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Advantage of swimming

Such sport as swimming was known since ancient times. Still other centuries back in Egypt to teach children was considered to float very honourable work. And the huge attention because exercises in water were was paid to occupations and is guarantee of good health. During swimming work of an internal, blood circulation improves, there is an organism hardening.

The reasons to go to the pool

Swimming – universal sport. On the one hand, it gives good rest, promotes a relaxation of a body and thus helps to burn calories. With another is the most active and thus a safe sport, it involves all groups of muscles. allocated some reasons to do swimming:

  1. Aerobic loading. Water exercises provide excellent aerobic load of cardiovascular system. On the action these exercises are similar to effect from a driving by bicycle or run.
  2. Tone of muscles. Water 14% more shows resistance, than air. And therefore it is good replacement to power trainings. And the active movements by hands and feet during trainings pump up muscles and do composition of a body more beautiful.
  3. Excellent training of a body. When the person swims, all groups of muscles work. And not very well which style it floats – a breast stroke, butterfly stroke, a crawl or on a back. Even better – to alternate all these styles during occupations.
  4. Burning of calories. In spite of the fact that, doing swimming, calories it is burned less, than at run, but there is all the same enough to feel rather tired.
  5. Without sweat. During occupations by swimming it is possible to forget about an unpleasant smell of a body which accompanies all other power trainings. Always you leave vigorous water and fresh.
  6. Training of lungs. When the swimmer dives under water, large volume of air therefore it involves even the most remote sites of lungs and by that prevents in them developments of stagnation is necessary for him. Swimmers have also no trouble breathing and in life, so, walking upstairs, the person will not choke.
  7. Mobility of joints improves. In water of people it is 90% easier, than on the land and therefore even if there is an inflammation of joints, in water of discomfort it will not be felt. Therefore visit of the pool is recommended to people with an excess weight, with a back and joints pain, pregnant.
  8. Advantage for a backbone. Ease of a body in water allows to straighten mezhpozvonkovy disks. Doctors say that due to such straightening and rest it is possible even to increase the growth by couple of centimeters. If there are diseases of a spine column, that is hernia of intervertebral disks or osteochondrosis, at problems with a bearing together with other methods of treatment will appoint also swimming to train back muscles to such an extent that they were capable to keep a backbone in physiologically correct situation.
  9. Rest. Swimming, as well as the yogi, such sport who allows to relax completely. And as it is sport individual, it is possible to concentrate only on itself. As if strongly the person was not tired after day of work or physical exercises, cool water will encourage and will present ease.
  10. Improvement of immune system. Body temperature of the person of about 37 degrees, and waters in the pool – 23 degrees and this difference of temperatures increases blood circulation and heartbeat. And it in turn, improves a condition of immune system. It is good prevention of cold and cold.
  11. Develops flexibility. In the pool it is much easier to achieve flexibility of joints, than in the sports hall. Especially it shakes joints in shoulders, a neck and hips. In particular thanks to serially repeating movements who when swimming makes a body.
  12. Small probability of injuries. Swimming is that sport, at which very low probability to be traumatized. Having learned once technology of swimming, probability to drown in the pool in a normal state it is equal to nearly zero.

Swimming for weight loss

More than 95% of people who chose swimming as a way to grow thin, do it incorrectly. There is such concept as interval trainings, and with their help much easier to grow thin. An essence of this method that the person has to alternate a muscle work on a maximum of opportunities to rest. And if it is correctly to carry out this equipment, weight is lost still two days later after training. It occurs because loading forces to work an organism in other mode with intervals and the metabolism is accelerated more, than at monotonous loading. And during the training of people loses much more calories.

According to researchers, those people who practice interval trainings, dump the fat 9 times faster, than those who uses traditional methods. But also it is necessary to give all the best on trainings on the full.

Training takes place within 15 minutes. 30 seconds it is necessary to float at full capacity, almost to the limit and it is desirable butterfly stroke after that 15 seconds it is necessary to float a breast stroke at the weakened speed. It is the first interval. Then again we repeat 30 seconds on a limit and again rest is the second interval. On the first occupations it is enough to carry out 10 intervals and when you already reach a good physical form, it will be necessary to seek to lower rest time till 10 seconds, and loading till 40 seconds. And to increase quantity of intervals to 15.

Before training surely warm up, for this purpose it is necessary to float different styles. Hold identical intervals if chose 30 seconds for work, continue so until the end of training. It is impossible to have a rest more than 15 seconds, as well as to work less than 20. If you by the end of occupations do everything with the last bit of strength, so everything at you correctly turns out.

After the end of training five minutes simply swim for a while in the pleasure.

Except a good figure, this method also helps to get rid of a stress.

Problems and solutions

Many say, what boringly to float. That to avoid it, it is possible to connect to the occupations water aerobics and walks, and run on water. By the way, the vertical movement in the pool strengthens muscles much more effectively, providing resistance, than usual swimming 75% more.

To avoid reddening of eyes, to buy and use convenient glasses for swimming. It will solve a problem with reddening because of water chlorination. Points happen different styles and brands.

That hair remained dry, hats for swimming were thought up for a long time, they do not allow bleaching powder to make hair dry and dim.

Also many people complain that they choke after the first circle. And they should stop training ahead of schedule. That to avoid it, it is necessary to alternate swimming to rest.

And the most frequent problem which stops people before a campaign to the pool is that the person is not able to swim. It is necessary to overcome the fear and to address to the trainer. To learn to float not so difficult, and, having made it is once, you will not forget never in life any more.

And in the summer you should not ignore reservoirs and sea coasts. After all in this case will be connected to all listed advantages of swimming also advantage of fresh air, sunshine, beautiful landscapes. Call with yourself to water of the friends, then occupations will take place not only with advantage for a body, but also is cheerful.

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