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Advantage of a water-melon

With approach of August, also the water-melon time – time when it is possible to take pleasure much in juicy sweet pulp of this big melon culture comes and to fill up an organism with vitamins.

The water-melon homeland – Africa. Still the water-melon in the southern part of Africa can be met wild, freely growing on fields. In Egypt this culture was cultivated specially, and then enclosed in tombs of Pharaohs, considering that the dead in afterlife will be able to have though some source of food.

To Europe, in its western part, water-melons were for the first time delivered in the period of crusades, and in Russia they appeared in the 16th century, but up to the 19th century they were considered as expensive and rare delicacy.

Probably, many do not know how it is correct to call a water-melon – berry or vegetable culture. tells that the water-melon is not false berry, and is read out by the tykviny.

In those days, when the water-melon only appeared and considered as a delicacy, many and did not suspect about its advantage, considering that it for 90 percent consists of water. But, as it was found subsequently, the water-melon (its dry rest) contain such useful substances:

  1. Vitamins C, B1 and B2, RR vitamin.
  2. Carotene.
  3. Folic acid
  4. Cellulose.
  5. Potassium salt.
  6. Carbohydrates.

All these useful substances have beneficial influence on an organism, help at diseases of kidneys, heart troubles and vessels, facilitate a state at a hypertension.

In addition, in summer heat the water-melon will relieve of thirst and will bring toxins and other toxic agents out of an organism.

Advantage for mothers

The water-melon contains a large number of antioxidants:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • carotene;
  • Riboflavinum;
  • tiamina.

All these substances promote extension of life of cages, and also protect a human body from presenilation. By the way, the advantage of a water-melon is and that it promotes an obstacle of development of cancer cells, and also sight strengthening.

Also in a water-melon there is a decent amount of folic acid – B9 vitamin which is irreplaceable for health of each person. In particular, acid is useful and necessary for pregnant women and young mothers. In addition, folic acid is responsible for absorption and "processing" of protein, and also for beautiful skin color and the correct digestion.

The water-melon is also a good diuretic. Pregnant women need to know that especially in the third trimester the fruit pressure upon a bladder increases and the woman is more often "runs in a toilet a bit". And if to eat some more segments of a water-melon, these desires will become even more often.

Heavy feelings will be and in intestines, both at pregnant women, and at ordinary people if to eat a water-melon with bread or other food. Therefore it is undesirable to eat heavy food together with a water-melon.

Advantage for kidneys

The water-melon is a natural diuretic, rescues from hypostases which arise at violation of rhythmical work of heart, vessels and kidneys. Juice and pulp of a water-melon not only will bring surplus of liquid out of an organism, but also will help to provide it with sugars.

In addition, water-melon cellulose helps to strengthen work of intestines and removes cholesterol. Nutritionists claim that in day it is enough to eat about two kilograms of a water-melon. If you are predisposed to formation of stones in kidneys, or already they are available for you, for the purpose of the uniform use of a water-melon (not to overload a kidney and to remove superfluous), it is necessary to eat a water-melon both in the afternoon, and at night at regular intervals in identical quantity. tells the readers that the white part of a water-melon which is near a crust, contains bigger amount of the valuable substances promoting urine outflow strengthening than in mature pulp.

To eat such white pulp not really pleasantly therefore it can be crushed and mixed with red pulp of a water-melon and juice of apple. It is possible to drink for time only a half of a glass of such medicine.

Advantage for an organism

If the person suffers from chronic insufficiency of blood circulation, water-melon juice will come to the rescue and will facilitate this state. In addition, juice of a water-melon is useful and at a hypertension, and an illness of a gall bladder. In all above-mentioned cases it is possible to arrange fasting water-melon day. By the way, independently it is not recommended to go on a water-melon diet, doctors claim that it can be dangerous. It is desirable to sit down on fasting days under supervision of doctors. In day it is allowed to eat no more than two and a half kilograms of a water-melon, for five receptions, equal parts.

Recipe of preparation of a water-melon

Besides that the pulp of a water-melon is used in the medical purposes, and also for the sake of a thirst satisfying, from dry dried crusts it is possible to prepare tasty drink. For preparation it is necessary to take kilogram of crusts and to fill in with two glasses of just begun to boil water. To insist and drink cooled on a half of a glass to six times a day. Such infusion will also facilitate states at a chronic inflammation of intestines.

Second recipe: to take one part of crusts (not obligatory to dry) and to boil them in water. On one part of crusts to take ten parts of water. Broth to filter, cool and drink on a half-glass several times a day. Infusion will help to remove hypostases.

In addition, sunflower seeds of a water-melon are antivermicular means. And if to pound dry seeds and to mix them with milk, it is possible to stop uterine bleeding.

About nitrates and harm

Recently citizens cautiously buy water-melons in the market. Fear to benefit from a water-melon not, and a portion of nitrates is the reason. Often unfair farmers, with the purpose to grow up as it is possible a bigger crop, feed up the soil and a melon field fertilizers, add nitric fertilizers which besides a good harvest, are absorbed and collect in water-melons. These nitrates are not strongly toxic, but getting to a stomach and reacting with gastric juice, will be transformed to dangerous nitrates which can cause even development of cancer cells.

And if to store a water-melon very long, it is fraught with transformation of nitrates to nitrites which harmful affect a human body. Such water-melon for a weak children's organism will be especially dangerous.

Perhaps, to be sure of advantage of a water-melon, it needs to be grown up independently. But nevertheless for safety it is not recommended to give a water-melon to the children who did not reach two-year age. Since two years the child can give only 100 grams of a water-melon.

Irrespective of, in what conditions the water-melon is grown up, it will not bring benefit:

  • to the people suffering from urine outflow violation;
  • at gripes and a diarrhea;
  • to the people having stones in kidneys of the big sizes.

Councils for all

If you wish to be always healthy, these rules will save you from poisoning:

  1. NEVER get the cut water-melon in the market. Even if it has a crack, refuse acquisition. Also it is impossible to buy a water-melon with the triangle which is cut out "for demonstration".
  2. In shop it is also undesirable to buy the divided into segments and wrapped-up in food wrap water-melon. It can be also dangerous.
  3. Came with a water-melon home – do not put it on a table, at first carefully wash up under flowing water and get wet with a napkin, and only after that the water-melon can be put on a table. If not to adhere to these rules, even on a cloth there can be bacteria which with ease will reach and other products.

How to choose a water-melon:

  1. Buy water-melons only in special outlets.
  2. Choose a water-melon weighing about 4-6 kilograms, small in size.
  3. The ripe water-melon will have a dry tail and a light side (the spot can be yellow or orange).
  4. The crust of a water-melon has to have gloss, to be firm. If it is easy to pierce it a nail – before you not a ripe water-melon.
  5. If to rub a crust, it should not allocate a smell.
  6. If to knock on a water-melon – the sound has to be pure and ringing.
  7. Put a water-melon in water so that it completely covered it – ripe will emerge, and overripe or not ripened – will fall by a bottom.

Pay attention to a sex: "girls" have a wide and flat circle – the water-melon will be more sweet and in it there will be few stones, "boys" - the small circle and such water-melons do not differ in sweet.

Try not to abuse useful products, after all as nutritionists speak, in everything it is desirable to observe a measure. Good luck!

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