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Advantage and harm of fermented baked milk

Fermented baked milk – darling many fermented milk product. Prepared on a special compounding, he is capable to present beauty and health or, on the contrary, to aggravate a disease state. What is the fermented baked milk in what its advantage consists and whether it can do harm to the person?

Fermented baked milk is received by a zakvashivaniye of baked cow's milk streptococci and acidophile sticks. Very few people know, but officially it is considered to be fermented baked milk yogurt, but unlike the colleagues by the form, in it there are no sweeteners and flavoring additives.

Fermented baked milk value for health of an organism cannot be overestimated, however even the most useful product is useful only in moderate doses. The same concerns also the dense dairy weight which properties are well studied by medicine for a long time.


Before arguing on advantage and harm of fermented baked milk, we will find out, from where it undertook. For the first time she started being trained in the Ukrainian villages, mixing milk with cream. The milk enriched with fats was spilled on clay krynka and put to pine in the big furnace. After a while contents of pots developed a cream shade and a unique pleasant taste.

But it was not fermented baked milk, and baked milk yet. That fermented baked milk turned out, to it added a tablespoon of fat sour cream and put near the furnace in a warm place. As a result useful dairy drink with hardly noticeable easy sourness turned out. The fermented baked milk consistence, unlike kefir or curdled milk, always was equal and dense, but without lumps.

In many villages and the villages of Ukraine still prepare fermented baked milk on an ancient compounding. In shops only the similarity of the "real" drink which is not deprived, however, of useful properties is offered.


The unique advantage of fermented baked milk is covered in its structure. So, one glass of drink will provide to the adult a quarter of daily norm of calcium and 1/5 norms of phosphorus. Proteins of fermented baked milk are acquired several times better, than proteins of usual milk.

Fermented baked milk promotes strengthening of appetite because of the content of lactic acid which improves work of a digestive tract. For this reason of recommends to give it to children who badly eat. All steam of tablespoons since morning, and the breakfast will be eaten!

Uniqueness of structure is caused also by existence of a large amount of vitamins (PP, C, vitamins of group B), macro - and microcells, organic acids, monosaccharides and bioses, and also ashes.


Expert people can guess useful properties of fermented baked milk, having only looked at its structure. This drink is simply irreplaceable at diseases of a liver and gall bladder, helps to cope with a hypertension and atherosclerosis, promotes treatment of obesity.

Fermented baked milk – fine chance for those who cannot cope with excess weight in any way. The prebiotics containing in it help an organism to acquire fat-soluble vitamins, improve a metabolism and increase immunity. Of course, to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to use natural fermented baked milk in certain doses.

If you ate too much food during the holiday, drink a glass of fermented baked milk not to suffer from overeating consequences. It will help a stomach to digest large volume of food by means of biologically active agents – free amino acids, enzymes, antibiotic substances.

It is possible to satisfy with fermented baked milk thirst in the hot summer afternoon and to receive inflow of forces at some o'clock. If to add to it fruit or berries, fine yogurt without harmful sweeteners and sugar will turn out. Fermented baked milk does not need additional sugar but if there is a strong wish, add to it a little honey. Full-fledged saturated taste will help sweet teeth to reduce consumption of sugar and harmful synthetic yogurts with additives.

Fermented baked milk – an irreplaceable source of calcium for those who suffers from its shortcoming. The regular use of drink promotes the fastest digestion of calcium. If you have to strengthen teeth and bones, add kaltsiysoderzhashchy products to the diet and wash down them with fermented baked milk.

Harm of fermented baked milk

Unfortunately, even at the biggest barrel of honey there will be steadily the spoon of tar. So, if you got stale fermented baked milk, it can become the reason of serious poisoning.

If there is no opportunity to buy fermented baked milk of house preparation, attentively examine packing in shop. Besides date of production and periods of storage which, by the way, should not exceed 10 days, packing has to be whole and accurate. If on it letters are greased, there are traces of glue or the wrong (curve) gluing together of corners, you should not risk. It testifies that at plant do not watch appearance of the goods, of course about the contents.

Do not store fermented baked milk opened more than days in the refrigerator.

In combination with some products it can bring a lot of benefit. For example, unlike kefir, she does not demand sugar addition. So if you want to regale on useful yogurt or smuz, simply mix fermented baked milk with fruit or berries especially as it is combined practically with all from them.

But there are products which are undesirable for combining with fermented baked milk. For example, you should not wash down with it meat, bird, fish or eggs dishes. In other words, any products with high protein content are not compatible to fermented baked milk. Ideal "snack" for fermented baked milk – not barmy grain bread, fruit, berries or vegetables. If you by all means have to try drink in one day with meat proteinaceous food, wait at least 3-4 hours after food. Otherwise you will be tormented by weight in a stomach, swelling and discomfort.

How to prepare house fermented baked milk

On shelves of supermarkets it is possible to find any dairy products today, but it is most reliable to prepare house fermented baked milk. In this case you will precisely know that in it there is nothing harmful, and will be sure of its freshness.

For this purpose it is required to you steam of liters of natural cow's milk from which cream was not gathered. To get such milk in shop it will not turn out therefore it is possible to go to the next village or to a farm.

Will boil milk and leave to pine in a pan under a cover on an hour and a half on the weakest fire. Then put it in an oven for 20 minutes. When the surface is tightened by a film, get a pan and leave to cool down on a table to body temperature. Then add three spoons of natural sour cream, stir, cover and roll up a pan a warm plaid or a towel. In 6-8 hours fermented baked milk will be ready!

If you want that fermented baked milk became more dense, Mirsovetov recommends to put it for a couple of hours in the refrigerator after preparation.

    Good advice: add sour cream only after baked milk cools down to body temperature, differently drink will quickly turn.

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