we will leave it on conscience of webmasters – owners of the sites. We can simply block advertizing. For Google Chrome there is a fine expansion – Adblock Plus. It is possible to download it in official shop Chrome.

It was established already by 200 million times! Undoubtedly, this most popular expansion for all browsers around the world. No wonder, after all it blocks:

  • popup windows and banners;
  • video advertizing in YouTube and other video services;
  • advertizing blocks directly in content (Yandex. Direkt, for example);
  • advertizing on social networks (in VKontakte including).

It should be noted that Adblock Plus does not influence the speed of work of Chrome in any way. On the contrary, sometimes the sites open quicker as it is not necessary to download excess images and blocks.

After installation of expansion to the right of an address line there will be its badge. If to press it, there will be a statistics: how many advertizing it is blocked all and on the concrete site. In the same place it is possible to disconnect blocking on this site.

Absolutely same functionality and at AdBlock. No, it not a mistake. Despite almost identical names, it is two different expansions of two different developers. The special difference between them is not present, but "plus" worked for me better.

Browser interface

Many users complained that in Chrome there is no Fast Dial – the panel of fast access to the sites. And here in Opera this panel works that is called from a box. But developers already created some options and for the browser from Google.

FVD Speed Dial – the best in own way. Flexible control, 3D display, system of widgets beautiful and pleasant to an eye – an optimum combination.

It is possible to adjust this Dial as it will want. It is possible to specify the sizes of "dil", to select the image for a background, to change fonts, colors, to change a preview of the sites and many other things. At desire even the password can be established. To get to the menu of settings, it is necessary to press a gear sign at the top of the main page on the right.

But most important and convenient – synchronization of "dil". From what computer you would not come, it is only necessary to become authorized in Google Chrome and anew to download Speed Dial. Then this expansion will independently restore all your sites and bookmarks. The main thing not to forget to become authorized on the home computer before installation.

From minuses it is possible to note that at a 3D look the browser slightly podtormazhivat by weak cars. But also it is easy to solve this problem – it is necessary to choose "flat" display. For this purpose come into settings – "The main settings" - the Appearance tab - in the line "Look" choose "Standard".

Interesting idea – to build in widgets the panel of fast access. Different types of hours, a weather forecast, the list of recently closed sites – not the complete list of widgets. Quite convenient piece as there is no need to encumber a desktop with the same weather forecast.

To establish them, press an arrow in the lower part of the panel. Expansion itself will suggest you to choose widgets necessary to you from the list.

In fact, FVD Speed Dial – the best expansion which does not have competitive analogs. Therefore simply to tell about them there is no sense.


In Google Chrome shop there are a lot of office applications – spreadsheets, schedules, text editors etc. So-called to-do sheets enjoy special popularity. These are small programs in which it is possible to make the list of affairs next day, week or month.

Do It (Tomorrow) – excellent to-do a leaf. It can be described in a word – minimalist. Really, in it it is possible to make plans only for two days: today and tomorrow. Some will be surprised how so, usually write the list of affairs for week and even month. Well, also two days are enough for some.

By the way, this expansion has versions for Android and iOS. Presently synchronization with different devices is highly appreciated. Therefore one more "plus" in a moneybox of advantages of this program.

And for those who needs a full-fledged organizer – look at Wunderlist. Too simple, but powerful expansion. It is possible to make lists of affairs: work, personal, purchases, movies for viewing etc. By the way, it is very convenient when you have some tens of to-do of lines.

Lists of affairs share on tasks. Here everything is very simple – we write down business, we define to it the list, necessarily we specify date and we establish a reminder. And, at last, we synchronize between different devices.

Expansion is available in a free and paid look. The special difference between them is not present, but in the paid version it is possible to establish other backgrounds (well very important function), there are more opportunities for discussion of lists of friends. It is possible to make the general leaf for the company.

There is one more interesting service – GNotes. It is simple service of notes and bookmarks. With its help it is convenient to synchronize the notes interesting to thought and simply a laying of the sites between the computer and the smartphone on Android.

In GNotes there is an interesting counter – it is possible to create not simply a text bookmark for the site, but also to make its screenshot. And it is possible to add photos, an audio recording, video and graffiti to notes.

Expansions for VKontakte

MusicSig Vkontakte – all applications for VKontakte in one. To download music, video, to look at statistics of a profile is an only 1 percent of opportunities. This expansion is able:

  • to clean repetitions of songs from search;
  • to show a pop-up menu instead of the usual;
  • to move and fix the lateral menu on one place;
  • to show date of registration of the user;
  • to display zodiac sign and age in a profile;
  • to hide ratings and other "tinsel";
  • to delete advertizing of a network;
  • and a lot of things many other things.

If such expanded functionality is not necessary to you, use the "easy" version. She is able to download audio, video and to delete advertizing. Bigger, in principle, it is also not required.

It is not necessary to be afraid, expansions do not steal passwords and do not read your correspondence.


Will silly tell about such known games as Angry Birds, Bad Piggies or Plants vs. Zombies. We will tell you about slightly less known, but not less fascinating and interesting.

Cargo Bridge – a fascinating puzzle in which you should try on on yourself a role of the architect of bridges! Combine different materials, think out the designs, but the main thing – meet the available budget and transfer all freight. Carefully! It is possible to be fond at some o'clock!

Flow Colors – one more interesting puzzle. In it it is necessary to connect points in the field the continuous line. It would seem, what can be simpler? But these points – 4 couples, and lines cannot be crossed. Whether your ingenuity will be enough? Check!

Run Pixie, Run – a cheerful arcade, a ranner with incidentally generated world. Any plot, any explanation – simply run! By the way, quite good time killer (ubivatel of time).

Of course, it is only small part of all additions and applications for Google Chrome. tried to select for you the best. But within one article about all to tell, of course, it will not turn out.

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